February 5th, 2004



So I wasn't well and stayed home today. But me being me, I couldn't help but be happy. Days off rule, especially when I can do all I want during the day so at night I can work on homework and stuff that I should've done before. I just hope I don't squander this evening.

Check out my new user picture of awesomeness. I figured my mullet picture was due for a replacement ... with another mullet picture! This one I took myself as a screenshot from my Live Aid VCD. Bono had the world's most awesome mullet.

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I also adore World Where You Live by Crowded House. I adore Crowded House, really. I need to get one of their CDs.

Today is Rant Day. Therefore, I give you rants.

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That was cathartic.

--- 9:33pm ---

What's disturbing is that whenever we talk about angles of elevation in maths, I break out in "E-le-vay-shun! Woohoo! Woohoo!" I've been telling people "Everything you know is wrong" a lot lately, and whenever I say 'talk about [insert random thing]', I want to break out in Pop Muzik. Talk about obsessed. Everybody talk about ... pop music! Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop music! Oh yes, and whenever anyone mentions lemons, I go all squeeish, begin singing "She wore lemon" in my mind, fantasise about forty-foot lemons, and imagine an awesome hybrid of ZooTV and Popmart.

--- 9:44pm ---

I'd also like to point out today is the 19th anniversary of U2's AWESOME concert in Bologna, Italy, with the best performance of 40 EVER. OK, OK, I'll go do my homework now. Seriously. I just love the Bologna concert, one of my favourite boots.
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