February 2nd, 2004

Amak Axver


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I somehow managed to suck up my excitement to write that paragraph, but I can't hold this in any longer.


It's true. IT'S FREAKIN' TRUE. And guess what? The quality is not nearly as bad as I expected - or at least from the first few tracks. There's a few bits where it goes quiet, but it's a lot better than the Pfffffshhhhhhhffffphhhhglaaarggggghffff that I expected. Though the guy singing along with New Year's Day should shut up. At some points, the sound quality is actually quite reasonable, similar to One Tree Leeds (1 July 1987) that I downloaded recently.

So how did I come to have this when all I traded for was the incomplete Christchurch '93 VCD, the Sydney '93 VCD, and Auckland '93 audio? Well, I was discussing with the trader and we both mentioned we wanted it. He somehow managed to find a person in Holland with it, traded with them, came up with excuses to account for the delay to me, and then fired it off. So I open up the package today, and lo and behold, along with the CDs I was expecting, THE FULL CHRISTCHURCH BOOTLEG FALLS OUT! Gah, it's AWESOMENESS. I'm struggling to type correctly.

Along with that, a parcel from my Uncle Richard arrived. Initially, I was disappointed because it's stuff I've got. Then I realised it's greatness as well. He sent me a copy of the Slane DVD, and a backup would NEVER go astray, a copy of Wide Awake In America he's been meaning to send since Easter when I didn't have it, and that's GREAT because my copy's got a scratch that means Love Comes Tumbling won't always play, and a burn of Linkin Park's Meteora that WILL work on my computer unlike what I got for Christmas (I initially wrote Christchurch there, you can tell I'm excited). So that was great.

Today at school was boring, but it was great talking to Lauren before I left and great when I got home. Wow. What a day. TODAY HAS BEEN BLOODY AWESOME. I can't believe I have the full Christchurch boot! Oh my. This is amazingness, this really is. I'm so excited. I hope no-one's expecting me to be capable of rational, sane thought and conversation tonight because I'm just too excited.

The last three weeks have been INCREDIBLE. I'm SO HAPPY. Nothing can get me down. School tries to throw stuff at me, but NO. I'm too positive, too jubilant, and I love it. Wow. LIFE IS AWESOME, PEOPLE. Suicidal folk, go and get yourself a couple of CDs you REALLY, REALLY want, whack 'em on continual repeat, and BE HAPPY BECAUSE LIFE IS GOOD. I cannot state just how good life is when a few good things happen and give you a positive outlook on just about everything else. Eeeeeeeee.

Burns is being a real prat right now. Rhiana's all apologetic about what's happening but he's all depressed and moping around. He makes no sense and I think he's a bloody moron. So all day, I've been happy, and he's standing there depressed, looking like he's going to thump me one in the face. I couldn't care less. The guy should CHEER UP. BE HAPPY. He can fix all the problems they're having, but he won't let it happen, and it's the definition of stupid. But so what? Life is good.


And now M*A*S*H is on, half an hour early. Can my day get any better?


I think it can. My suggestion of lasagne for dinner may prove to be taken up on. I adore lasagne (later edit: and oh yes, we ended up having it). Today, we had rain without a storm attached, which was the first time in ages and rather good, because when there's lightning raging overhead, it always makes me a bit nervous. Despite the fact they may be exciting and really fun to watch over the Coast, I'm hoping that the storms for this year are over. Some constant rain would be nice, though. We need it.

Ironically enough, during Study Of Religion today, we were discussing the topic of happiness and what it is, as a part of our lead-up to a unit on Buddhism. Jamie and I have determined that happiness and the lack thereof is determined by 1. certain events and 2. one's reaction to said events. While the class sat around debating all kinds of stuff, we just sat there, confident in the accuracy of our answers, and I remain convinced it's the best and easiest explanation. I feel I can prove it from the last three weeks. It's quite amazing for me to be in a state of more or less continual happiness. I once had a reputation for being depressed, for moping around and finding it impossible to be happy for extended periods at a time. Sure, my cynicism still remains and I like to dabble in apathy, but on the whole, I am rather happy for the first time in years and years (definitely for the first time I've been in Australia). I really wonder how long this is going to last. More good events are on the foreseeable horizon, so who knows? Maybe by then I'll start to be more permanently positive and optimistic - it would definitely make a nice change from former feelings of pessimism and extreme cynicism. Maybe some of my earlier statements have been a bit ... extreme, I suppose, but I'm just enjoying some pleasant unfamiliar territory.

On a negative note, the Sydney VCD I was sent won't work on my computer, so I can't trade that. But at least everything else is good.

I was going to say more, but I've forgotten.
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