January 27th, 2004

Amak Axver

Nothing much to say I guess, just the same as all the rest ...

LiveJournal seems to thoroughly hate me today, but it's also quite humorous. It actually posted one of my comments SEVEN times. I have NO idea how that happened, but oh my, it was funny. I think it was trying to give me a hint, that I really am evil but right, and people should listen to me.

Right now, I could go on a number of varying rants. I could whine about starting school tomorrow and blather on about how it's my last year. I could complain about how stupid technology is. I could denounce the entire education system and tell the world exactly how I'd do things. But no. I could also go fanladish on everyone - and I'd love to, because this performance of Desire by Mister MacPhisto is awesome, especially because he sings a snippet of Singing In The Rain - but I won't do that either. I shall first issue some notices;

- All of you who go to messageboards that I go to will most likely notice my decreased participation this year. I am determined to get my Dux back, and I don't care how arrogant it sounds to call it my Dux, because I think it is and I'm not being robbed for the third year in a row. I know I'm the smartest person in the grade, I just am too lazy to apply myself sometimes.
- I'm going to aim to go for a walk every day before school or after, depending upon when it's cooler and less sunny. I need to get fit. See, in May, there's the forty-hour walk for charity and I want to participate, but that's well out of the question with my current level of fitness. So I'm going to do some serious training.
- I shall aim to get a job sometime soon.
- I shall do more work on my story. This resolution shall be put into practice this afternoon.
Random note: did I just hear a cat meow on this bootleg I'm listening to? That's sure what it sounded like! Back to regular programming.
- I will make more time to read. If this means cutting back on my Internet time, so be it. Reading's my first love, so I shouldn't be pushing it aside like I have been. A total cut-back would mean that I will still keep my current level of participation on LiveJournal and the Interference MB up, slightly reduced on Christian Forums, and everywhere else only when I get the time.
- I might make an effort to be nicer to those I dislike. Might. Though I do prefer the status quo, where people know exactly what I think of them. If I love you, you know it; if I hate you, you know it. Being nice to people I dislike goes against my policy of up-front honesty.
- I will progressively burn my bootlegs onto CD, with the final objective being to have them all on CD within a few months. I worked it out, and a rough approximation is that I will need 70 CDs, hence the extended timeframe.

It's funny how life can be satisfying and unsatisfying at the same time. I can be mulling over thoughts about how much a waste of time things are, and at exactly the same time I'm thinking about just how great it is that I'm just lazing around with no commitments or worries. Does that even make sense? Well it does to me. While I long for some real purpose and mission, I'm also content for things to stay exactly as they are. It's contradictory, but as has been said before, contradiction is balance, and I find a strange sense of comfort - and, ironically, some contradictory discomfort - in it.

I went for a walk earlier this afternoon. I'm proud of me. M*A*S*H was tremendously sad, it was the episode where Radar leaves. Always makes me want to cry. So, so sad. I love that show, mainly because it's the only one that really can move me. And the episode of Fawlty Towers tonight was bloody hilarious. I have them all on video and have seen them a good deal of times, but they never stop being funny. John Cleese is a comic genius.

Hmm ... better go polish my shoes for tomorrow. Uniform should still fit, I have my folder and some pens, need to find where I put my monocular ... life should be good, or at least reasonable. Blasted school. Getting up at 6:45am again won't go down well. Wow, I can't believe what date it is already. It's like just yesterday I finished for the year. I'll miss talking to everyone online over the day, but weekends are a fantastic thing indeed.

This year isn't going to be an easy one ...
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