January 25th, 2004

Amak Axver

The moon has turned red over One Tree Hill ...

Fans of U2's One Tree Hill are going to love whoever made this site. It has nearly every single performance of One Tree Hill there is. And eeeee, the Wellington performance! Hooray! Now if only I could find one for 11 O'clock Tick Tock ... that'd be over 300 songs! I could start one with my collection.

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Today was uneventful. Just had another storm roll through, this is becoming very typical. Obviously storm season, if you haven't guessed already. I just hope the water's going in the dam. I haven't seen the newspaper in so long that I don't know what the water level's at or how much better/worse the drought's getting or if we're officially out of it now. Why, oh why, did you stop getting the paper, Mum? It used to be every day, then every few, then Thursday for the TV guide and Saturday for the thick weekend issue, and now it's just Thursday and I never see the paper, just the weekly guide.

Wow, that was delightfully random and I didn't see it coming. Barely felt like me writing it, which was weird. Maybe I should go write and see where that gets to. Might be eventful.

I really have nothing to say so I won't waffle on with nothingness and conclude right about ... here. No, there. Outside somewhere. Yeah.

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Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

And some of you doubted I was the One? Silly little people.

I'd forgotten just how good Matchbox Twenty's Yourself Or Someone Like You CD is. Great CD, no wonder I nearly played it to death when I was eleven.
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For a long time, I've doubted my love for my father. Now I'm thinking it's really the other way 'round.
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