January 20th, 2004

Amak Axver

Varying things

If whoever runs the Concert of the Month section at U2Source.com is reading this, I would just like to express my undying love and gratitude to you. A proshot October concert! This is bloody amazing! It shall go on VCD. Wow, this is one of the most awesome things. OK, so it's taking ages to download due to the fact it's 586MB, but oh my.

The Live Aid video finally downloaded. Lovelovelove.

I'd forgotten just how good Pink Floyd's Pulse CD is. I'm listening to it now, and wow, what brilliance. Tracks 6-11 on Disc One and 10-12 on Disc Two in particular. Eclipse always makes me think of Walk On, and I'm sure Bono stole the end of it from Eclipse. It's known that in the early days, some of Edge's guitarwork was influenced by Pink Floyd (just give Street Mission a listen).

The more I listen to The Feelers, the more I come to absolutely adore this CD. My case says that Larger Than Life was a single, which disappoints me because I think it's the weakest song on there. Weapons Of War, on the other hand, is absolutely awesome.

Did a bit of writing last night, not as much as I would've liked. I'm not enjoying writing at the moment because I'm at a lull in the story I simply can't avoid. It'll be over soon, but for now, it's just not thrilling enough to write, and I also need to decide whether to include a certain character soon or not. I like the character very much and want to include them, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or if they'll take the plot in directions I don't want it to go. I think I will include them, just for Amak Axver's sake. Amak is, after all, my favourite character.

I've also written the two following articles that shall appear on my new and improved website that shall show itself eventually, preferably by Easter. If I want to get more things done, I'm going to have to tone down my participation on messageboards.

Actually, the two articles aren't coming right now. There might only be one. Just stay tuned, they'll arrive sometime today.

--- 12:18pm ---

Collapse )

Alright, keep tuned, article(s) coming sometime this afternoon.

--- 1:50pm ---

One article.

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That's just a first draft, I know there could be a lot more, and there's not enough Biblical references. I invite comments.

--- 4:40pm ---

That will be all there is for articles, actually. The other idea doesn't really work, and I could work it into a revision of that one.

HOWEVER, I have finally found a better performance of 11 O'clock Tick Tock. YES! IT'S TRUE! There is a better performance out there than 5 June 1983, Denver. What is it? 4 November 1981, Berlin. It doesn't have the usual two riffs, it has THREE. Yes, THREE. Edge plays the last one twice. I downloaded a video of U2's entire concert in Berlin. I can't believe I found it! I was all eeeeeeeeeeee!!!ish when I did. It's not a case of I never thought I'd see it online; I never thought it existed! And it's a PROSHOT, too! AWESOMENESS! Great video of an absolutely great concert. During 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Bono goes down into the crowd and the only way I can describe it is that he sits in it, some people race on stage, and one of them goes up and sings with Bono. Not to mention the three riffs. Oh, it's brilliance, I heart it. And Adam's the essence of cool at the end of The Ocean.

Best 11 O'clock Tick Tock ever! Eeeeeeee! I've been watching this all afternoon.
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