January 19th, 2004

Amak Axver

I am about to make an announcement

Alright, I have taken things into consideration, and this has resulted me to decree the following; I am predicting U2's new album will be released on Bono's 44th birthday, May 10 (World)/May 11 (North America). The first single will come out sometime in late March or early April (possibly on Saint Patrick's Day or Easter). However, should there be a sudden release of a single in early February, then the album will be released just before Saint Patrick's Day, March 15 (World)/March 16 (North America).

Now let's see if time proves me right.

Had my hair cut this morning. It's kind of odd, actually. I keep on going to run a hand through it only to realise there's not much there. After I got my hair cut, we headed over to the music shop and I got Evanescence's Fallen CD. From my first listen, it sounds very good, I didn't want to skip anything. There's few CDs where I don't skip anything. Those would be;

U2: Boy, October, Under A Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire, Wide Awake In America, Achtung Baby, Zooropa.
(I skip The Refugee and Red Light on War, Trip Through Your Wires on The Joshua Tree, Love Rescue Me on Rattle And Hum, Miami, The Playboy Mansion, and If You Wear That Velvet Dress on Pop and I really can't say much about All That You Can't Leave Behind because I haven't listened to it for ages)
Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (I don't think of Cure For The Itch as a track)
Evanescence: Fallen

Also went to Goldstein's Bakery. There is nowhere better. Nowhere else makes sausage rolls anywhere near as good as them. Some days I wish they were worldwide, but then I realise that would send the quality down the drain and I'm just happy for them to have a few outlets on the Gold Coast and that's it. After we went there, we went down to the bookshop and Mum spent a book voucher she had. Just as we went to leave, she spotted something behind the counter and bought it for me - Tom Clancy's The Teeth Of The Tiger, down at $15 from $50 in hardback. We have the most incredible luck with books, truly. Tonight I might spend a good deal of time reading. Or writing. I need more hours in the day.
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Amak Axver

Today was positively fantastic

I hereby decree the following;

1. That slow transfers on WinMX or any other form of file transfer programme shall die a slow and undignified death, preferably at my hands.
2. That all shall be blessed with highspeed Internet and the intellect to use it in an appropriate and proper manner.

This decree shall be carried out by thousands of trained jaguars (I have to be different) with funding by various world governments, dog food companies, and pole vault record holders. And it shall be so, amen.

Now, to what the subject line addresses: today was positively fantastic (this raises the question as to whether something can be negatively fantastic but I shall deftly dodge it and move on to other matters).

Mail arrived. This proved to be an extremely joyous occasion.

1. I (finally) got a letter from light_so_bright! Hooray! I love you, the letter rocks. Eeee. It made me feel all squeeish and joyful inside and made my day.

2. My birthday present arrived from Dad. Earlier in the day, I'd checked my bank account to discover he'd deposited $50 in there, which I was going to spend on Matchbox Twenty's latest album until I discovered it was $30 and I'm not spending that much when I know I'll be able to find it cheaper. He'd said he'd also send over a present containing some music by Kiwi artists, and he did not disappoint. I would just like to tell the world that the CD Playground Battle by The Feelers is very good and I seriously enjoy it. He also sent a double CD of Pacifier live, which I quite enjoy too. I believe I failed to mention at Christmastime that he sent me two CDs of Kiwi music then: the latest album by Zed, and I know you, amphibious_one, don't seem to like it much but I don't mind it, and the other was by some band called Elemeno P that needs to work on its lyrics. Reminds me of those flaky, lame, I-could-write-that-in-five-seconds-with-my-hands-broken lyrics of many contemporary Christian artists (not in theme, just in actual lyrical ability).

I'm scared: I like some Johnny Cash songs.

I'm not scared: I like Waterloo by Iced Earth. OK, so it probably won't have a permanent place in my playlist, but it's still a good song.

I know I say this every day, but I am going to get some writing done tonight. I'm most serious about that. After I've had a shower, I shall sit down and write. I'm downloading a video of U2's set from Live Aid that's nearly 191MB, and it was chugging along at very nice speeds until someone disconnected and left me downloading from two painfully slow sources (and I'm 60th in the queue for another). I have roughly 30MB to go and over three hours to wait. GRR. So to pass the time, I shall write, rip the Boston DVD onto my computer in mp3, watch the second disc of said DVD, and download whatever music I can think of that I want. Oh, and rip a couple of CDs to my computer that I am yet to do, such as my two Matchbox Twenty albums and the tracks I like on Linkin Park's Reanimation (I really need the original version of My December).

I was complaining about how disappointed I was with Meteora, however the problem had been that it wouldn't work in my computer so I had to listen to it on one of my CD players, something I'm not fond of. Having to suffer Nobody's Listening and Sessions really put me off the rest of the CD. However, last night I downloaded all the tracks I like, and it's actually proving to be better than I thought it was. Still doesn't beat Hybrid Theory, though. It's not as if it's got anything of the calibre of Papercut, With You, or Pushing Me Away on it (yeah, those are my favourites). Here's a simple comparison;

Hybrid Theory: 12 tracks. Cure For The Itch doesn't count, I ignore the thing, so 11 tracks, all of which I love and think are brilliant.
Meteora: 13 tracks. Foreword doesn't really count (which is a shame, because I think that makes a good title) and Nobody's Listening and Sessions should be discarded, leaving 10 tracks that I like and think are very good.

The winner's obvious. I adore Hybrid Theory. I might burn Hybrid André Theory, which would simply be eleven tracks (no Cure For The Itch).

Zimbabwe plays India tomorrow in the cricket at the 'Gabba. I'm tempted to go, but I probably won't. I haven't been to the cricket in at least a year, which is a shame, and I've barely played ever since I had the stitches in my back a year ago. I miss my cricket. My bowling's probably nothing near what it used to be, though some days I'll randomly practice my action in my room and both my bowling action and run-up remain unorthodox. When I was in form they sure as anything worked, though. I'd love a tape of Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka, spin), Sir Richard Hadlee (New Zealand, pace), and Glenn McGrath (Australia, pace) bowling - they're the three greatest bowlers in my opinion. Muraly does not chuck, know that. I am in awe of his bowling action. However, I am not quite in awe of Brett Lee's bowling action. Now I did like him - maybe he wasn't the best bowler and gave away a few too many runs, but he wasn't excessive, he was fast, and he got wickets. But now, he's an embarrassment and it was disgraceful they picked him over Andy Bichel for the game yesterday. He gave away 1/83. Yes, you read that right. 1/83. He got one wicket for EIGHTY-THREE RUNS off just ten overs. Feel free to call him all sorts of names right about now. No-one should be that bad. The one wicket was a fluke off his final ball, and in some overs, he just got demolished by the batsmen. He gives away far too many no balls, his speed is slipping, and I don't know why he's still in the team. He needs to go back to the nets. I can't wait for Glenn McGrath to return from injury.

In other news, New Zealand won the one-day series against Pakistan 4-1 with a fantastic final victory that I really enjoyed reading about in the paper at the hairdresser's. Go the Kiwis!
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