January 18th, 2004


Christianity Today rebuttal

I wanted to make some really deep, meaningful post, and then ideas failed me. But I finally have WinMX working! Hooray! Recommend away. I'm trying to get U2 videos and an Iced Earth song right now, whee.

Sarah, remember that terrible Christianity Today article about U2 that I said I'd rebut? Well here is a rebuttal, admittedly a poor one. Give me your thoughts (even if you're not saintcheney).

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Nothing much spectacular happened in my life today. In a disturbing twist, I had an Eminem song stuck in my head earlier this evening, with the most warped lyrics: "My name is Zooropa and I eat red pavement." India defeated Australia in the cricket - set a target of 304 (303? I forget) and Australia, although they were going along very nicely at one point (needed 98 runs off 96 balls with 5 wickets in hand), crumbled to be all out, falling short by 20 runs. I laughed.

Tomorrow I am having my hair cut at around 9am. Wibble. I like my hair the way it is, sort-of-becoming-afro-ish, all curly and fun. But we'll see what happens. I wonder what the hairdresser wil say, heh. Afterwards we're going to get my watch fixed - somehow, this WATERPROOF watch got water in it and isn't functioning quite well (light is dead, screen is hard to read, especially the seconds) - and then I might go spend my music voucher that I got for Christmas. Hmmm ... I'll probably get Evanescence's Fallen.
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