January 3rd, 2004

Amak Axver


8:29pm - I have never cried at a TV show.
8:30-11:05pm - M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
11:06pm - I have cried at a TV show.

I love that show. I really do. I could just about cry now. That's the saddest show I've ever seen. Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Harry Morgan, Lorretta Swit, David Ogden Stiers, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson, Larry Linville, and Gary Burghoff were masters of their trade, such brilliant actors. I just wish Radar had stayed until the end. The only show I've ever come close to crying at was the one in which Radar left, oh, and also the one in which Colonel Blake was killed, possibly one of the best TV shows ever made. That scene at the end ... wow, talk about moving.

M*A*S*H easily gets my award for Best TV Show Ever; there's no competition. The only show that could possibly come within a few thousand miles of being close would be the hilarity that is Fawlty Towers (for you deprived sods - apparently mostly Americans - who are not familiar with this piece of British comedic farce, I have NOT made a typo).

That show was so beautiful and so tragic. When Winchester teaches the Chinese prisoners to play Mozart, Mulcahy saving the POWs and losing his hearing in the process, the end where BJ spells out goodbye, where Sidney Freedman left ... it's so amazing. There's tears in my eyes now. What a show.
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