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A few points; random things; thoughts; a boring subject line.

I have been alerted to a point of idiocy. It is the abbreviation ETA. If you are going to use this abbreviation, use it to mean WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANS. ETA does NOT mean Edited To Add. No, it does not, don't even think it does, and you look silly if you use it to mean that. ETA means Estimated Time of Arrival. Always has, always will.

I have discovered a point of idiocy. I get up, go to reply to comment, click 'reply' ... and this strange little thing appears down below instead of taking me to the normal reply screen. At first I thought "Oh nice, a quick reply box, how convenient!" ... and then I noticed that 1. you can't select your icon on this quick thing and 2. there's no way around it to go directly to the advanced screen without having to click through it. Despite this being a pedantical point, I find this frustrating and entirely unnecessary.

I have realised a point of idiocy on my own behalf. If my mother is going to phone or text me from Melbourne and I am aware she is going to do this, I should not hang my blazer up in my wardrobe with my mobile phone still in the pocket. I am never going to hear it in there. Clever one, André.

That's enough for points of idiocy, despite the fact it's rather fun. At the rate it's going, the Stockholm DVD shall be complete today! This is all terribly exciting and hurrah! Want a copy? You know you do. Trade with Axver or arrange a B&P. Visit Axver's U2 Trading Website (which is being upgraded) and organise something! You know you want to.

Heee, I've gone over my download limit and my ISP has forgotten to slow my speeds. I love these people. I hope it just stays like this. It's too soon to be capped. I think flying right over my limit after it was reset only a week ago says something about my usage and the fact I need a higher download limit. Burns, who is stuck on a 1GB plan, would kill me when/if he learns I have used 10GB in less than seven days. It's just a shame the higher plans cost so much. I hate it how Australian Internet is stuck in the Dark Ages, and all thanks to Telscum Tel$$$tra Telstra's monopoly and the sparse population. I need to move. I don't know where, though.

In fact, I was just discussing this. I want to figure out where I'm going to move to after university. Considering how many people I know in the USA and the fact it's always in the news (good for a journalist), that makes it good, but really, it doesn't sound like the greatest nation; I don't know people in most other English speaking countries and I don't want U2 to be my motive for moving to Ireland; if I went to a non-English speaking country I better pick the right language in university; and my eyesight will mean I'll most likely be stuck in Australia or just going back to NZ because I know people and places there, but staying in Australasia would suck. I think I'm going to need a bit of thinking and Divine guidance on this one. I thought I had three years to make up my mind, but really, if I'm going to pick a language, it better be the right one. Or maybe I'm thinking too much. I just like things to be all neatly ordered and totally worked out. I keep ignoring James 4:13-17, but that's just the kind of person I am.

By the way, I only just realised Edge plays piano in The Unforgettable Fire (song, not album). You realise I've been listening to this for six years? Wow, I'm SLOW. I've also just discovered it is great fun to play live performances of In God's Country very loud. I must learn to play this. Desert sky, dream beneath a desert sky, the rivers run but soon run dry, we need new dreams tonight ...

--- 9:51pm ---

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, ZooTV! Mister Fly MacMirrorball PhistoMan! THAT WAS MESSED UP! STOCKHOLM!

More coherent version tomorrow!
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