December 17th, 2003

Amak Axver

Today shall be most amusing

Those of you who went to YTF may remember a thread deadlydenial started about Internet dating after talking to two people here in Australia who were going out even though they lived eighteen hours from each other and had never met each other in person. One of these people turned out to be an occasional YTF poster, and the other turned out to be one of the members of my group at school. Well, the poster, Rhiana, has come up to the Gold Coast, met the member of my group at school, Burns, and apparently, things are going fantastically, despite the cynicism of at least three people. So now, this afternoon, Sam and I (one of my partners in cynicism) are meeting the two of them for a movie. This shall be most amusing, and there shall be a full report tonight, after I get home from working the Lego trains.

Oh, and speaking of movies, this brings me to the ongoing and very teenage saga of LotR:RotK.

Sam is now coming with me. Lauren A.'s mother won tickets, so she's making Lauren go, so Sam's going. But considering she's there, he won't be much company, so I'm glad I talked Jamie into coming with us. I'm going to need some reasonable company.

Why must things be so needlessly complex and silly? *shakes head and walks away*

--- 10:55 ---

Hooray, I get U2! In a blueberry tree!

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Amak Axver

The anticlimax

Today was quite an anticlimactic one.

Left for the movies a few minutes late, and stupid Gold Coast traffic meant that we couldn't make up the time. We were going to meet at 1:15 for a 1:30 movie, and I arrived at 1:18, expecting to be the last there and be accused of being abnormally late. Instead, Sam was the only one there - ironic, seeing I'm usually the early one, not him (when Sam says he'll be at your place at 9am, don't get up until 9:45) - and so we hung around, and by 1:25 it was a case of "Well, we're going to miss our movie." We were going to see SWAT, mainly because it was on at a convenient time ... then 1:30 ticked around and they still weren't there. Not long before that, I fired off a text to Burns, and got one back from Rhiana reading (I quote exactly);

'My habit 2 always b late andre my fault sorry im female'

Upon reading that, Sam made strange confused/"huh?" noises while I looked at him oddly and said something like "What the hell/Zooropa/Popmart/fuck?" (I can't remember which, but it'd be one of those four). So I was just getting ready to type back an SMS asking 'And just what are you going on about?' when they FINALLY turned up, SEVENTEEN minutes late, and they'd brought Rhiana's older brother with them.

In regards to the following, a disclaimer that may or may not be necessary: Sam and I are teenage guys and we both reserve the right to act as one at any chosen moment.

This is the point where I reflect upon the happy couple. Rhiana said but one word to me (and Sam, actually): "Hey." Maybe she was shocked at the way the fearsome Axver looks and sounds in person. Or maybe she saw her reflection in the mirror. When Sam and I got back to his place afterwards, I said "Jamie's going to want to know what Rhiana looked like, so what shall I tell him?" and Sam's response was "On a scale of one to ten - zero." We burst into laughter at that point and then reflected on the Lily incident and threw a negative three in her direction. But I digress: back to the movie theatre. Burns typically looked like a prat - terms that have used to describe him in the past are "a dirty snowman", "a retarded/demented chipmunk", and "one of those little puppy dogs that tries to act adorable but is really annoying and all you want to do is kick the blighter." One comment Sam made about five times today is "I hate to think what their children would look like." And I would have passed on greetings from our very own Lord of Darkness (all you people who want to worship/kill him, he's in Germany) but Rhiana's brother looked older and possibly meaner than Sam and I, so I refrained.

Upon consulting the screen with movie times, we decided that we could make a showing of Master And Commander that was about to start, so we dashed off, I poured the frozen Coke I NEED at the movies (no movie is complete without one), made a cleverly disguised push into the line for tickets where Sam was, got my ticket right after him, and then, as I walked away, noting that Burns and Rhiana had managed to end up right at the back of the queue (that had grown exponentially since my push-in), Sam and I bumped into two guys from school, Hamilton and Grant, who were going to see Scary Movie 3. They spotted the couple, and watching people holding back laughter is always amusing. Somehow the line took ages, and so we only got into the movie as the ads were rolling. And rolled. And rolled. When they finally finished, I leaned over to Sam and asked "So, how many minutes are left for the movie?"

Master And Commander is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Russell Crowe is an absolute arse of a man with the personality of a flaming moron (really, I'm sick of articles in newspapers harping on about the last abusive phone call/interview/conversation/encounter with Crowe), but he is a good actor and the movie was quality.

After it, we walked out, and then for some reason, Burns, Rhiana, and her brother just stayed behind, up by the theatre exit, while Sam and I walked off to phone his Dad and go back to his place. Once we got back there, we stuffed around, had dinner, and headed down to run the Lego trains, which was initially good but then got tedious and monotonous. Had a lot of people through, with the only serious lull right at the end.

And now I'm home. Today was very anticlimactic. I expected Rhiana to say more, I did not expect an older brother stopping my attempts to pass on messages from people to Burns, and I ... eh, it was really a non-event. It was more like just going to see a movie with Sam - the others just weren't there.

One thing I was going to comment on was the Nathan bloke who showed up while we were running the trains (he sometimes runs them with us, and brought a couple more of his own tonight). He's about our age, but ... I don't like him. Now I can understand people being "men of few words" or being shy, but it's like he's not a shy guy, not a man of few words, just he doesn't want to talk to me or Sam. He barely said much at all, particularly to me. Really, when you're sitting around, your trains running around flawlessly, having no need for you because the speed is perfect, is it too much to ask to make conversation? Sam and I will talk to each other and occasionally to some of the people viewing the trains, but Nathan wouldn't say much at all; indeed, I could probably count on one hand the amount of words he said to me all evening. Strange. Some people ...

--- 11:01 ---

OH! When Mum dropped me off at the theatre, she came in and brought our tickets for LotR:RotK. Hooray, I have my tickets! Midday on opening day (Boxing Day, which is December 26 for those uneducated and/or left-out folk out there). I'm not keen on midnight showings, so I'm quite content with that time. I find it ironic how so many people are going on about "Oh, don't give me any spoilers!" THE BOOK'S ONLY BEEN OUT FOR 50+ YEARS! Really. OK, so the movie will probably deviate a bit, but so what? It's not like Sauron's going to become Frodo's best friend, Sam's going to steal the Ring and give it to Aragorn, and Gimli is going to marry Arwen. You can see the ending a mile off anyway, even if you haven't read the books (to non-LotR readers: shame on you, get your act together). I pose a question: since when has the hero NOT won?

For the record, I don't care if that gives anything away. Sorry. If you want me to justify why I don't care, go ahead and ask me to.

--- 11:35 ---

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