December 9th, 2003

Amak Axver

Zark off

My mother really annoys me sometimes, but in more positive news, saintcheney and I have had great fanladish/fangirlish fun hijacking an RPG. Whee! Just thought I'd comment on the grandness of that.

I was going to go looking for a job YESTERDAY ... but alas, I didn't even have my resume written up to print off on my as-yet-uninstalled-on-this-computer printer. But when I get offline, I'm installing the printer, and I'll do the resume tonight. Why do I call it a resume? Those Aussies have indoctrinated me. It's so a CV. Evil Australians, hehe.

Um ... there was more I was going to comment on, but my memory fails me ... I suppose I'll end up doing an edit later tonight ...
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