December 6th, 2003

Amak Axver


I'm freezing. Isn't this meant to be summer? Maybe I'll go find some trousers ... and a sweat shirt. What's with the dismal weather over the last three days? I guess it's good, though, because it means we're getting water we desperately need.

--- 1:25pm ---

These holidays are getting boring fast. I need to find a way to make myself useful and productive. I'll do some writing, I think.

--- 1:35 ---

One thing I forgot to mention is that I saw a kangaroo. Down behind my house. We were going to take Sam home, and we happened to look down the slope, and there was this kangaroo just sitting there. It nibbled on some stuff, then sat there and looked at us, and then just went back to what it was doing. We were like "Eeeeee, a kangaroo!" and it was SO GRAND! Sam wanted to throw a small stone but I told him not to be daft. It was the greatest thing.

Oh yes, I sure live in Australia. Whee, A KANGAROO! On my property!

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--- 12:49am ---

WHY DID NO-ONE EVER TELL ME SPLIT ENZ PLAYS HISTORY NEVER REPEATS? I LOVE this song! I grew up on it and I was thinking about it not a day ago, wishing I could remember who it was by. So tonight I was downloading some Crowded House - Four Seasons In One Day took much longer than necessary - and so I decided to look up Split Enz, seeing Tim and Neil Finn played for both of them. One of the first results nearly caused me to fall off my seat: History Never Repeats! There was this eee-ness and squee-ness and other jubilatory sounds about it, and I instantly clicked on it to download, and oh! it's the song I remember from my childhood! IT'S SO WONDERFUL! And Six Months In A Leaky Boat! WOOHOO!

Oh how much I love History Never Repeats. One of my favourite memories is of when I was about eight or so, falling asleep to this song on the radio with my light on. Why's the light detail important? Because the same bulb was in the same light as is by my bed right now. Yep, I'm serious. I've had the same light bulb for over half my life. It's one of those strange sentimental things I'm quite proud of and don't want to part with. The thing just never dies. I wonder how many more years I'll have it for ...

And I found the live On The Night EP version of Money For Nothing by Dire Straits! The song that got me interested in them in the first place. Wow, it leaves the studio versions for DEAD. It's so bloody fantastic. I love listening to this in the car, and it's even better loud over my speakers.

But ...

"History never repeats
I tell myself before I go to sleep
There's a light shining in the dark
Leading me on to want a change of heart ..."
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