December 1st, 2003

Amak Axver

I was going to put a U2 line about lies here, but I can't think of any

Lauren, considering your comment of yesterday, one of us might be having MSN troubles, so please do tell me when you're online.

I hate it when some stuff downloads really promptly, and then other stuff decides to go excessively slow. I downloaded one song last night at very good, likeable speeds ... then I downloaded three more from the same site at drearingly slow speed. Annoying. And yes, I keep on meaning to download non-U2 stuff, but the call of U2ness can be quite hard to resist indeed.

Last night I lied to Dad. I still don't feel that bad about it. I'm so used to lying, distorting the truth, omitting details, telling 'white lies', or whatever to Dad that when I do it now, it seems so natural and it doesn't really feel wrong. That bothers me ... and doesn't. I hate lying, and yet I seem to have no qualms with lying to Dad. Is what I'm doing wrong? Oh, most certainly. But it's habit, and it helps me to avoid all kinds of nasty questions/lectures/whatnot. Ugh.
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Amak Axver

A request

My Mum's just got home from the doctor's and she may have an intolerance to wheat. She's got to go on a two week trial, and at the end they should know.

Please pray or do whatever it is you do.
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Amak Axver

Something about nothing

I was going to do some quizzes, but they sucked, so I didn't. Or more precisely, did them and then felt like I'd wasted a couple of minutes.

Was going to watch the broadcast of the 46664 concert on MTV, but I decided I'd rather not. I only want to see the part with Bono and Edge in it, and I can download audio clips of that. Seeing the other artists would just be a waste of time, seeing I don't know/like them.

Well, I wasted tonight. In a big way. I was going to work on my story, but then I got caught up watching the Slane DVD again (review coming soon), during Streets I suddenly felt tired and went and lay on my bed, sleeping on and off for 60-90 minutes, went and watched Seinfeld while I ate dinner, and then lazed on the couch and watched Becker and Frasier for the next hour. I loved it, though: quality TV. That's all too rare in amongst the garbage and crap like ... stupid American sitcoms, inane 'reality' TV shows, and shows that insult my intelligence by assuming I'm the lowest common denominator. And why is there never any quality sport on? Perhaps because not enough is played, I suppose. Bring on next rugby season!

Lauren sent me an mp3 of Clay today. Yes, it actually happened. I actually listened to him. Not my style, but the guy CAN sing. So Lauren, your fangirlishness has been approved of.

I need some other music. I'm thinking of tracking down some Evanescence tonight. Or maybe I won't resist the call of the U2. At least I know where that is. Oh, and damn, I need to download WinMX onto this computer, but I don't want to and I have some ethical concerns with downloading anything that isn't live U2.

Sent off the blank CDs for the boots today. Can't wait to get them back, should be late this week or early next.

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The definition of 'geek' has always confused me and I'd be inclined to disagree with the percentage depending upon what definition you want to apply, BUT I love the answer. Bookstore + 'net connection + thousands of dollars worth of expensive equipment = happy Andre. Happy Andre + U2 = exceedingly happy Andre.

Alright, so I'm a very mathematical person. James figured that one out last night. Apparently it comes through in everything I say, even in my examples. I was talking about something, and I related to back to a train of thought, saying that "if it were 10 wagons, 7 should be this, 3 should be that" and he instantly exclaimed how even then, I was being very mathematical, precise, and logical about things. And it's true. I love maths because it is PRECISE, it is ACCURATE, and it doesn't give you wishy-washy 'answers' but fixed, certain solutions (or in some cases, reasons why there cannot be a fixed, certain solution). It's not crap like science that takes an unproven theory and assumes it's true. It appeals to me like Christianity does: there's absolutes, and that's that. I like absolutes. No use dancing around the issue or being vague: say what you damn well mean and come to a solid conclusion.

That was a bit random, huh?


Now THAT was random.

Sam's downloaded the Rock's Hottest Ticket and Another Time Another Place bootlegs for me in mp3 format, and will put them on CD for me sometime. Looking forward to getting them.

Tomorrow I shall have the house all to myself. Woohoo. No need to feel guilty for hogging the phone line all day. Alright, so people may need to call, but if they need me, they can get online, and if they need anyone else, well, they're only going to strike a brick wall with me anyway. It's not going to make much difference. And we DO have mobiles. Lovely things, those.

Ironic thing is I managed to make this longish entry and just truthfully told Burns;

Burnzey says:

What have you been up to on the first day of our holidays?

Mediocrity is never so dangerous as when it is dressed up as sincerity says:

Entirely nothing.
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