November 30th, 2003

Amak Axver

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Sam's coming 'round today. We've finally decided on a plan of attack to get stuff from my old computer into my new one: we're removing my old hard drive, putting it in my new computer, copying the stuff I want to the C drive, and then taking it back to the old one.

Didn't stay up for the 46664 concert. Seeing Sam's coming round, I figured that it'd be best if I got some sleep. I'll catch the replay. I hear Bono sung American Prayer with Beyonce (kill her) and then at the end Bono and Edge came back out and played One and Unchained Melody a la ZooTV. EeeeeeeeeeeeeeMUSTSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Amak Axver

Stuff, stuff, and other stuff

My entry from earlier today WAS going to be longer. But then Sam showed up and I didn't want him to find out about my LJ so I frantically posted it. Now I don't care if Sam finds this, but if I can choose between him finding it and not finding it, honestly I'd rather the latter. Really, when I think about it, it's quite silly because he's such a good friend and I wouldn't mind him reading it at all - maybe he might even understand a bit more whenever I'm irked about something - but at the same time I'd like to reserve the right to rant about whatever I want, and that whatever I want may just include him, as it did a couple of weeks ago. Eh, I don't know. I bet he'll find out sooner or later anyway.

So we had computer chaos today. We quite happily watched a Billy Connolly video and talked and watched the Slane DVD - I was very pleasantly surprised when Sam showed interest in this and random U2 facts that I spouted off - and then got onto the computer. Taking the C drive out of my old computer wasn't hard at all, but then the fun began. Apparently, the inside of my new computer's been wired in a really funny way, and then it just decided to stop detecting that my CD/DVD drive is there. So Sam was very confused, got in there, had a look around, finally figured out some cable wasn't plugged into anything at all when it was meant to be in the motherboard - how it was working before, I don't know - and so we got that fixed up after ten minutes of all kinds of worry and confusion and messing about with the guts of my computer. It wasn't long after that that we got everything done, whacked the old drive back in the old computer, and were finished.

To relax, we put on the V8 car race from Eastern Creek, Sydney. And WOAH. We put it on at EXACTLY the right time. Russell Ingall and Mark Skaife (two very famous Australian racers who drive for Holden - there's a massive rivalry between Ford and Holden, and personally, I'm a Ford man) were locked in a battle for a position and Skaife went up the inside of Ingall. He then swung wider than he should've, partly forcing Ingall off the road, and the end result was that when Ingall got fully back onto the track, he hit Skaife in a way that sent Skaife sliding right off and out of the race. That wasn't the end, though. The pace car came out, but it didn't get out until Ingall had already passed, so he was still under racing conditions when he came to the spot of the crash. Alarmingly, Skaife had stayed on the track instead of doing the sensible thing and heading back to the pits, and when Ingall approached, he walked over right to the edge of the road (his car had slid well off onto the grass) and started pointing and yelling at Ingall, giving him the finger, so Ingall did this really dangerous swerve straight at Skaife, correcting it only just before he got to the edge of the track, and then drove off, leaving Skaife fuming. Entertaining racing, that's for sure.

Then it decided to rain. Not just a bit, not just a lot, BUT IN DROVES. It POURED. It poured so bad one guy driving into the pits suddenly randomly lost it and spun around. It poured so bad two cars collided in pit lane. It poured so bad that rivers of water were flowing across the track. It poured so bad that the race was declared, and Marcus Ambrose of Ford won. Not just the race, but the entire championship. This is a great day for Ford.\

Woo, dinner! Mmm ... lasagne. Mmm ... Parmesan cheese.

Tomorrow I should be sending off the CDs to that guy in Victoria for Sydney, Auckland, and Christchurch 93. Can't wait to get those. Should have them back within the week. Very convenient that he lives in Victoria.

The world premiere of LotR:RotK is in Wellington tomorrow. Apparently, they're having a parade of all the stars from the Beehive (aka New Zealand Parliament House ... or are they doing it from the OLD Parliament House, the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere? I'm not sure), to the Embassy Theatre. A massive red carpet (450 foot, I think Dad said) has been put down Courtenay Place, and the parade route goes right past the office he works in, and his window looks right out onto it, so you can guess what he's got a wonderful view of. Lucky bastard. Why bother lining up with the massive crowds for a spot when you can just look out your window?

--- 7:57pm ---

After reading what some of you Americans have been saying about Thanksgiving, you've put me in a thankful mood. To my friends, I love you all. You rock. I'm very thankful to have you. To people who are wrong, I'm thankful that there's people like me to show you the correct way to think (That's MOCK arrogance, people). I'm thankful for U2. Very thankful. And for my new computer. I suddenly feel so undeservedly blessed. I have all this really, really great stuff, and I don't feel like I deserve it. It's like I'm in God's good column right now, and for what reason, I don't know, because I'm a wretch if there ever was one. And I'm thankful for God. I may keep on being an arse and hide from Him, but damn, He's good to me. Whoever said God was just commandments and guidelines was terribly wrong.

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Amak Axver

Some thoughts

My mind is boggling right now. I just had the deepest discussion with James. And though the subject never actually came up in our talk, I feel I can finally prove my faith. For me. I feel I can finally prove the existence of God, but maybe not to others. It's just for ME. Everyone thinks differently. What clicks with me may not click with him or her or them or you. It may seem decidedly absurd, or completely rational. So I can hardly claim to have "the answers", but I do have them for ME.

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I guess that'll do for now. I'd appreciate some thoughts, opinions, analysis, and other comments on what I've said, and I'm not fussed what perspective it's from, be it Christian or non-Christian. I value both sides of the fence and feel they have important points to make. If you just rely on one for your confirmation or rebuttal, then you're not getting the full picture.

On another note, I just downloaded a fantastic live version of 11 O'clock Tick Tock. 17 March 1983, from New York. It's my ... ninth live version of this most wonderful of songs.
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