November 28th, 2003

Amak Axver

We're all going on a summer holiday ... or at least I am

School's over for the year. *lets out obligatory loud cheer*

But much more importantly, I HAVE MY NEW COMPUTER. Eeee, 'tis grand. It's so quiet compared to the noisy sod that is my old computer, it's so FAST, and I love the flat screen (no, it's not one of those really skinny flat screens, it's a flat screen with the normal large back - the skinny ones would've set us back another few hundred dollars). Oh my, it's so bloody fantastic. I heart it madly. I'm just downloading MSN at the moment, and then I'll get AIM. Unfortunately, this computer doesn't have Microsoft Office, but that's easily fixed - I'll get a copy off Sam. Ick, this is the one part I don't like, having to reload things. But WOW, this computer is bloody amazing! Just wish I had a fast Internet connection to go with it ... and I want to know what the Popmart the 'Fn' key is on my keyboard.

Got my Maths C results back today, and they were the definition of irony. How is it that a guy who did rather poorly on Maths B (which is supposed to be EASIER) can get one of the highest (if not the highest) mark in Maths C? Heh, I was thrilled. Maths C is the one I care more about, anyway.

I'm sure gummi snakes have nicotine or some other addictive substance in them. I really shouldn't have the bag of them in my room ... mmm, gummi snake ...

English writing task today was dead easy. Had fun designing U2 setlists in the spare time I had at the end. At the start, I was peeved to find out we couldn't write a short story, but as it turns out, I think the article I wrote would be better than any story I could've done. Funny thing is, Pat did a short story. Yep. Even when the teacher said you couldn't. Even when a lot of people let out sighs and comments of disgust. Even when the teacher stood his ground and said you couldn't do one. Pat's a daft one. Then we got into an argument after the exam ... that was weird to say the least.

I'm really starting to dislike worship music. The worship songs they sung on Christmas chapel, quite frankly, STANK. "I will read my Bible and pray/I will follow You all day/All day/All day now/All day" and so on. These people need a good dose of Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse ) Now THAT is quality lyricism, and there's plenty more where that came from. I'm very tempted to try to form a band to play Gloria and 11 O'clock Tick Tock on chapel. Exit would make a nice addition, too.
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Amak Axver

A night of madness

Here begins Andre's night of downloads. I'm just going to go nuts and download everything I can. Shame I have a terribly slow Internet connection that will restrict me from downloading volumes of data very shy of awe-inspiring. But alas, I shall try to do as much as possible. No-one needs the phone, hence I am entirely free to hog the line ALL night. The downloading spree begins with AIM.

I just watched the Slane DVD. Some songs repeatedly. It's so bloody amazing. I love the non-acoustic, electric version of Angel Of Harlem. I took a whole bunch of screen shots, some of which I'll convert into .jpg form (they're all insanely large bitmaps right about now, apart from one of Eve that I converted as a test) and post or create a website for.

I love AIM. It's only half the size of MSN.

--- 11:33pm ---

Uh, where the hell did my earlier edit go to? Anyhow, AIM downloaded blindingly fast, which was fantastic. But then I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (28/09/87) decided to go at its own lazy pace. I just hope Running To Stand Still (11/06/92) goes at a swifter pace.

My Internet seems to be running remarkably fast compared to what it used to go at. It's supposedly connected at only 31.2k, but it sure feels faster. I like it like this. Pages loading semi-promptly is pleasant.

--- 11:35pm ---

Seems like I have to make an edit twice for it to actually work. Very odd. Happened earlier today as well when I tried to correct a typo.

--- 11:52pm ---

And you know what? I came back to make another edit, and this stupid fricking thing had deleted all prior edits, even though after I'd made the last edit I'd checked to make sure it was there and it was. GRR. LiveJournal's doing a good job of annoying me right now.

Humorous and true (because it's true?) quote I just found: "I've noticed that all people who are for abortion have already been born."
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