November 24th, 2003

Amak Axver


My computer has this thing with freezing at really stupid moments. For example, it'll freeze when I'm downloading a song, or just when someone's saying goodbye (as happened when Lauren said that earlier), or when I've nearly finished a journal entry. Blasted thing.

Storm's rolling in. Storm season's definitely upon us: we've had three storms in the last three days. Nothing major, though. I wonder how bad the storms get here ... our old house always got missed by the most vicious storms. Considering my judgement of how the storms come in, here should be the same, which is good indeed. So instead of dealing with collapsing trees and fallen power lines, we get to sit on the balcony and watch the light(ning) show.

For some reason, the word 'Zooropa' is stuck in my head and won't go away. I feel like scrawling it on ... things.

Three German exams today. I was as sick as anything at the start of today and it's a wonder I didn't collapse before or after my speaking exam, which went remarkably well considering. Reading was overall easy, although a couple of the questions got me a bit stuck, and writing ... I expected it to be the hardest, but out of the four, it was probably the easiest.

Wow, it's hailing. Can we have some snow? I know it's 25C+, but still, can we have some?

Got my Maths B exam results back today. One word: ouch. I got 63% on my knowledge exam (2% below a B-, hence a crushing C+), which would be 24 out of 38 I think. And got C, B, A, A, C for modelling and problem solving. That hurts. An A- is bad enough. I'm Andre. I don't get results like that. How the hell have I fallen so badly?

If this storm blows over and doesn't get seriously intense, we should be going to put a deposit on my new computer. Squeeness.
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Attention all ... well, maybe it's not quite THAT important

Put the deposit on my nice new computer today. I pick it up sometime Friday afternoon. Eeee, can't wait.

There's only one problem: I have files I want to transfer from this computer to my new one that are too big to put on a floppy disk, I don't have a CD burner in this computer (though I shall in the new one), and we only have a single phone line so I can't exactly have them both connected to the 'net and just send all the stuff to myself. Most of my stuff I can afford to lose, but I have some U2 files that I simply cannot afford to lose because I have no idea where I got them or the website that I downloaded them from has shut down/doesn't have them up any more.

Hence, I need help.

1. Is there any way I can plug my new computer into this one and transfer the files using some non-Internet connection like that? If so, what kind of equipment would I require?

2. I'm not very technologically knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, so I probably don't have the skills to put the CD burner into my old computer, burn the stuff onto it, and then put it back in the new one. So there goes that idea. I could get Sam's Dad to do it, or maybe install my C drive as a D drive in my new computer, but that might not be possible and causes unnecessary hassles anyway. Plus, if I were to put the C drive in as a D drive, I'd have to take it back out and put it back in here as the C drive again because James is getting this computer. So that sends those ideas out the window a bit.

3. Do you have any other ideas for how I can transfer these files? I know a couple of songs I downloaded in .txt form and had to convert to .mp3 to play - could I possibly convert all of the files I have now to .txt form, split them up into files that fit on a floppy, transfer them to my new computer, and then put them back together and convert back to .mp3 form? Would that actually work or just result in really messed-up songs or useless coding?

4. If I can't do any of that for whatever reason, I'm going to have to put out an appeal to all of you. If any of you would be prepared to take some of my files off my hands and then when I have my new computer up and running, send them back to be, I would be more than appreciative. If you - mainly looking at Sarah here - have any of these files already, please tell me.

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Lauren, I already have your name on Unchained Melody (16 May 1992). I know I've sent you 11 O'clock Tick Tock (5 June 1983), and I hope you haven't deleted it. Have I sent you anything else from that list?

One thing I failed to mention last week is that the school captains and vice-captains for next year have been determined. My displeasure with the choices shall now be expressed in a rant.

Two of the people appointed to these positions have graced the 'pages' of my LiveJournal before through mention as members of my debating team or debating/public speaking competition: Heidi (female captain) and Natasha (female vice-captain). The other two are Tim D (male captain) and Ash (male vice-captain). The appointment of Heidi is the only one I agree with. Well, I don't have too much of a problem with Natasha's appointment, but apparently there's quite a few people who are starting to dislike her, who think she has a big head and is a real bitch or something like that. So she was obviously appointed by the teachers - no popular vote would've seen her made vice-captain. A lot of people, when we had our vote, were going around urging people NOT to vote for her (As a sidenote, the teachers had a vote, we had a vote, and these were both taken into consideration by the people who determined the captains). And Tim D (as opposed to Burns and Hamilton) ... I just can't stand him. He's a poof. Or if he isn't, he should be, because he's the perfect representation of one. And ... he just irks me, whether he's a poof or not. If he's a poof, that just means he irks me more, because being so inclined ... I find sickening, really. Anyhow, before I go off on a tangent, I'll get back on topic. Tim's the wrong bloke for captain anyway. Not that many people like him, it's just that the teachers favour him. I don't think many people really respect him. And Ash ... he only got to the position on the wave of his own popularity. If Tim's not leadership material, I hate to think what Ash is. He's a nice guy, but he's hardly a vice-captain. But he is, and that's that.

Although really, what the hell do the captains and vice-captains do? Now that I think about it, it doesn't matter if you're leadership material or not. You just lead prayers on assembly and whatnot, look good in photos, say a quick word on formal occasions ... and that's it. Big woop. What IS the point? It's just whacking a badge on someone, making them feel good, swelling their ego, and saying "We favour you". It's really insignificant in actual fact. So yes, I really don't care any more. Heidi, Natasha, Tim, and Ash can have their ego boost, they can feel favoured and important ... and the rest of us will live quite unaffected by them because they do bugger all. No captain has ever made any difference before and they're not about to start.

--- 8:57pm ---

Just found out this afternoon that the bastards at Channel 7 have cancelled M*A*S*H. Sobspluttersnivelsob. I'll have to rely on my tapes now. Damn Channel 7. I quite liked my 5:30 M*A*S*H. Quite liked it a lot.

Maths C study tomorrow. Oh joy. The complex number plane, proofs by mathematical induction, and other equally thrilling stuff.
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