November 23rd, 2003

Amak Axver

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Woo, Sam's coming around today. Sam coming round = lots of games of pool. Sam coming round = he gets to evaluate my Lego and give me a price he's willing to pay for it. Hopefully this price will include U2 bootlegs he'll download and burn onto CD for me.

German study's coming along OK ...

In den Ferien, bin ich in die tschechische Republik gefahren. Ich bin mit der Bahn gefahren, weil ich Zuge mag, und ich mag sie lieber als Autos und Flugzeuge. Ich hasse Autos, weil sie die Luft mit Abgasen verpesten, und ich hasse Flugzeuge, weil ich Luftkrankheit habe. Die Reise war bequem und sehr schnell ...

Need to study some Maths C today. Hopefully Sam will be open to that suggestion.

I need to watch Slane again. NEED. But the DVD player's not in my room ... when are we going to hurry up and get the new computer? Mum's said "this week" for the last couple of weeks ... though I think she's serious this time. Better be.
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Amak Axver

So ...

Sam came round today. That was very fun. He checked out my Lego ... I'm going to get him to buy it off me for some sum of money plus some quality U2 boots (he'd never be able to pay a proper full price, so U2 boots will do just fine). I'm thinking something from the Zoo and Unforgettable Fire eras, plus I'd like the one from the Riverboat President show - I have Stories For Boys and 11 O'clock Tick Tock from that, and would like the complete show. And I would LOVE the 7 December 1981 show from Dooley's, East Lansing, Michigan (isn't that where you live, Tasha?) - they actually repeated the encore and over the course of the entire show, played Gloria and I Will Follow THREE times and 11 O'clock Tick Tock twice. What a show that would've been, but the odds of there being any recording at all of it are remarkably slim.

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We watched one of my Billy Connolly tapes. Billy Connolly = comedic god. I love his humour. All of you who are not familiar with him should feel bad.

Oh my, School Patrick is such a moron. Allow me to summarise Pat: a perverted stalker who has this thing with getting obsessed with a particular girl or girls and also seems to love pain and rejection. No girl in her right mind would ever consider going out with him. So what does he do? He found out where Shannon, possibly the nicest and best-looking girl in my entire school, works, headed down there with the express reason of 1. doing his stalking thing, and 2. asking her to a movie. I couldn't believe it. I burst out laughing when I found out. She gave him a false number, hee. I can't believe it. No girl's going to go out with him, let alone the "best" girl in the grade. Especially when she's already got a boyfriend. Pat's an idiot.

The holidays look like they're going to be ... laughable, or at least one day. Burns has an online girlfriend, Rhiana. She's coming up from Victoria to meet him. Yes, they have NEVER met. That's sad enough in itself (and if anyone dares to bring up Liza ... oh, you better prepare for a verbal onsault because I'm sick of people reminding me of that act of utter stupidity). As me and Sam were joking today, the fact she's Burns's girlfriend says enough in itself (which is probably really cruel of us but we happen to know Burns well). Now one day, they're going to go to the movies and we're going to come along. I'm going to go to Sam's first so that we go together and thus can make a quick getaway if needs be, and now he's saying he wants to bring Lauren A with him. At first I thought this would be a good thing, because then us three would outnumber Burns and Rhiana, but now that I think about it, it'd be a bit difficult for me because you have Burns and Rhiana, Sam and Lauren, and Andre and ... no-one. How fun. But Sam's a good enough friend that it shouldn't be too bad ... although when he gets around girls he likes, sometimes other people might as well not exist, so ...

Ugh. THREE German exams tomorrow. THREE. Speaking, reading, then writing.

Ja, wir haben ein Christbaum, und wir schmucken es mit Kugeln, Sternen, und Engeln. Meine Mutti macht ein Adventskranz, mein Vater und ich shicken Weihnachtskarten, und wir alles backen Weihnachtsgeback und kaufen Geschenke. In der Weihnachtszeit, es ist Sommer, und es gibt keine Schnee. Letztes Jahr es war vierzig Grad, aber es ist nicht alles das heiss. Wir gehen in die Kirche am Heiligabend, und ich stehe um acht Uhr auf am ersten Weihnachtstag. Wir haben eine sehr lange Mittagsessen bei Verwandtung, und wir essen traditioneleis Weichnachtsessen - Truthahn, Schinken, Plumpudding, und so wieder ...

Alright, so some of that's probably wrong and I'm missing umlauts and the ... double 's' thing, but that's because I don't know how to type it. With some stuff being wrong, that's kind of OK, because that's for my speaking exam and they mark errors much more leniently on speaking than on anything else, because when you're speaking, you don't have the time to sit there and analyse everything. You can accidentally say 'im' instead of 'in' or get words around the wrong way (to an extent) and not suffer much.

Woo, Sam says he may pay me $50 (plus boots) for my Lego. That'll go to Andre's U2 Tour Fund. Knowing him, he'll try to bargain me down, but I'll try to stick firm. Then again, he is a good friend and I like to give friend discounts. Then again again, I'm already charging him less than I would anyone else.

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