November 4th, 2003

Amak Axver


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Bah, I don't have time to rant about or explain what's been happening lately. I've figured out most of my Maths C assignment which is good, and should have it done by Friday. Need to check with my History teacher to make sure I'm on the right track there. SOR's coming along nicely, as is English and Geography.

Moving on Thursday. Scared, honestly. I'm so used to living with my mother and no-one else, especially not people I don't really know. So I'm nervous and probably won't enjoy the first few days. Blech. Need to pack more tonight ... why is there always more to pack? Why won't Trudy hurry up and pack her stuff? Hurry the fuck up, girl, or yer gonna be left behind and it'll be your own bloody fault. It's truly starting to piss me off how slack she is, and that's probably given away by my language.

Must go work. I hate having to work so much. Even if the 'net does work OK at Alan's place before broadband gets put in, I won't be on much because I have so much flaming work to do.
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