November 3rd, 2003

Amak Axver

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Everyone who's expecting big things (namely awe-inspiring assessment results) from me this term can piss off. Presentation/Award Night's on the 21st or so (right in the middle of the exam block, blech) and I'm really going to have to put my personal feelings of superiority aside for that night. It'll probably be good for me - may help get rid of my arrogance and egotism. Something severely humbling would do wonders for me. I just hope I manage to get an Academic Award ... will they give me the Senior Debating Award? I am the best senior debator, but I'm not sure if that award can go to a grade eleven or if it can only go to a grade twelve. I'll have to wait and see. I hate competition in academic stuff.

The moving's going OK. I did serious packing last night and my room's starting to look quite bare. Still some more to be done but it should be right. Trudy really needs to get her act together - at this rate, we'll have been gone a week and she'll still be here, looking for a box.

ADSL problems stand. We're most likely going to contact the ISP tomorrow to see what can be done. When I go to Alan's, I should most likely be able to get online, although not as much. These problems REALLY piss me off.

Heaps of assignment work. Gah. Must draw a map for my Geography assignment - I'm the best mapper in my class, and there's a reason; my maps are meticulous and take me forever, not to mention strain my eyes. I hate having crappy eyesight. It's really quite remarkable that I'm the best mapper: it's a common joke at school.

Exams begin in two weeks and will be hell. Raw hell. I wish someone could take them for me.
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