November 1st, 2003

Amak Axver

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If anyone has the urge to do any assignments, I have five assignments just waiting to be done and they can be all yours for the low low price of They-must-be-A-quality!

Today is a day of great rugby. Hence, I shall go watch.
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Amak Axver

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This will be enjoyed by all of you who like satire of radical fundamentalist Christians, such as the types behind the humorous tripe that is

I've done a very productive night of work. I'm quite proud of myself. My English assignment is basically done, and my Geography assignment - the written part at least - is halfway there. I still need to print diagrams, draw maps, and take photos. History shall be done tomorrow, and I think I have enough sources. Hope so ... better check that. If not, I'll find more tonight. Maths C I'm thoroughly stumped on. LESLIE MATRICES ARE DETESTABLE.

I hate it when people decide to go ahead and do stuff they really shouldn't. Some people are too young to be doing certain things. Blech.

Now to the main subject of my post: RUGBY!

There are only three words in the English language to describe the Australia versus Ireland game: BLOODY EXHILIRATING RUGBY! Holy carp, even though Australia won (Boo!), it was the most incredible match with one of the best tries EVER. Somebody O'Driscoll is a MAGICIAN. Last week, Ireland beat Argentina 16-15, and this week they lost 17-16. Crap. I wanted Australia to face France in the quarter finals. Now they face Scotland. But more on that later, because I MUST describe the O'Driscoll try. I've heard tries described as orgasmic before, but if any try has been such, then this was bloody well it! O'Driscoll received the ball right on the sideline, in the corner. He had to jump otherwise he would've been forced out of the field of play. So he jumps into the air, his body completely leaves the ground, he's soaring RIGHT BESIDE THE LINE, within centimetres of it, an Australian tackler goes flying straight past and MISSES him, and he lunges out his arm and forces the ball straight into the ground before crashing to earth and out of the field of play. MAGNIFICENT. If he'd touched the sideline, he would've been out and the try not counted. If he'd touched the corner flag, he would've been out and the try not counted. But he came within CENTIMETRES - millimetres, even - and didn't touch them. He was fully in the air when he grounded the ball. It was so bloody AMAZING! The referee (Paddy O'Brien of NZ, my favourite ref) had to go to the third referee (also known as a video referee/umpire), and the commentator said "That can't be a try - he had to have gone out. If O'Driscoll's grounded that, he's a magician" and then they showed the footage and GOOD POPMART, HE HAD! It was bloody amazing! I leapt out of my seat and just belted my lungs out! It was the most flaming fantastic try I have seen in AGES! And then when O'Gara got the conversion from the sideline - that was the icing on the cake.

What a game. Ireland could've won - O'Gara missed a kick or two and a drop goal attempt in the dying minutes missed by a coat of paint - but in the end it went to Australia by a point.

Earlier today, Scotland played Fiji and South Africa played Samoa. The former game decided one of the teams in the quarter final Australia qualified for through their victory over Ireland, and the latter decided who's going to meet NZ in the quarters (well, that's not a foregone conclusion but NZ will beat Wales tomorrow). Scotland versus Fiji was a close game, with the Fijians up 14-6 over the out-of-form Scots at half time. But the men from Scotland fought back in one of the most entertaining games. At 75 minutes (a game is 80 minutes long), the Fijians went over for a try and led 20-15. Along with the commentator, I exclaimed that the game was over and gave victory to the Fijians. But then the Scots went and scored a try with just two minutes to spare, leveling the scores at 20-20. It all came down to the conversion. The Scottish kicker kicked ... it was good ... and it made it! There was no time left for Fiji - victory went to the Scots, 22-20. Thus, it shall be Australia versus Scotland in one quarter final, which Australia should win easily, and Ireland versus France in another, and that will be a most entertaining match that I believe will go the way of the French.

Then there was Samoa versus South Africa. After the tight, thrilling game last week between Samoa and England, the the poor form the 'Boks have been in lately, I expected a good, close game, most likely going the way of the 'Boks by about seven or eight. How I was wrong! The Samoans just fell apart, and the 'Boks played quite well. If I remember right, the final score was 51-10 ... a bit of a disappointment, really. Tomorrow, England plays Uruguay and NZ plays Wales, both of which, especially the first, are foregone conclusions. The quarter finals should end up looking like this (who I think will win is in bold);

Australia vs. Scotland
France vs. Ireland
England vs. Wales
New Zealand vs. South Africa

Thus, the semi-finals will look like this;
Australia vs. New Zealand
England vs. France

The third place playoff will be a French victory over Australia, and the next day, New Zealand will go and defeat England, and raise the most coveted of Cups.
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