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October 25th, 2003

Queensland Rail: Even crappier than before OR Even crappier than you thought we were [25 October 2003|09:52 am]
[Current Mood |Glad the train ride's over]
[Current Music |'Forgotten' by Linkin Park]

Queensland Rail needs to change their slogan. Lately, they've been advertising that ninety-nine per cent of trains run on time. I think they forgot a "not". While on the way home from the rugby last night, I coined two new slogans they should use;

"QR: Even crappier than before." and "QR: Even crappier than you thought we were."

The train rides were a joke. I'll get to the rugby soon, but first enjoy the story of last night's madness on the train.

It all began with Sam and Tom having to participate in school sport yesterday. Now they were both confident they would be finished sport in time to meet the train we were catching - the 3:18 out of Robina - at 3:25 at Nerang. After all, Sam's sport finished by 3 and Tom was supposed to be back from basketball at another school by 3:05. However, when we reached Nerang, we got a phone call from Sam's Dad, and Tom still hadn't shown up. According to him, his basketball games (plural? Since when did they play multiple games?) ran overtime, then his bus driver could barely get the bus started, and he was a crappy driver so it took him ages to get back. Thus, they missed our train and had to get on the next one, running about half an hour behind us. Remember here that the game starts at 5:30.

The train was absolutely crowded and I ended up vacating my seat for an older lady. The aisles were crammed and I kept on being pushed into the seat Mum and Alan were sitting on. But at least practically everyone were Kiwi supporters.

But then ... (I'll cut from here to save cluttering friends pages)Collapse )

The strange thing is, I'm now trying to find a news article online about the person jumping in front of the train or about train chaos in Brisbane ... and there's NOTHING. I can't find a thing. A coal train derailed in the Hunter Valley and a man was hit by a train in northern Victoria, but there's NOTHING up here in Brisbane. What the Popmart? I know what I saw. There was a blacked out train. There were police on the track and various points marked. There were other police gathered around a point on the platform. There were reports of a jumper at Loganlea. So where is the news about it? Something happened, I know it did. What the Zooropa's going on here?

On a more pleasant note, the rugby.Collapse )

On writing.Collapse )

Question: am I the only person on the face of the planet who thinks Romeo And Juliet is terrible? Really, it is. I've lately heard lots of glowing praise for it, and I just don't understand it. It's the only poor Shakespeare work I've read, and it can't hold a candle to stuff like Henry V or The Tempest.

And due to popular demand, the story behind why I memorised Pi to 330 decimal places.Collapse )

Here is a report on NZ versus Tonga. Statistics, links to articles, photos, and there's also some audio/video thing. I can't view it because of my download limit, but if it happens to show the crowd behind the end where New Zealand's scoring at in the first half, look seventeen rows back and you may see me. I'm all dressed up with a scarf, shirt with a large silver fern, All Blacks cap, have an All Blacks and a New Zealand flag (which at points were held by Sam and Mum), and everything. One of the tries was scored in a direct line down from Sam, who was two to my right (Tom was directly to my right, my mother directly to my left), so there may be a shot looking up at us, I don't know.
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Photos and Namibia [25 October 2003|05:46 pm]
[Current Mood |Good]
[Current Music |The final whistle in the Australia versus Namibia game]

I feel sorry for Namibia. They're getting so thoroughly demolished by Australia because they really don't have much in the way of skills and I hate to think how demoralising this loss will be for them. Massive losses just destroy morale on the team that goes down, especially if it's like this. Alright, NZ did Tonga last night, but Tonga's an established 7-a-side nation - that's their form of rugby, not 15-a-side. This is different. Namibia's an emerging nation and this'll just be demoralising for them.

Trying to find more photos to scan, but most of what's in my room are photos I've taken of trains. Maybe I'll go see what's in Mum's room, but we don't have much in the way of recent photos. We need to use our camera more. Most stuff is a good few years old.

I wish Sam would hurry up and e-mail me the photos he took last night on the digital camera ...

Final score in Australia versus Namibia: 142-0. Three points off the World Cup record (New Zealand 145 - Japan 17) and the record highest margin. Poor Namibia.
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