October 22nd, 2003

Amak Axver

Photos. Of me.

After school today, Mum and I went to buy a brand new printer/copier/scanner. We bought it - nice and cheap, I might add - set it up with no trouble at all, and I have been scanning stuff on all night. Collapse )

I'll also put these up on The Beaten Trout. Maybe tonight, or at least by Sunday. Tomorrow night I have the speech competition, so I'll have little time online. I'm feeling pretty good about the competition: I'm not expecting to go anywhere and I don't care if I don't, so I'm just heading in with this casual attitude, and getting somewhere would just be a bonus. If I win, I might die of laughter.

The rugby's on Friday. I can't wait. Expect photos of what a real All Blacks fan looks like when fully kitted up. They're even doing free face painting outside the stadiums, so I may get my face painted black with a white "NZ" written on it.

Must do History homework. Blech, I have a good deal of it. I have an assignment on Australia's defence policies and alliances since WWII that shall be presented in a 5-7 minute oral form, and I am NOT liking it one bit. It's going to be hard. Ah well, at least my English story's coming along nicely.

Eeeeeeee, 'U2 Go Home: Slane Castle 2001' comes out on November 17. I MUST go and pre-order it. I can't wait for the new album ...

--- 11:37 ---

Firstly, why the Zootopia am I still up? Oh well.

Secondly, GRR, I have another house debate tomorrow, and, as with the last debate, it's going to be all resting on my shoulders. Michael from grade eight is hardly a debator, and the new girl they've put in the team I don't even know, so this is just marvellous. Why is it that we're expected to win just because I'm on the team? THERE ARE TWO OTHER BLOODY DEBATORS ON THE FLAMING TEAM YOU MORONS! You can't bloody expect me to win a debate by myself with one person - potentially two people - who have little debating skill. I AM NOT FREAKING GOD. Let me speak first, second, and third and I might be able to pull it off, but when you've got two people before me who have little debating talent, then we have no hope. It doesn't matter how glorious I am, we're going nowhere. And if I have an off day, then we're really screwed. Bloody hell.
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