October 13th, 2003

Amak Axver

Debating, rugby ... and the END of the U2 fast!

I have only lost three formal debates in my entire life. The debate today was one of them.

Good bob, people, if you're going to have an interhouse debating competition at school, MAKE SURE THERE'S ACTUALLY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DEBATE! The Wesley house team has won it for the last two years, riding on a wave of Andre-is-our-champion-third-speaker-ness. Well what the bloody good is that if the other two people speaking have been forced into doing it? I don't have a team to debate with! I can't turn these people into successful first and second speakers just like that! Today, I WAS the team. I came up with the ideas, the arguments, the theme, I wrote their speeches ... NO BLOODY WONDER WE LOST! Only by a single point, which was remarkable. I'm peeved we lost. I'm peeved that we have no-one else who actually wants to debate and knows how. Well we do, but the rules stop them from participating. Heidi would love to do it, but she's in my grade and you're not allowed multiple people from one grade, and two people in grade twelve would like to do it but they aren't allowed - it's grade 8-11 only. GRR. So thus, the only person on the team who knows what's going on and wants to be there is me - or Heidi if she takes my place - and if we lose this year, it won't be a surprise.

Anyhow. German exam tomorrow, which I'm totally not ready for. Tonight shall involve a good deal of German study. Only problem is, I fear we'll get some kind of terrible topic and I'll completely botch things.

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U2 fast finished today. A few minor hiccups before the end. A news article I wanted to watch came on TV, and for a short while, they played Dirty Day in the background, which pissed me right off but there was little to be done about it, and then during my first study period (the fast officially ended during my second one), Rebekah decided to sing The Sweetest Thing ... terribly, I might add. But I made it. Indeed, more than that. I haven't yet put them - or anyone - on since I've been home, and it's now past 4:30. Seeing I can't decide what song to listen to first, I'm going to make a playlist. Walk On is only on a video so it's automatically out of the running. I'll put a Pink Floyd song first, and then tell it to randomly select the next song. So that should be interesting.

The spelling of the English language needs to be standardised. I'm sick of the different spellings out there, notably in America.

Turns out Running To Stand Still is the first U2 song I've listened to. This is one of the most beautiful songs, truly. I heart it.

Surprisingly, the U2 fast wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Having school to focus on did make it easier. And I did really miss Bono's vocals and Edge's guitar. But it wasn't that overly hard. I probably could've gone a few more days ... maybe.
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Amak Axver

I'm going slightly mad

Indeed, I'm going more than slightly mad. Firstly, an adequate understanding of Australian society is required here. This is the Rugby World Cup, so support for the Australian Wallabies is reaching fever pitch. New Zealand is Australia's arch-rival, and they get the most satisfaction when NZ is defeated. They also love having a friendly go at Kiwis and putting the NZ team down. It is quite frankly not an intelligent move for a Kiwi to walk around showing off his support for NZ. He will most likely cop a few mouthfuls. So what am I going to do? I think I've completely lost my senses because tomorrow is a non-uniform day at school, AND I'M GOING IN MY FLAMING KIWI SUPPORTERS GEAR! I hate to think what people are going to say to me. But holy carp, this is going to be FUN. Hehe, it's insane, and right up my alley.

In other news, I recorded a thing on TV last night about Pink Floyd. Turned out to be a documentary about the Dark Side of the Moon CD, and it was truly fascinating.

Whilst in the shower tonight, I was reflecting upon the debate earlier today (which is hardly unusual for me because this is often the location I reflect on things, particularly debates). I came to a realisation: if I'd been given about another half hour and spoken first and second along as third, there is a good chance I could've won the debate single-handedly. We were dragged down by the inexperience of our other two speakers, particularly our first. So I was thinking about this, and about the reputation I have at school as a debator: I think it's exaggerated and way overrated, but nonetheless, people happen to fear my debating skills. This got me thinking, and I'm going to propose something that I would find both immensely challenging and extremely fun: I will take on the school in a debate. They pick their three best debators, and I will go up against them, speaking as first, second, and third. Advance notice of the topic so that I can actually prepare, because with one person it would be a lot harder than three. A short prep debate, three versus one, would just be too hard. So I've figured that I'll propose this idea, both to boost my own skills (because, contrary to popular opinion, I think they're sub-par and need a lot of work before next year's series), and as something fun for the school because they're always on the lookout for stuff like this, competitions that can be held at lunch and are entertaining. Added incentive: if the school wins, everyone but me gets a non-uniform day, if I win, I get a non-uniform week (of course, I don't really care if I wear uniform or not but it's a big deal to most people so they'll want to see me go down). I'm trying to add some kind of charity part to this - I would charge, say, a dollar entry to the debate, but I couldn't guarantee a good turnout so that may not work. I'm stuck.

But nonetheless, I think it's a good idea, and I talked it over with Mum, and she liked it. It would be such fun. A great challenge, and I thrive on those. I wouldn't hold it until next year, just before the start of the interschool rounds, because this term's too short and busy to hold it in, but I'll propose it, that's for sure. I just need to fine tune the charity part of it.

Also, I may have next Monday off. Apparently the teachers have some training thing, and because so many are away, the grade elevens and twelves get the day off. Fun, fun. I hope this is accurate.

German exam tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit more confident than I did ... a bit. Not much. Hope I do well ... *crosses fingers*

Finished To Kill A Mockingbird, which annoys me because I was enjoying it so much, I wanted more. Thus, I think I'll read it again. I'd like to see the movie.

And it's getting late, so I should be out of here.
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