October 6th, 2003

Amak Axver

And how is the U2 challenge going?

So just how is the U2 "fast" going?

In a word: horribly. It's bad enough waking up to Jimmy Eat World howling out something rather than "This is Gloria!" and the lovely opening notes of one of my favourite songs, but then Lauren just HAD to go listen to Bad, which I think is the best song ever. Bah. I need to listen to U2. Exit 28 September 1987, 11 O'clock Tick Tock 5 June 1983, Bad and Sunday Bloody Sunday 8 November 1987, Walk On September 2001, 11 O'clock Tick Tock 11 September 1982, Springhill Mining Disaster of uncertain date, Please and Until The End Of The World at Popmart Mexico ...

Right, that's got to stop. It's only about eight hours into the challenge. I can't be doing stuff like that already, or else I'll just be making the challenge worse for myself. So instead I shall write about last night.

Alright, yesterday afternoon my computer froze in the middle of typing an e-mail, so instead of getting back online, I sat down to watch a Pink Floyd video. Only problem was, because my video player desperately needs a clean, the screen kept on going green every few seconds, and this could only be rectified by a short fast forward. Thankfully, it soon stopped. I was greatly enjoying the video - Sorrow is a fantastic song - when Sam phoned and we had a good conversation until Mum kicked me off the phone because my Aunt was trying to call us or something like that. So I decided I better get my last U2 'fix' for the next seven days, and whacked on one of my videos. I spent two or three hours watching my favourite songs.

The last song I watched was Walk On, from Slane Castle September 2001. I watched it twice. Not only was the song terribly appropriate, but wow, it is INCREDIBLE. Especially when Bono is singing "Hallelujah! Hallelu-uuu-jah!" at the end. It's so moving ... he'd buried his father the day before, and you could tell he was singing it to his father, and about his father and his life. When I first saw it, it raised a lump in my throat. Still does.

Then I went to bed. Completely forgetting to put on the dishwasher as Mum asked. Stupid Andre.

Oh, before I went to bed, I caught the end of the NRL (National Rugby League) grand final. Now I am not a follower of rugby league - I'm a rugby union man personally - but I actually enjoyed this game. I didn't enjoy the State of Origin, which was a scrappy and boring series, and your average rugby league match doesn't hold much interest for me, but the grand final was good. Everyone was picking the Sydney City Roosters to win, but I wanted the Penrith Panthers to win. Most people thought it would be between Penrith and the South Sydney Rabbitohs (or possibly the North Queensland Cowboys) for last place, so Penrith making the final was quite incredible. Thus, I wanted them to win just to cap off an amazing season. The final score was Penrith: 18, Roosters ... 6! So yes, I was pleased.

Alright, so I'm trying not to think about U2. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Where is my U2? Must put on Pink Floyd.
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Amak Axver


Um, oops.

I accidentally listened to a U2 song. Well, not actually a U2 song, I listened to American Prayer, which is credited solely to Bono (and performed by him with others who are NOT U2). It was just on my playlist, and I didn't realise it had actually played until after the fact. Fritz, if this counts as a breach of the rules, I'll extend my fast until 11:30am Monday (seeing I can confirm I listened to it before 11:30am today - it's 11:36 right now and American Prayer is three songs back in my playlist).

And on an irrelevant note, a quote for Lauren. Remember that poll thing that has Clay beating U2 by quite a significant margin? Here's how one U2 fan at a U2 MB I go to views it: "If Clay Aiken is far ahead of U2, it's only due to the type of people who go there." Fwoohaha!


Today is insanely boring. It was flying by before, when I was talking to heaps of people and had stuff to post about, but now it's just come to a stop. It might as well be going in reverse. Lauren's the only person online who I feel like talking to at the moment because I'm not in an overly talkative mood, and she's away; the few other people I want to talk to aren't online, I've gone through the two messageboards I want to post on, and now I'm just sitting here, bored. I could do some e-mails, but I'd rather not. I don't feel like doing that.

Oh well, things could be worse. I could be at the worse of two boredoms, school. I think I'll stick with the lesser of two boredoms, thank you very much.

Boredom is the worst. I used to stand by the statement that boredom is fantastic when it's not induced by school, work, or anything else I dislike, but that's wrong. Boredom just ... is boring. Give me something to do, please. I hate it when I say that and people try to assign me some crappy task. If I want my boredom cured, it's not going to be cured by doing something I'd rather not do. Something fun and enjoyable is what I'm implying.

I need to get rid of my download limit. There is so much I want to download right now. Thanks to Sam's screen name this morning, I now want to download Don't Dream It's Over or whatever it's called by Crowded House.

"There is freedom within/There is freedom without/Trying to catch the deluge in a paper cup ..."
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Amak Axver

Update on the U2 fast

With the minor slipup earlier that's resulted in the fast being extended by eleven and a half hours excepted, the fast isn't going too badly at the moment. I'm very tempted to listen to U2, just out of sheer habit. It doesn't feel right to not be listening to them.

Good bob, the way I'm sounding, it's like I'm stopping taking some drug. Maybe U2 has become a bit of a drug for me ...

Anyhow, what other music have I been listening to today? Mainly Pink Floyd. I've also listened to Jimmy Eat World, which was good as per usual. I'm really starting to love My Sundown. I also was listening to Queen, and they make some good music, but I don't think I like them as much as I used to. I was finding that extended listening to them started to get boring. Then there's The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a band I've liked for quite a few years, ever since The Impression That I Get. Excluding the few random songs by other bands on my playlist, the other band on my playlist in large numbers is Linkin Park, and I listened through their songs once earlier. When I'm finished listening to the Floyd this time round, I think I'll go back up the playlist and put Linkin Park on again.

I need to add REM to the playlist. At the moment, What's The Frequency Kenneth? is the only song of theirs on there. Really, I need to get more REM. I only have Man On The Moon, Orange Crush (Heh, this was my favourite song back when I was about three), Shiny Happy People, Losing My Religion, and Imitation Of Life. And just why have I not downloaded Everybody Hurts? Silly Andre. I wish I could copy cassettes onto my computer, because then I'd copy all of my cassettes of The Shadows, but alas, I can't.

Mum was saying she might take me to the music shop this afternoon. I hope so. I'd love to get some new stuff. Apparently where we plan on going has U2 stuff cheap, so that'll be great, even if I can't listen to it for a week. Oh no, wait, she wanted to use the Internet this afternoon, so that may not happen. Oh well.

Grr, school tomorrow. A return to peer pressure, monotony, and all kinds of thrilling stuff like that. Hopefully people like Pat and Tom have grown up and gotten past the "It's very funny to insult people for the sheer hell of it!" stage, but I'm hardly optimistic.
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Amak Axver

Always right

Didn't get to go to the music shop today. Bah. Mum says she'll take me either after school some day or on the weekend. Days like these, I wish I could either a). drive or b). live right next door to a shop that stocks anything I could ever possibly want to look for, at extremely cheap prices. Or free. That may be totally unrealistic, but so is me driving.

Ah well, at least my Internet's stayed connected about an hour longer than it should've. Squee.

One thing I was thinking about is how people try to insult others or prove they're somehow at fault by saying "Oh, and you think you're always right?" I've only just realised how extremely illogical this is. Damn straight I always think I'm right. I think what I believe is right. I think my opinions are right. If I thought they were wrong, I wouldn't hold to them. Why would you believe/think something if you think it's wrong? You wouldn't. Everyone THINKS their opinions and beliefs are right. Whether they are or not is a completely different matter. But to say "Oh, so you think you're always right?" is just daft, because the logical answer is "Yes."

That was my random piece of 'insight' for today.
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Amak Axver

Regarding AIM

Some of you know about the problems I've had with AIM. I believe I even explained it on here. I'm getting a bit tired of repeating the story, so the short version for anyone who doesn't know: my AIM might be signing me on when I'm not actually online. Tomorrow, I will not be online AT ALL between the hours of 12:01am and 3:30pm my time (for you Americans, you are roughly 14-15 hours behind). Therefore, if I am signed on, I AM NOT THERE. I have changed my password in the hope that doing so will stop the other sign-on, but I don't know if that will work.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post tomorrow and tell me if I have appeared online or not at any point between 12:01am and 3:30pm. That would be great, thanks.

On another note, can't say I'm feeling very well. If I'm still feeling unwell in the morning, I'm going to force myself to go to school, because it's the first day of term. Hopefully I'll still be feeling like this on Wednesday: give me an excuse not to go to what will most certainly be a pointless day.
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