September 29th, 2003

Amak Axver

Yes, I'm back

There was going to be something completely different at the start of this (quite possibly going to be long) post, but alas, I have an announcement to make. I may be forced to change my screen name on AIM. At one Internet cafe I went to in Melbourne, I tried to get on AIM and it gave me errors when I tried to sign on, thus it appeared that I wasn't signed on, but apparently I actually am, and still am, even though that incident occurred on Friday and I'm long gone. So, because it reckons there's already a session in progress, it's kicking me off here, at home. GRR. If it keeps on doing this, I'll just have to get a new screen name. Problem is, I don't know what. I don't think I can have Axver, and AmakAxver is the only other screen name I want to use. I guess I could use ElectricalStorm or U2Axver or something like that, but I don't want to, or AndreszAxver, AquaAxver, ZinzanWeck or some other name from my story, but they're not Amak and I don't want to use them either. Bah. Stupid AIM.

And some thing I just did;

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Now, to my trip to Melbourne. I probably have quite a bit to say, and I doubt it'll all be in one entry, but this should be the bulk of it.

Firstly, THE BRISBANE LIONS WON! Oh it was amazing. What a game. I am so glad I was there. It was completely and utterly worth it. And the threepeat! The victory was made all the better by the fact that Brisbane has now won three premierships in a row, making them the first team to do it since Melbourne in 1955-57, the first interstate team to do it, and the first team to do it as the AFL (Australian Football League; it was once the Victorian Football League ... think it became the AFL 20 or so years ago, but honestly I am completely not sure). And, like Melbourne, we beat Essendon in the first final and then Collingwood in the next two. Last year we won by just nine points, but this year it was an absolute runaway. The final score was 134-84, and what a magnificent thumping it was. The teams initially went pretty much goal for goal at the start, but then Brisbane pulled away, and by half time it was 73-31. Collingwood was just EMBARRASSING. It was poor and terrible and their coach, Mick Malthouse, actually apologised to the fans afterwards and said his players were embarrassing. It was amazing. WHAT A VICTORY! I loved it. And the atmosphere was incredible. I had a sore throat - in fact, I still have a slight tickle in my throat - from yelling so much. And at the end of the game, I can't count the amount of times I sung the Brisbane Lions team song.

(I believe it's to the tune of the French national anthem)
We are the pride of Brisbane town
We wear maroon, blue and gold
We will always fight for victory
Like Fitzroy and Bears of old*
All for one, and one for all
We will answer to the call
Go Lions, Brisbane Lions
We'll kick the winning score
You'll hear our mighty roar

*Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears merged to create the Brisbane Lions

(If anyone wants to read more about the rules of AFL, go to )

It's only just starting to really dawn on me that I was at the Grand Final. It wasn't just any ordinary game, it was the AFL Grand Final. I, some Queenslander who, until this weekend, only casually followed AFL and the Brisbane Lions, was at the Grand Final when Victorians (the entire state of Victoria seems to be totally AFL-obsessed) who are absolutely obsessed with the game couldn't get tickets. There were quite literally people sitting outside the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground, massive stadium in Melbourne, and no matter what the name says, it's the home of AFL) with signs saying "Need two tickets" and such. I was very surprised to see people walking around Melbourne on Thursday - two days before the game - wearing Collingwood or Brisbane clothing. And on Friday I went to the parade of the teams that would appear in the final, and over 100,000 people lined the streets to see them - it was so crowded, but great. I'm so glad I went. The game was amazing, the atmosphere utterly incredible, and wow, it was just brilliant. It was funny watching the Collingwood fans leave the ground before the end of the game. Some of them were even arguing with each other - near me, one guy in the ground was verbally abusing some girl a little way away because he thought she was jinxing the Collingwood players!

The only thing that didn't impress me was the temperature. Luckily where we were sitting was sheltered, but it was freezing. It was quite cool in Melbourne - I was the only person who didn't really mind it too much, but it got pretty cold at times - and it's nice to be back in warmer temperatures. Although the break from hot weather was nice.

More to come later.
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Amak Axver

More of my nonsense

I have lj-cut this into sections for everyone's (hoped) convenience.

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Most likely still more later. I don't feel like typing any more. I still feel like I'm in a car because I have been in one for the last two days, and before I was making heaps of typing errors and now I just don't want to type because it's hard to do that while I still feel like I'm in a car, swaying and moving as you do. Thus, tomorrow there will be more.
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Amak Axver

AIM and commenting

Why am I still up? I don't know. In any case, I'm going to bed within a few minutes.

Regarding AIM: I am not sure if it is going to show me offline when I sign off or not. I think it might considering something I tried whilst talking to Tasha, but I don't know if it will. So if you talk to me and I do not reply, DO NOT BE OFFENDED. Odds are that my AIM is showing me on when I'm not really. For tomorrow, I'm planning on sleeping in, but I should be on by 10am. I damn well hope the thing doesn't show me on when I'm not, otherwise I'll be forced to get a new screen name.

Regarding commenting: I am now going around replying to posts on my friends page and comments made to me while I was away. If you get a comment relating to an entry made a good few days ago that's completely irrelevant now, do not be alarmed.
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