September 17th, 2003

Amak Axver


Exams are over! What a relief. I'm happy, very, very happy. I had my final two exams today. The first was a two hour long English exam, in which we had to write an argumentative essay, arguing whether King Henry V (as portrayed in Shakespeare's play Henry V) was a noble and responsible king or a manipulative and egotistical tyrant. I argued the former, wrote four pages nice and slowly, thinking everything out, and still managed to finish with heaps of time to spare, about 20-30 minutes. I was pleased with that, because often with exams that involve lots of writing - and even those that don't - I'll be writing so much that I'll have to rush to finish. I'm confident I've done well on this exam. I sure hope I have.

The second exam, and final one for this term, was my Geramn speaking exam. This started off well, and I started to do what my teacher encouraged us to do - make up stuff to add to what we have to say and hopefully boost our marks, so I made up an older brother when answering the question "Was nervt dich?" (What annoys you?). Problem was, my teacher thought I was serious, and she always thought - correctly - that I was an only child. I was trying to both hold back laughter and think on my feet to come up with an adequate reply to explain that I'm just making this all up for the purposes of the exam (which I couldn't really say without blowing the scenario), and then my teacher caught on and suddenly realised I was just doing what she had advised us to do, and we both cracked up with laughter and that kind of ruined the exam. However, once we both stopped laughing, we went on with things, and I feel I did well enough, although I probably could've done better.

After that, I wasted one study lesson, solved some stuff for my Maths B assignment in another study lesson and wasted the rest, wasted some of lunch time, and completely wasted English. Because we'd done the exam that morning, English was pointless and so some people - including Tommo - went and played sport, while Sam, Aaron, myself, and a guy we know in grade eight, Ricky, sat around talking. It was a real waste of an afternoon, apart from solving the maths stuff, and one short portion of lunchtime, which wasn't wasted ... or at least not as much. We had a leadership meeting, we were all told we'd been admitted to the Leadership Council, and basically told we now have to pick what area of interest we specifically want to work in. We have to submit a sheet with our 4 preferred areas in order of preference, and mine reads, from 1 to 4: Chaplain's Council, Student communications/Milestones (fancy name for the yearbook committee folk), debating coach, debating adjudicator. I probably would've ranked the debating stuff a bit higher but it would've clashed with my own competitive debating.

And my school library needs more computers. I'm sick of going into the library for private study and being kicked off the computers by some teacher who's booked them for his/her class. And they're so fakenice about it. It's repulsive. "I'm really sorry guys, but I've already booked these computers for my class. Could you please get off? Thank you very much." Go shove your condescending and fake niceness where the sun don't shine. I hate fakenice people. It's so bloody irritating.

And these teachers tell us to go upstairs to the computer labs, where there are lots of computers, but if all of the rooms aren't full of classes, then we can't use them anyway because you're not bloody allowed in without a teacher and, even if you are, the tech guys are intimidating and I don't like them. They hide away in their office and you're afraid that, when you walk in, they'll pull you up for something like printing too much or abusing the school Internet (which I often do, going to U2 websites), or whatever.


But apart from that, life is grand. I'm finishing off my Maths B assignment now - hopefully it'll be finished tonight so I can hand it in tomorrow - and, once that's done, I have no more assignments or exams whatsoever, apart from a Study Of Religion assignment that isn't due until November 11. SQUEE!

And I was playing around with the digital camera on Mum's phone earlier today, and that thing is great fun. Took a couple of good photos, and hopefully I'll be able to get them onto my computer soon. It looks like I'll definitely be getting a new computer in November, which excites me greatly.

Life seems to be turning out quite nice at the moment. Now if only I could get a well-paying, fun job ...
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Amak Axver

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Yay. I'm finished my Maths B assignment. I may make some modifications tomorrow morning at school before I print it, but otherwise I'm done. Wow, I didn't start the thing until yesterday (or was it Monday? The days blur together). Since when did I finish a Maths B assignment this quickly? I'm very pleased.

The idea of just collapsing from the exhaustion of term appeals to me greatly. Ah, the holidays ... just one more day. Tomorrow, for the most part, will probably be a real waste of a day, too. I know at least one person who isn't going to bother coming to school. I've got the assignment to hand in, and also some marks to - hopefully - get, so I will go, and then take Friday off. Yay. I love the holidays. Two weeks of putting my feet up and doing very little at all ...
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Amak Axver

You bastards!

U2BloodRedSky is gone.
The filesharing capability of the Womanfish MB is gone. is gone.
And another reputedly good U2 filesharing site that I never got the chance to go to, Electrical Storm, is gone.
It's so wrong, so very wrong.

(One can easily tell a U2 fanatic by the fact that when they say "You bastards", they are thinking of when Bono called Sinn Fein that during a 1987 concert in San Francisco - "I see two letters - SF and U2. Is that a girl's name or does that stand for Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army? Because if it does, I don't know how you can stand or stomach to wave that sign this week. Because you bastards left those people! Eleven dead, fifty-five wounded, in the name of freedom. Fuck freedom!")

Yes, I shouldn't be up. It's way too late. I was going to get offline an hour ago. But I'm still here because my procrastination is so bad, it extends to being lazy in regards to getting offline. I just continue to bum around. I'm so glad I don't have an exam tomorrow. Oh well, I should be off to bed. In that case, tally-ho.
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