September 11th, 2003

Amak Axver

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Streets capsizing, spilling over, down the drain
Shards of glass, splinters like rain
But you could only feel your own pain
Talk getting nowhere
November, December
Remember, we just started again

- Please by U2
Written by Bono in 1997.
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Amak Axver

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Exams. I hate exams. HATE WITH A BLOODY PASSION.

Maths C was today. Remarkably easy, to be perfectly honest, although, as with nearly every Maths C test, it was quite time consuming and not everyone finished. I got up to the last question just as the bell went, and in the few extra minutes we were given, I wrote down some nonsense that should get me a mark or two. I'm not terribly confident going into tomorrow's problem solving exam, but now I think I know what will be on it. Leslie and Transition Matrices didn't show up on the knowledge exam today, so they're sure to appear tomorrow. You can bet on it.

My Maths B knowledge exam is also tomorrow. I hope it won't be too hard. I think I know enough to scrape by with a decent enough mark, but I'm nervous. The problem solving exam on Monday will be even harder. I also definitely have to do the Modern History exam on Tuesday, so I'll be studying hard over the weekend. It's on the French colonisation of Indochina and the Vietnam War. Fascinating stuff, and it's made me a bit more interested in it, but I can't say it overly interests me. I would love to do the Korean War, though. It sure would be a good excuse to watch copious amounts of M*A*S*H!

This weekend, I'll also be doing heaps of German study. I have so many flaming new words to learn. I hate it. This has all been sprung on us so suddenly, and then my teacher had a go at me today because I hadn't done my homework. I'm trying to bloody learn the new crap, and I've been too busy with maths to even do that. Why do teachers think it's their right to demand heaps and heaps? They act like their subject is the most important one and it must be done, or that it's in isolation and no other subjects exist. I'm so bloody busy. 2-3 weeks ago, life was sweet. I only had a couple of assignments to worry about, and then suddenly we got all these exams thrust upon us with barely any warning. GRR.

In completely unrelated matters, Mum's going to ask to borrow a digital camera off her boyfriend's sister tonight, under the premise of taking and sending photos to relatives in NZ, which is true. I was trying to think of why we should want to borrow the camera and came up with that, and it's actually not such a bad idea. Hopefully she'll be able to borrow it, and I'll take photos and post them here. Just one thing: how do I post pictures on LJ? I should check the LJ FAQ. Might go do that now.
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Amak Axver

The digital camera situation ...

Mum just got home, and unfortunately, without a digital camera. The woman she was going to borrow it off currently doesn't have it - her children are using it. But we're to phone on Saturday, and hopefully it'll be available then. Must get some photos up ...

And I know it's late, but I have download limit to waste and so I'm downloading some stuff from U2's 16th of August 1981 performance at Slane Castle, where they opened for ... Thin Lizzy, I think. This was before they recorded the October CD, and they'd had their lyrics stolen, so in some songs Bono was improvising on the spot. So this is a real must-have for me.

Grr, I just wish it would download faster. I have exams tomorrow ...
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