September 3rd, 2003

Amak Axver

Today, tomorrow, and e-mails

Well, today was an absolutely grand day. Have you ever spent 35-40 minutes laughing your head off? That's how I spent my study period. We (Sam, Jamie, and I) got laughing so much that it reached the point where everything you say is funny (for example, when Sam mentioned the Mini, me and Jamie cracked up laughing), and everything funny became additionally funny. At one point I was laughing so hard that tears were pouring out of my eyes, I couldn't breathe, and when I tried to say "I can't breathe", it came out in this very high pitched squeak, followed by some nearly as high pitched laughs, and then I nearly slid right off my chair. It was so insanely funny. What a study lesson.

And what I forgot to mention yesterday was that I have become a coatrack. The group decided to go down onto the oval at lunchtime and play a game of Brandings (whereby you throw a tennis ball at the other people and try to hit them, once hit, you're in and try to hit the others). I didn't want to play, and they didn't want to run around in their blazers, so they asked me to hold them, and instead put them on me. It ended up that I had five blazers - including my own - draped over me. Today, we went and played Brandings again, and I ended up with six blazers this time, plus one jersey. Apparently I look absolutely hilarious. Hamilton said I look like some kind of Messiah (The Great Quote of Andre the Messiah: "Do not go to school, for you may have to do work") and I think it was Tom or Sam who said that I look like some kind of evil blazer or mass of blazers. Hopefully Sam will bring his digital camera to school tomorrow so that we can take a photo of it.

It's Mum's birthday today. I got up early - and am remarkably not tired - and made her a cup of coffee, which she described as perfect, although I don't know if she meant that or was just saying it. Her sister, my Aunt Karina, has decided to get her a tattoo for her birthday, and she was going to get it today but the tattooist is ill, so she'll be getting it tomorrow. Later today, we're going out for a family dinner, and knowing my family, it'll go for 3-4 hours at least. This leads me to a point about e-mails: do not expect a reply to any e-mails you've sent me. If you get a reply, count yourself lucky, because I don't think I'll be replying to anything tonight because I really don't have that much time. I may not be able to reply tomorrow night either, although I should be able to. Tomorrow, I'm going on a debating excursion - wow, how nerd-ish sounding - and I don't get back until about 7pm. Knowing my luck, Trudy'll be on the phone until 9:30 and thus I won't get much time online.

The debating excursion should be fun. We're going to Brisbane on the train, and most of the people going are pretty cool or I don't know them well enough but they seem nice. Unfortunately Matt Marino is going - I can't stand the miserable sod - but I'll just avoid talking to him.

Grr ... why do I have to have work to do, tonight? Family dinners really do get in the way. At least there's nothing due tomorrow, just study to do and assignments to work on.
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Amak Axver

Family dinners

I do not like family dinners, especially when they are at pubs. I hate pubs. I hate the drunken louts, I hate the stench of smoke, I hate the usually crappy music (although at times, tonight was an exception), et cetera. The place where we had dinner is like a cross between a pub and a restaurant (and it calls itself an inn), and the food was good, but the smoky, stuffy atmosphere gave me atmosphere, and the variety of food wasn't spectacular. But Mum likes the place, so ...

So I just spent three hours in a smoky and undesirable environment, which wasn't joyous. I guess some of the company was good, so that in part made up for it. But I did a stupid thing and left my discman, along with headphones I also use in the computer, in Mum's car when I decided to leave early with Trudy (Mum'll probably be another half hour to an hour) so now I have no sound on my computer. Mum better be home soon so that I do have sound.

There was this guy singing all these old rock and roll songs, some of which I didn't mind, particularly the Buddy Holly one he did, and my family kept on trying to get me to dance - note here that what I do cannot even be called dancing. I kept on refusing, and managed to get out of it with as little embarrassment as possible. Why do families love embarrassing other family members?
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