August 31st, 2003

Amak Axver

Early morning ramblings

Useless Internet. Cut out on me randomly last night after about 2 hours for the third night in a row. Tried to reconnect but after half an hour and an entire South Park episode - yes, I was so bored I was driven to watch an entire episode of that drivel for the first time in four years - I just gave up and went to bed.

Well, I brought Mum a birthday present yesterday and Dad a Father's Day present. They're awful but it'll have to do. I'll make Mum breakfast or something special to make up for it ... and Dad, well, it's just too bad. Now I just need to do more work on SOR and English and life will really be looking up and I won't be fearing September 8 so much. I'm going to aim to have this essay looking pretty much complete by Mum's birthday on Wednesday, and the English play memorised by Friday. I don't know if I can meet that, but putting a goal on myself should make me stop procrastinating.

Wow, it's cold. 18C. Absolutely frozen, yes.
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic ... although this does feel a tad cold ...)
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Amak Axver

Bad news

My Great-Aunt Fiona, my Nana's sister, has been diagnosed with cancer. It's in the liver (or was it lungs?) and kidneys, and the doctors don't think she'll make it to Christmas. Fiona lost her husband two years ago ... I hate to think how her sons are feeling right now. I don't know her very well, but Nan is very close to Fiona, and Mum's just taken her round to Karina's (Karina is Mum's sister) and they're going to break the bad news there.

This better not be Bad News Day. I hate days like that. They can zark off. I liked last weekend a lot more.

Could you all please pray for my family, particularly Nan and Fiona's other siblings? This isn't the greatest time for them all, as you can imagine. And please pray for Fiona, and her doctors, that some kind of a miracle may happen. Thank you.
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Amak Axver

Something funny from yesterday arvo ...

Funny thing that happened yesterday afternoon when leaving home;

We'd just turned the first corner from our house when we found this car parked right across the street. It had backed out of a driveway, and was just sitting there. So Mum honked her horn and it got going ... very slowly. The neighbourhood I live in is gated and the roads have a speed limit of 20 kilometres an hour. This woman went so slow at first it didn't register on Mum's speedometer, and the top speed she reached was about 5km. When we FINALLY arrived at the gate - I could've walked there faster! - she stopped, and just sat there. If she'd gone at any decent speed, she could've made it through the gate before it shut and so could've we (someone else had just gone out), but no, she stopped, let it shut, and sat there. Mum eventually got really annoyed and got out of the car with her sensor (you need this little sensor device to open the gates). She said;

"Do you want to get out?" The woman just looked at Mum, and was holding her sensor in her hand but doing nothing with it. Mum continued with "Well you're painfully slow", opened the gate, and returned to the car. Well, the gate opened, and the woman sat there. She didn't move, and let the gate shut. She then got out of the car, and in not so spectacular English (she looked Asian), said "You a very rude young lady."

Mum looked at her and said "Do you want to go out or not?"

"You're a very rude young lady?"

"Are you going or not? I have something I have to get to in ten minutes?"

At this point, the woman saw my shirt, a Kiwi cricket shirt.

"So you New Zealander, eh eh eh?" That part cracked us both up, although we didn't show it at the time.

"Eh eh eh to you." said Mum.

"Do you rent?" asked the woman. Lots of people in my area rent. I'd rather not say if we do or not.

"No, we own." said Mum. At this point, she sent me to open the entry gate so we could go out through it instead of waiting for this woman to move, and the next part was related back to me by Mum.

I forget what it was that Mum said next, but I believe it involved 'fucking', and then she said "Do you rent?"

"No, I own." said the woman arrogantly and she walked away. At this point, the gate was open and Mum drove over to me. The woman walked back to her car muttering stuff - what she was actually saying, I don't know - and continued to sit there while we drove off. I think she was still sitting there when we rounded a corner and lost sight of her. Very funny.

"You a Kiwi, eh eh eh?" Hahaha ... you had to be there.
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Amak Axver

(no subject)

It's fascinating watching a sunny afternoon turn into a rainy one. And yay for rain. I know we need it. I just hope we get more, and in more parts of Australia. The drought isn't broken yet ...
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Amak Axver

It may not be a beautiful day, but it's the sweetest thing

Squee for U2 puns. Although today may not be a beautiful day, with the news that Great-Aunt Fiona doesn't have long left and all, what I got tonight was the sweetest thing ... and in more ways than one. I got The Sweetest Thing single by U2! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! And it has Twilight and An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart live from Red Rocks ... yes, the same Red Rocks concert that appeared on the Under A Blood Red Sky video (and from which two songs were taken for the UABRS EP). Only catch: these songs didn't appear on either the video or the EP. Yep, they were cut, and instead ended up showing up as B-Sides to a single 15 years later. Wow, it's great to have these. I need to get the bootleg of the entire June 5, 1983, Red Rocks concert.

And I now think I am a pro at connecting to the Internet straight after the shower. I have a shower, hop out, and start the Internet connecting while I get dry. Then the blasted thing goes and connects before I'm done and I'm left sitting in front of the computer wrapped in a towel. Your average night, it takes forever to connect, but when I have a shower ... this is the third time I've connected while getting dry and it's always done before I'm finished. Amusing. And I was online for 10 hours earlier. How obsessed. I also missed talking to Dad tonight because Trudy was on the phone. Oh well. I'll call him tomorrow. Ooo, I also had Subway for dinner. Yum. I love Subway. I want my own Subway, in my house. Even better, I want U2 to drop by on their next tour for some Subway and decide to stay for a few days and perform a few times live.

Now, I must go get dry. Grr ... school tomorrow. I don't feel like going. But I do get to come home at 12:40 because I have a doctor's appointment later on in the arvo in regards to my eczema, which isn't going away. Thus, I miss Maths B. Yay. There's only so much I can stand of my Maths B teacher. Plus, logarithms and exponentials, easy though they may be, bug me.
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