August 29th, 2003

Amak Axver

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Alright, so I'm up very early again. I think I have totally lost it. I got up at 6am today ... madness, I know. Well, set my alarm for 6am but didn't wake until 6:12am and had to wait a while to get online.

Unfortunately, unlike the other two times I've been on at such a stupidly early hour, very few people are actually online. But oh well, I'll live. Today I'm going round to Sam's house in about 3-4 hours, and we're going to get some practice done on our English assignment. We have to get that memorised by the 8th. Speaking of the 8th, I need to work on my SOR assignment and FAST, because it's due then as well. Just to make things even worse, I need to find my Dad a present for Father's Day and post it in the next few days, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get him. Why must I be cursed with a father who's so hard to buy presents for? I better find something quick, or the woman he lives with will never let me forget it. And then there's Mum's birthday on the 3rd ... but she'll be happy if I make her breakfast in bed. What a relief. But hopefully I'll be able to get her something anyway.

On another note, I need to get a job. Need, need, need. Because it's Gold Coast Show Day today and thus a public holiday, some of my friends are working and getting paid a good deal more than usual. Lucky sods. If I had a job, I know I'd work on Show Day just for the additional pay. But I don't have a job, and this annoys me. I keep on telling Mum to get application forms for the bookstores when she's at any of the shopping centres nearby, but she never does and I rarely go to the shops. Shame they're not within walking distance, or I'd probably decide to get my act together and go there myself.

And why is it my computer is starting to randomly sign me out of stuff? Last night it randomly signed me out of LJ, and I've been having trouble with my ISP's website lately - I will sign in, try to view my download limit, be asked to sign in again, then try to go to a page from the download limit page, and it will tell me my session has expired and whines about cookies being disabled and other nonsense that isn't true because everywhere but it manages to work perfectly fine, with the exception of LJ last night which meant I had to post a substandard entry, one not nearly as good as the original that I had lined up for that.
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Amak Axver

Procrastination and all things related to failing

I went round to Sam's place. We had good fun - watched Finding Nemo (Sam's Dad downloaded it off the 'net and put it on VCD), I read the first eighty pages of Sam's copy of Harry Potter 5 and shall complete the rest sometime, watched him play Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, which looked good but I'm not into shooting games like that, and we played Trainz - we both like trains and Sam came across this magnificient model train simulator that I love. But it runs very slow on my computer because it's a seriously powerful programme. I can't wait to get a new computer. That will be fantastic. Can't wait at all. I wish it would be November already.

If it were November already, that would actually save me quite a bit of hassle. For starters, even though the purpose of me going round to Sam's was to practice our English play, we DID NOT DO A THING, and what's worse is that, although Sam says he will memorise it, I sincerely doubt he'll memorise it by the 8th. Hopefully I'll start my SOR assignment tonight ... it depends. I WILL start it this weekend. WILL. Plus, I NEED to get Mum a birthday present and Dad a Father's Day present. I'm terrible at buying gifts in the first place, it's even harder when I have no money and have to con someone into paying for me, and harder still when the two people you're buying for are very hard to buy for. I am not looking forward to September 3, 7, or 8. Can someone kindly erase these dates? Thank you.

I plan on getting up early again tomorrow, around 6am. Knowing my Internet, I may not be online until 6:30 ... maybe much earlier, maybe later. Tonight it connected promptly, and this morning wasn't too bad. But I'll have to get off at 9:30am which irks me, because Trudy needs to make some calls - I like her, but it'll be good when she's gone and I'll have the phoneline to MYSELF (well, and Mum, but she doesn't use it much) - and she SAYS she'll only be 30-60 minutes (I sure hope she's right for a change), and then I'll have to blasted reconnect which could take for-bloody-ever. Why must I have such a useless Internet connection? Roll on November and broadband. Yes, don't just kindly erase September 3, 7, and 8, erase all the time between now and November, because November will hopefully be grand. Thank you. I really hope that, come November, I won't be eating my words.

Actually, I may be. See, in late November, I finish grade eleven. Part of finishing grade eleven involves terrible exams, some of which count towards my final high school mark, and another part of finishing grade eleven involves the terrible realisation that I have only one year of high school left. At least there's still going to be university afterwards - and considering what I saw at Bond Uni yesterday, it should be grand - but if I'm not looking forward to finishing high school this much, I'll probably be a wreck by the end of university.

Getting off serious topics, Lauren gave me a fantastic idea for a satire that I'm going to write. I got home from Sam's 2-3 hours later than I planned on getting home (Mum had to do stuff, arrived late, and then talked with Sam's Mum forever because they're friends and thus they do that) so I didn't get to write the satire when I planned to. Hopefully there'll be time tonight. Basically, if I have time free and can choose between satire and SOR ... I'll think "Do the SOR" but end up doing the satire, being the terrible procrastinator that I am.
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Amak Axver

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I'm sick of Lily. I'm sick of people bringing her up in conversation, I'm sick of being asked questions about her, I'm sick of her completely. My Mum tried to talk to me about her earlier today, and that really bugged me. I just wish I could get her out of my life. I feel so stupid for everything I did ... so very stupid.

On another topic, I have not yet found time to work on my SOR assignment or my satire, and I'm off to bed soon. Grr. Oh well, such is life, I guess. I may work on it when I get up early tomorrow morning, while I'm waiting for the Internet to connect. I'm told the brain is at its most active in the morning ... I scoff at that, but you never know, it may actually be accurate ...

My weekend to-do list;

1. Begin memorising English lines.
2. Begin SOR assignment and hopefully have a good chunk of it complete by Monday.
3. Write satire.
4. Do Geography homework.
5. If motivated enough, revise some maths.
6. Turn all rage I feel about anything towards Virtual NPC and the fact that I can't register for it. Basically, the Virtual NPC is a picking competition where you make picks in the New Zealand National Provincial [rugby union] Competition (NPC) and compete against others. I did it last year and the Virtual Super 12 this year, and both were great fun, especially with competing against my Dad. But now I can't register for this year's VNPC, which really annoys me, and I thought maybe it was a problem with my computer so I tried registering on Sam's computer and that failed too. GRR. Dad beat me in the VS12 and last year's VNPC, so I was hoping for a victory this year ... oh well ...
7. Get details for my story refined and perfected, and do the research necessary.
8. Think of a decent number eight. (That's not hard: Zinzan Brooke or Buck Shelford. Sorry, Kiwi joke. Number Eight is a position in rugby union and Zinny and Buck were two of the best Number Eights for NZ ever)
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