August 25th, 2003

Amak Axver


I just put some of this cream stuff on my back for my eczema, and it feels like my back is burning. I currently have the urge to go find the nearest patch of grass and roll on it to put the fire out.
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Amak Axver

Can we say 'what rot'?

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Amak Axver

My day

I'm so very tired. I'm going to have an early night tonight. I nearly fell asleep during both Maths B and German. Sheesh, and I got about eight hours, if not more, last night. I shouldn't be tired, but I am.

Assembly this morning was boring, and had an annoying element that I shall get to soon. English was boring, my first study class was just ... a nothing, although I did have an argument with Rebekah relating to the issue on assembly that annoyed me, my second study was interesting - me and Jamie sat around and talked and he thinks he's found a way to earn a lot of money quite easily and it sounds like a good idea - Study Of Religion was interesting, as per usual - we're studying the New Age at the moment - and, as I said, I nearly fell asleep during Maths B and German.

Now, I love my school most of the time, but it also really knows how to piss me off from time to time. Basically, I cannot do sport because of a number of factors, most notably my eyesight and albinism. So now they're doing some stupid "value added sport" whereby they want me to stay at school on Fridays and take some first aid course and stay after school on Wednesdays to do study. My school has compulsory after school sports training on Wednesdays, although every year I've gotten out of it and been able to go home. But (and this was announced on assembly this morning), students such as myself with sporting exemptions are now going to have to stay and most likely do study. This truly pisses me off. Firstly, I'm not staying at school 75 minutes later than home time is. I spend enough time there as it is. Secondly, I do 100 minutes of study on a Wednesday already - another 75 minutes would be a supreme waste of time. And thirdly, I simply don't want to stay. School finishes at 3:15. It does NOT end at 4:30. In fact, before I actually began at my school, I never knew they had this compulsory training - I was under the impression you ALWAYS went home at 3:15, because it's the advertised home time. But no, on Wednesdays, they MAKE you stay until 4:30, and I've been lucky to get out of it.

And in regards to taking a first aid course: NO. My idea of first aid is to get someone else, someone who can actually see what's going on. Think about it: do you really want a guy who's nearly legally blind to be performing first aid on you? I doubt it! I just can't see well enough to be able to do much more than apply a plaster, so a first aid course would be of no use to me at all. Knowing me, if I did take the course and a situation arose when I needed the skills I'd learnt, I'd provide treatment for a broken leg on someone who's REALLY got a fractured skull! OK, maybe it wouldn't be quite so extreme, but I wouldn't have the eyesight to really do much helpful. Also, my friend's Dad works for the Queensland Ambulance Service, and he says the organisation that takes the first aid course I would have to do is mostly comprised of people that were rejected by the QAS, and this I find quite interesting.

So I'm not going to stay later on Wednesdays and I'm not going to stay on Fridays to do a useless first aid course provided by people who potentially may not be the best. I'm quite ticked off by the school doing this. What is so vile and heinous about me going home at 3:15 on a Wednesday and lunch time on a Friday? Why is this so bad? Why can't they just let me go home and stop wasting time and resources on stupid crap like this? Ah well, my Mum's writing a forceful note to them and hopefully that will work. And if it doesn't, we'll probably just defy the school. Bwahaha.

I don't get why schools FORCE students into doing a sport or activity in place of sport in the first place. Not everyone is good at sport, not everyone likes sport, and some people are both. They don't force you to do drama or art or take up an instrument or do debating or anything like that, but they force you to do sport and it makes no sense. It should be a case of "We'd like you to do sport but, if you really don't want to, you don't have to", not "If you decide to defy us and go home, we're going to give you an after school detention." Sheesh.

On a brighter note, this week should be grand. Friday is Gold Coast Show Day, so I can stay home - woohoo - and on Thursday, I have a special leadership day thing at Bond University. Some training thing we have to do if we want to be a prefect next year. Hopefully it'll be fun. Probably won't learn much, but oh well. Tomorrow, I'm not going to go to Maths C - I'm too tired. I think I'm definitely still ill, because there is no logical reason for me to be this tired. I've gotten the right amount of sleep I'm supposed to get - and more than I usually do - so I should feel rested, not like I could fall asleep at any minute.

Ah ... that'll do for now. Got an e-mail from those Corrupt Christian Music people, finally. They are so misguided.
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Amak Axver

(no subject)

Is it common knowledge what the word 'latter' means? I thought it was. But Burns got totally confused when I said 'the latter'. Is he thick or am I out of touch with what words are common knowledge? Currently, I'm running on the assumption he's stupid, especially seeing this is the same guy who was completely unaware of the word 'self-contradictory'. In fact, I don't know if he even knew what 'contradiction' meant ...
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Amak Axver


Today's English lesson.

"I don't need no proof" is part of a screen name that I noticed on MSN today. I constantly hear statements constructed similarly to this, or the classic "I don't know nothing." This truly pisses me off. Has the whole English speaking world lost its appreciation for the language it speaks? The screen name that I noticed continued on to say the person did NOT need any proof, in direct contradiction to the statement "I don't need no proof." Now some of you may be wondering where I'm finding the contradiction, really. If you try to put "I don't need no proof" into other words, you will very quickly discover that it means "I do need proof", NOT "I don't need proof." Indeed, people think they're sounding cool or whatever else moronic they want to sound by adding this 'no', but not only does it change the meaning of what they're saying, it also ADDS an extra word. The people who say this stuff are usually the Internet abbreviation folk who try to shorten everything, so the fact they are the ones leading the 'no' charge is very ironic.

One of my pet peeves of late is people saying "I don't know nothing." Typical conversation between me and an I-don't-know-nothing person;

Me: So what do you know about < incident >?
Person: I don't know nothing.
Me: Oh, so what do you know?
Person: I don't know nothing!
Me: Yes, and I want to know what you know.
Person: I told you, I DON'T KNOW NOTHING!
Me: Yes, and I want to know what you know because you obviously know SOMETHING!
Person: *very aggressively* I DON'T KNOW NOTHING!
Me: So if you don't know nothing, you must know something. What do you know?
*Person walks away, annoyed*
*I am astounded by their stupidity*

Is it that hard a concept to grasp? If you don't know nothing, you must know something. Is it too hard to say "I know nothing"? Surely it's EASIER than adding the 'don't', because it's one LESS word to say. Or just say "I don't know anything." Good Zooropa, is it that bloody hard to understand? I'm sick of hearing stupid crap like "I don't know nothing" because it means the exact opposite of what the person intends it to mean, even though they're too dumb to realise it, and it just makes them look extremely stupid - or at least extremely stupid to those of us who actually have an adequate grasp of the English language.

To summarise, NEVER say stupid stuff like "I don't need no proof" when you mean that you do NOT need any proof, or "I don't know nothing". NEVER. NEVER. NEVER! Thank you.
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Amak Axver

(no subject)

I hate feeling so very tired, especially when there's no reason why I should be feeling this way. It's just not right, I tell you.
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