August 21st, 2003

Amak Axver

Blast the Malonster

My Geography teacher, who has, unbeknownst to him, acquired the nickname of the Malonster, annoys me. It's bad enough that he rambles on and on during class, repeating the same thing three or four times in a row just worded differently, it's bad enough that he keeps on telling us to be thankful for the school we're at, it's bad enough how he often ends up completely off topic (although sometimes what he says is quite interesting), but what really irks me is that he told us we had an exam one day before it was about to happen, when he was supposed to give us a WEEK'S notice. It's only a prac and thus we don't need much at all in the way of prior knowledge, but it's the principle that counts. And we have three sections of 50 minutes to work on it in - barely enough time as it is - so what does he go and do during the first 50 minutes (yesterday)? He talks for 15 minutes explaining stuff only 3 or 4 people needed to have explained to them. GRR. If I don't finish this exam, it's thanks to him. I think I will finish it, but tomorrow will be a bit of a rush. I lost the 10 minutes I would've spent analysing the data in more detail.

Furthermore, I am shocked and appalled by two recent events in the world, the terrorist attacks in Baghdad and Jerusalem. What the fuck are those terrorists trying to achieve? What the fuck is wrong with them? Terrorists anger me greatly. There's little that can anger me more. Bombing the freaking UN Embassy in Baghdad? HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? The UN is trying to help Iraq and its people, trying to rebuild the nation, and they didn't even approve the invasion! There is NO LOGIC AT ALL in attacking them. Bloody morons. And then the attack in Israel on the bus packed with children and Orthodox Jews ... that was sickening. There were little kids! How can you blow up a bus full of kids? How the fuck could that guy do that? THEY'RE ONLY LITTLE KIDS! I hope the bastard that did that burns in Hell. Rot, you piece of shit.
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Amak Axver

(no subject)

I was stunned today to note how empty my school was. So many people are ill at the moment; it's alarming. Heaps of people are away, and over half of the people in all of my classes were ill or trying not to look as ill as they really are. This bug that's going around really is hitting everyone for six.

Also, my school's chapel/worship band is AWFUL. It's like the people who organise the thing can't turn anyone away: it's like they have the attitude of "We're Christians so we must include anyone who applies." There are way too many singers, none of whom are exceptional and they have utterly no harmony, and the guitarists and drummer aren't allowed to do anything imaginative at all. Furthermore, the songs they sing are crap. Whoever wrote them should be ashamed. "I will read my Bible and pray/I will follow you all day/All day/All day now/All day/All day now"? WHAT THE POPMART? That's AWFUL. I could eat a pen and paper and pull better lyrics out of my ear. There's utterly no imagination and lyrical talent whatsoever shown in those lyrics. I much prefer "Jesus never let me down/You know, Jesus used to show me the score/Then they put Jesus in show business/Now it's hard to get in the door" - U2, If God Will Send His Angels.

And then Aaron ... grr, that guy pisses me off. I couldn't really even get stuck into him because it was his birthday. I would've loved to have told him exactly what I thought. I asked him what he thought of the lyrics, and he first said "I can't comment because I didn't write them" - What the Zootopia? - and then "Well, I need to read them" - you heard them this bloody morning, you idiot - and finally proceeded to spew forth some other crap, basically trying to hide the fact that because he's such a good little Christian boy, he actually likes the lyrics and couldn't ever insult a song with the word 'Bible' in it. You moron.
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Amak Axver

I officially have way too much to read

I am currently reading;

Chekhov: Plays (only read Ivanov so far)
Soviet Civilisation: A Cultural History by Andrey Sinyavsky
King Henry V by Shakespeare (I'm nearly finished, I just keep on forgetting to read the end of the last scene and the epilogue)
At least three versions of the Bible that I have that I'm at varying stages through
By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition by Mark Shea (I'm only a couple of chapters in but I'm really enjoying it)
Theology For Beginners by F. J. Sheed
Handbook Of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli
Most of book 3 and all of book 4 of Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

I love having so much to read. It's hard to believe that, only a short month ago, I was complaining about having nothing to read ...
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Amak Axver

An ad I hate

I hate the Channel 9 ad "This is Channel 9's < day >." Specifically, the one I just heard before I changed channels, "This is Channel 9's Thursday." Oh, so Channel 9 owns this Thursday? Whose Thursday will it be next week? And what about tomorrow, who owns that? And since when did Channel 9 buy Thursday, and why was I not informed earlier? What exactly can one do with a day when they own it, anyhow?

Stupid ad ...

Oh, and in other news, Pauline Hanson has been sentenced to three years prison for electoral fraud. For those of you who don't know, Pauline Hanson, one-time fish and chip shop owner, rose to fame as the controversial, anti-immigration, racist (specifically against Asians) head of the One Nation political party. After winning many seats in the Queensland state parliament and performing well in other states, One Nation fell apart under the weight of scandal and criticism, and now Pauline Hanson has been sent to jail. She still has more charges to face, I believe to do with taking money for herself from a One Nation campaign fund.
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Amak Axver

Lovely little U2 picture I made

This is a lovely little U2 picture I made using a U2 quote I find amusing and a screenshot from a live performance of Last Night On Earth that appears on the Australian Beautiful Day single in video format. (The same performance of LNOE appears on the Popmart - Live From Mexico City video)

Now, I must go to bed. Grr, I wanted an early night, but no ...
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