August 18th, 2003

Amak Axver

Oh my, I love this thing

This thing found at is classic. This is the kind of thing that could keep me amused for HOURS.

The first time ...

You will live in Apartment. (Eh, doesn't bother me)
You will drive a Green BMW. (I put in freaking Ferrari and Lamborghini for a reason)
You will marry Florentyna and have 17 kids. (I cannot believe the one large number I randomly threw in I actually got)
You will be a Dictator of the Southern Hemisphere in Dublin. (Wouldn't a Dictator of the Southern Hemisphere actually live in the place he's dictating?)

Then I tried it again. This time, instead of using characters from my novel as the names, I threw in the names of people at school for a laugh.

You will live in House. (Good)
You will drive a Blue Ferrari. (Why not yellow?)
You will marry Natasha and have 17 kids. (I'm freaking destined to have 17 kids, aren't I?)
You will be a World-famous journalist in Kaikoura. (Ooo, Kaikoura, that is one of the most beautiful towns in the world)

And then I just messed everything up and made it completely whacky.

You will live in Apartment. (Again?)
You will drive a Burgundy Mercedes-Benz.
You will marry Someone and have 4 kids. (Ah, the 17 kids curse has been broken, hallelujah)
You will be a God in Next door. (Yes, worship me)

More to come later if I get bored ...
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Amak Axver

Join the craze!

I'm joining the list craze begun by Lauren, light_so_bright. w00t for me.

My to-do list for today, Monday the somethingth of August.

1. Wake up. This is hard enough as it is, considering it's blasted Monday.
2. Eat breakfast, get into uniform, clean teeth, dreary stuff like that.
3. Go to school.
4. Go through the motions - yell at someone, say something stupid, look bored on assembly, make some joke at the expense of some fool, punch Patrick, et cetera.
5. Come home, yay.
6. Get online.
But not for too long. E-mail Lauren (only partly struck through because I'm only part of the way through it).
7. Watch M*A*S*H, eat dinner.
8. Phone Dad.
9. Find something to do to occupy my time tonight seeing I'm NOT going to go online.

I get online too much. Way too much. So I'm doing everything now and then find something constructive to do tonight. Read, write, homework, TV, something like that. Maybe I'll get on at like 9:30 to quickly do some stuff, but I don't plan on it.

Must break Internet addiction ...

Must not break U2 addiction ...

Freaking MacPhisto, I'm forgetful. I was going to post this 20-30 minutes ago, and it's still sitting here. Ah well, I've finished one e-mail to Lauren now, so there's something else to cross off the list.
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Amak Axver

I love this thing

You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Yellow Ferrari.
You will marry Me and have 17 kids.
You will be a U2 in Next door to Bono.

But, hang on, I just broke off my engagement to myself because I couldn't stand me, and now we're living apart and not speaking to each other. And look, it's the return of the 17 kids curse!

Also, I was not going to get online later tonight, but I haven't done everything I wanted to do this arvo so I may. I don't know. Grr, why must time be so short? Now to go watch M*A*S*H.
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Amak Axver


For the second day in a row, I've forgotten what I was going to talk about. The M*A*S*H episode was one I've seen so I stayed online and listened to it on my TV. I still haven't done everything I wanted to do, but now I need to go call Dad.

Grr, what was I going to talk about? The TV can be so distracting ... I hate not being able to rememnber what I was going to talk about. This is truly infuriating. One of the things I hate the most.
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Amak Axver

The best thing since sliced bread

But before I begin my spiel about the wonders of Windows Media Player, a quote I stumbled upon whilst reading last night, and very much like.

Taken from Act Four of Ivanov by Anton Chekhov.

SHABYELSKY: No, I mean it seriously; I'm going to have to do something so mean and base that everyone will be disgusted, including myself. But, whatever the cost, I'll do it. My word of honour! ... Everyone's rotten, so I'll be rotten, too.
LYEBEDEV: I'm tired of you! Listen, Matvyei, if you go on talking like that, it'll end by your being taken to the loony-bin, excuse the expression.
SHABYELSKY: And how's the loony-bin worse than anywhere else? Do me a favour and take me there now. Yes, please do! Everyone's so low and small-minded and dull-witted, and I'm vile even to myself. I don't believe a single world I say ...

And another very good quote, courtesy of The Edge, about when he once decided to take some drugs.

"Well, there's one story about me doing mushrooms, which was in the Bill Flanagan book, which was about how I discovered all the secrets of the universe in Adam's house one time. I was on my own and very, very much in the middle of a psychedelic experience. And I found my Walkman -- a little like this thing (picks up Hot Press's Sony) -- and spent about four hours recording all the insights I was getting, all these amazing pearls of wisdom. So the following evening I remembered that I had done this, so I ran up to the room, put the tape in and hit the play button. And all I could hear was, "MUMPPHH, MUMPPHHH" (makes muffled sound). I'd spent three hours talking to the battery compartment! All of that wisdom gone forever (laughs). It was a shame. As far as I can could remember, I'd figured out most of the important issues."

See folks, THAT is why you shouldn't do drugs. You may discover heaps of wisdom, but you're that out of it that you'll record it all into the battery compartment and it'll be lost forever! So don't waste your time. (And there's also all those medical concerns, too ...)

Now, back to what I was going to talk about, Windows Media Player being the best thing since sliced bread. I used to have a crappy old version of WMP, but I recently got a more recent version - not the most recent, but a recent one nonetheless, and, oh my bob, I love it, because I can use it to copy songs from my U2 CDs onto my hard drive. I'm now enjoying listening to my U2 collection from Boy to The Unforgettable Fire (ie 1980-1984, with my bootleg included) and my Beautiful Day single. I'm going to copy the rest on tomorrow and have the ultimate U2 playlist. Wow, I love not needing the CD.

Now, it's illegal for me to put my U2 studio CD recordings up online, but it's NOT illegal for me to put up my bootleg. So, as soon as I find out how, I'll put it up, because it's wonderful, and contains the best live version of I Will Follow EVER. And for those of you doubters, U2 themselves don't mind people trading U2 live shows (and that extends to online), and there are plenty of U2 fansites out there where you can get live shows. Now I must figure out how to put mine up ... this version of I Will Follow must get out to everyone, because it's brilliance.

Now, I know I said I wouldn't get back online ... but too bad, I have, and that's the way life is. I'm not going to be on for long. I have Maths C early tomorrow morning ... grr. So I better be off to bed in about 20-30 minutes at the latest. Sooner if I want to make a start on The Seagull by Chekhov.
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Amak Axver


By the subject line, it's not hard to guess that I'm excited. Why? Because ...

I'M GOING TO RUGBY WORLD CUP 2003!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAQQQWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, calm down Andre, it's not even definite yet. Tomorrow, Mum's ringing up to get tickets to the New Zealand versus Tonga game up in Brisbane. Tomorrow's the day additional tickets go on sale, and I don't think a mere pool match involving NZ versus a dud side (well, Tonga has produced some true stars ... but we've poached most of them!) is going to be selling like hotcakes, especially when compared to the fact that tickets to games involving Australia and including the semi and grand finals are going on sale. So I should be able to go. EEEEEEEEEE, I'm so excited. There's going to be me, Sam, Mum, Mum's boyfriend Alan, Nan, and Trudy. Should be grand fun. I'm thrilled to bits.
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