August 15th, 2003

Amak Axver


My day has so far been very boring. School was insanely boring for the most part, and to liven things up I started playing part of Sunday Bloody Sunday live from Red Rocks 1983 in my head. Now I have the riff stuck in my head.

Maths B, C, and Geography were very boring. SOR was only slightly more interesting. At least a tenth of my school's entire population was away today, I think, because of the bug (that one I had and still have) that's going around. Some classes are so empty that the teachers don't bother teaching anything because they'll just have to re-explain it to everyone later. The only time that's happened in the past has been when lots of people have been on excursions. It's just incredible. When I got to school, I went to my locker, and then on the walk from it to the library (which is quite a way), I didn't see a single high school student (usually there's quite a few around). It's amazing how empty the place is.
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Amak Axver

Yes indeed, this would be a subject line

Firstly, it's been great to talk to Tasha today. I think I'm not the only one who's missed her, too.

Secondly, I love having Windows 98 and thus not having to worry about that virus that's going around. w00t for crappy computers! Although I can't wait to get a new computer in November - at the moment, the chances of that according to Mum are 'maybe'. I'm going to talk her into it. New computer: WANT, WANT, WANT. NEED, NEED, NEED. Too much space to know what to do with, CD drive/burner, DVD drive/burner, broadband Internet, everything. The best damn computer I can get. It'll be one of those ones that actually lasts. If I'm getting a computer, I want it to still be worthwhile having in a few years time.

Thirdly ... today's been so boring there is no thirdly. Must go put some U2 on.
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Amak Axver

My resolution

I've realised that lately, I've been spending far too much time online, not enough time doing other things I love, particularly writing and reading. So now I'm going to try to make time to do writing and reading. No specific amount of time a day - school can really send my plans haywire - but I do need to focus, particularly on my writing. If I want to be an author, I can't just wait for it to happen, I need to actually work. My story needs some drastic revision. I fear it's not realistic, mainly with the horses involved (I wish I had a decent knowledge of horses).

I also really should pay more attention to my Mum. About 1-1.5 hours ago, she said she was going out. I thought she'd be back by now, but she isn't, and I've forgotten where she's gone. How useless am I? Oh well, I do recall her saying she'd be home for M*A*S*H at 5:30.

Plus, if any of you want to see what rugby union is like, and what exactly this sport I go on about all the time is, there is what will probably be a FANTASTIC match tomorrow night. It starts at 5:00pm my time tomorrow (or at least coverage does; I think kickoff will be at more like 5:20-5:30pm). Now, the USA is something like 14-15 hours behind me (I get confused with your multiple time zones but most people are 14-15 hours behind), so 5pm here would be 2-3am Saturday morning in America. Damn, if the only coverage is live, odds are it's on at a time too awful for anyone to be able to catch it at. Hopefully there'll be a replay at a more reasonable time. I hear you guys have heaps of sports channels over there ...

And if you want the rules of rugby, just check back about 3 weeks in my Journal. I made a massive outline of it in one post.

So yes, go the New Zealand All Blacks tomorrow night! Humiliate the Australians even worse than you did 3 weeks ago, and get our Cup back! (Actually, when you check back on it, I do believe the Bledisloe Cup IS ours, because I'm sure the guy who donated it, Lord Bledisloe, was a Kiwi) This match decides who wins the Cup - there are only 2 games in the series this year (I feel they should return to 3) and, because Australia is the holder, if they win and thus tie the series 1-1, they keep the Cup, but if NZ wins, they take it back.

Yep, exciting stuff for me, completely boring, irrelevant, and inconsequential stuff for most, if not all, of you people reading this. Oh well.
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Amak Axver

The not-so-sweet smell of boredom

I'm bored. Bored. Bored out of my tree. I need YTF back; it gave me something to do. I need an MB I like to give me something to do. I need U2 websites that aren't full of pictures or other download limit consuming stuff so that I can peacefully click through them. I need U2 downloads that use up bugger-all download (Ha, like I'm going to find much of that, although I DID find something tonight). I just need something to do. Maybe I should work on my writing. I wish more people would get online, but I guess the power cuts in America and fear of that blaster worm are keeping some people offline. I'm so lucky that Windows 98 isn't affected. Quite a few people I know are staying off because of the risk.

Anyhow, as I mentioned before, I got a U2 download that used bugger-all download, or at least very little. On some - I don't know if it was all - pressings of U2's 1980 Boy on vinyl, there was a secret track after Shadows And Tall Trees, a roughly 30-second long instrumental that later became part of Fire, track 5 on 1981's October. Because it's been recorded off vinyl and put online, it's got static and other problems associated with vinyl, but it's not bad and I'm glad to have it.

This week's Time magazine, I am very pleased to note, has a cover article all about New Zealand. Well, I don't know if it's just the South Pacific issue that has this special feature or Time around the world, but it's a grand article, and it has the lyrics to the Haka, the traditional Maori war dance that the New Zealand All Blacks perform before every rugby match.

Ka Mate
Ka Mate
Ka Ora
Ka Ora (this is often run together and I used to think it was "k'ora")
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
Nana nei i tiki mai i whakawhiti te ra (The 'i' is pronounced more like the English 'e')
A upane ka upane
A upane ka upane
Whiti te ra
He! (The lyrics say 'hi' but that implies it sounds like the English 'hi', but it's much more like 'he')

The English translation is;

It is death
It is death
It is life
It is life
For this is the man, so hairy
Who fetched and made shine the sun
Upward step
The sun shines

When performed properly before a match, it can be quite intimitating. The Blacks used to do it extremely well, and currently they do it great, but not as good as it once was. Carlos Spencer currently leads it, and he does a good job. But seriously, that guy needs a new haircut. People are always poking fun at the poor sod because of it.

Surely there was something on TV tonight that I could've watched ... grr, things can be so boring at times. It took something like 65 attempts to get online tonight, grr. That was boring to wait through. Hopefully it won't be so many tomorrow. I may go to bed early tonight, considering how bored I am. I don't know. I might get some reading done that way.

Eh ... this'll do. If I write any more it'll be even more boring ramblings.
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People I hate

I hate the following people;

The members of U2
The children and other relatives of the members of U2
People who have been to live U2 shows

I simply cannot wait for the next U2 tour. I have decided I'm going to follow them around Australia. If that means missing stuff I shouldn't miss and shovelling out bucketloads of money to see them, I don't care. I need to see them. Oh my Springhill, I love their music.

I'm obsessed. Should I break this obsession? Nah ...
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Amak Axver


I hate not being a technological genius with all the latest stuff. It truly pisses me off. There's so much I want to do with computers and I can't because I can be bloody useless with them at times.

You all must hear U2 Unauthorised Live Volume 4. The more I listen to this bootleg of a show from 13/12/1981, the more I love it. These guys are bloody incredible. No wonder I'm addicted to them. This stuff would blow you away.

Anyhow, I've been online all night even though I've been insanely bored, and somehow wasted too much download. Oh well, I won't be on too much tomorrow. I should be on at normal times tomorrow day, but tomorrow night is the Bledisloe Cup so I'll be offline during that. I'll probably get on after it to celebrate/wallow in sorrow, but I'll only be on for a short while and thus conserve download limit. I need to stop this higher limit getting to me because otherwise I'll blow it for sure.

Wow, I'm boring, aren't I?
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