August 13th, 2003

Amak Axver

My day

My day was grand, today. Any day without maths and with two study classes is grand. I loved it.

During one study, I surfed university websites looking for something that appealled to me, but if anything it just confused me even more as to what I want to do with my life. People always say how smart I am, and not only do I not want to let my brain go to waste, I don't want to let down all these people who expect great things from me. I want to show them that putting hope and trust in me is warranted. I guess I want to prove myself. Just I don't know how to prove myself.

And I've downloaded live versions of Bad and The Fly from a 1993 U2 concert in Budapest from tonight, and I plan on getting more. I wasn't overly impressed by The Fly but I liked Bad.
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    'Pride (In The Name Of Love) (2003 Special Olympics)' by U2
Amak Axver

Sorry, but this is not a subject line. I hate to disappoint you, but oh well.

Today was good yet boring. Well, today at school, anyhow. When I got home I downloaded some live U2, so that was cool, and I may get one more song before I go to bed. Hang on, considering the download limit, maybe not.

Played checkers against Sam on MSN 6 a short while ago, and that was grand fun. Everyone, get MSN 6, because it's great, and, when you do, tell me, because I love the games on there.

My clock/CD player/alarm thing drove me up the wall last night, so much that I nearly got up to break it. Last night, I woke up at midnight after being asleep for only a few minutes, and, for some reason, pushed a button on my clock. This caused my alarm to start. So I turned it off, and reset it. However, it started humming, the quiet but very annoying hum of the CD spinning but not playing. I tried putting it on the alarm setting (the beeping alarm), but it kept on spinning. I turned it off ... it kept on spinning. I put it on play CD, it stopped for a few seconds, and then played. By this time, I was tired, wanted to go back to sleep, and angry, so I just ripped the plug out of the wall to shut the bloody thing up.

By the way, yesterday I said I'd explain why I was waiting to be shot. We were arguing at school over whether time travel is possible, specifically as to whether you could come back in time and shoot yourself or someone you know. So it ended up that I challenged the others, specifically Sam and Pat, to come back in time and shoot me yesterday, if they ever could. It didn't happen. I'm disappointed in a way.

Ah the arguments we get into ...
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