August 1st, 2003

Amak Axver

What a liar

She's done it again. Yep, Lily has gone and lied to me AGAIN. Go check one of my posts from yesterday - I'm sure I posted a portion of my conversation where I gave her the link to this and she said she wouldn't go to it. Well, guess what, she has read here, and just betrayed me again. Lily, I hope you read this, I sincerely do. You are a freaking liar, a prolific liar, and you need to go to some course to cure you of your lying addiction, just like there are courses to cure people of drug addiction. You continue to betray trust, you continue to lie, you are a deceptive, manipulative, terrible person and I cannot believe you can show sorrow for what you've done in the past when you continue to do it now. You are the hypocrite, not me.

So now I can only assume she may spread the link to this to some people who I don't want to see it. Thing is, if that happens, I don't care a terrible lot. Sure, I may cop crap from Burns at school, but such is life and I'd cop it anyhow for some other reason. I'm not even going to put this on friends only view. I'm going to sit here and laugh, just like how I sat and laughed at Lily during that conversation with her yesterday.

Oh yes, I just had a very amusing conversation with Burns. He said that he minded if I posted portions of the conversation so others could read - which I find hypocritical and shall explain later - but the general gist is as follows: he thinks I need help, that I'm not human any more, or at least a terrible excuse for a human, and basically to be loathed. I find all this tremendously amusing.

And he's a hypocrite because he regularly copies portions of conversations with others to conversations with me so that I can read it (and I'm only to assume he does that with other people too), and does that without even asking the person for their permission, so why should he mind if I post parts of the conversation here? Oh well, he said he minded, so I won't put it up. Why lower myself to his level of betraying trust?
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Amak Axver

Happy or sad?

One thing I forgot to mention is that Lily is now not allowed to talk to me. I won't explain why - may breach her privacy a bit too much - but she's not allowed to talk to me; her Aunt won't let her. And if I post on that MB that she goes to, she's not allowed to reply to me, and, if she does, she won't be allowed back there!

So should I be happy or sad that I can't talk to her? I'll miss the funny arguments. But I can't say I'm sad. Amused would be closer to the truth.
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Amak Axver

w00t, a U2 survey

which U2 song do you listen to when you're feeling...

head over heels in love with someone: All I Want Is You
anarchist: Seconds
like a wide-eyed dreamer: The Ocean
cynical: Acrobat
depressed: Walk On
surreal: No idea
musically oriented: New Year's Day
lyrically oriented: Bad
somber: Bad, Exit
uplifted: Beautiful Day
like u wanna bust a move: What the Popmart?
religious: Gloria, Tomorrow, Wake Up Dead Man
emotionally intense: Walk On, Bad
morally impassioned: Sunday Bloody Sunday
desperate: With Or Without You
horny (hehe, i had to ask): No, go away
especially youthful: Out Of Control
decadent (in a lazy way): No idea
artsy: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
sexy: No. Well, if you insist, Promenade.
intellectual: Hmmm ... Where The Streets Have No Name, perhaps.
refreshed: A Sort Of Homecoming
determined: The Electric Co., I Threw A Brick Through A Window

My additions ...

Angry: The Electric Co.
Confused: With Or Without You, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Morbid: Exit
Upset: One Tree Hill, Walk On
Tired: MLK!
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