July 29th, 2003

Amak Axver

Why I hate my best friend

Apparently, Sam has some totally excellent news, but he can't tell me until next week. Great one, Sam, just tell me now and leave me curious for the next 6 or so days. He's probably done it deliberately, knowing him. Probably because he knows I'd do it to him if I were in his position! Hehe.

I just want to know what this totally excellent news is. Now, preferably, but I can be patient ...

Oh, and just so you know, Burns is a bastard. More later.
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Amak Axver

The bastard that is Burns

I would give out Burns's address now just to encourage murderous stalkers to go after him, but, alas, I cannot remember his address. Today, another example of his supreme stupidity and immaturity was manifested in an event that could've lead to severe embarrassment for someone, namely myself. He decided it would be funny to spill Fanta all over the bag racks my group sits on at lunch time (these racks are not used for their intended purpose, so we use them to sit on), with the main objective most likely to get either me or Sam (he put it in the spot Sam usually sits, and he knows full well that if I can get there first, I'll take it myself, and lately I've gotten there first regularly), or, if not, it was most certainly to get SOMEONE, ANYONE, for his immature pleasure.

Anyhow, today I was first, first by a mile. Not even thinking to look, because you don't expect the rack you're about to sit on to be covered in sticky Fanta you need to look closely to see, I leapt up onto the seat, quite pleased with myself, because this spot is rather good. Then along come two of the other members of my group - Jamie and Patrick - who inform me of what I happen to be sitting on. Not only did it get on my blazer (which requires dry cleaning but thankfully Mum got the stain off this afternoon), but also over my trousers ... in a most embarrassing location (it's not hard to guess). But I was lucky; a few centimetres up, and it seriously would've looked like I'd had an 'accident' and it would've been even more embarrassing.

Now I know some of you will frown on my following actions - and I kinda regret reacting with violence myself - but it happened. Initially, I intended not to respond violently, but when Burns approached, my plans vanished. He approached, calm and pleasant, and I simply looked up at him, and, calm as can be, said "You bastard." He was rather confused, Jamie and myself offered an explanation, and Burns said he'd let me punch him as retaliation, to get him back. Well, I was pissed with him, so I approached, as if I were going to punch him, and then gave him one good kick in the shins. He stood there for a few seconds, and then, like a delayed reaction, he looked up at me, got really mad because he has something against anyone hitting him in any way on his shins, and then proceeded to try to kill me! He was throwing punches and I was trying to back away and protect my glasses, then Jamie joined in and punched Burns, trying to get him off me, and then a teacher walked up as I was making my escape (whilst telling Burns to fall off a cliff), and sorted things out. Luckily we had a peaceful resolution, but I then spent 2 hours or so feeling very embarrassed and trying to make sure as few people as possible saw the back side of me! Maybe I shouldn't have reacted with violence, but Burns ... he's been annoying me and others quite a lot lately. It's not just this incident; he's bleeding annoying. He's a pain in the neck.

Just like Patrick. Grr, I can't stand him, with his crude jokes, lustful thoughts, immature activity, and sheer stupidity. He's just getting on my nerves. I want to leave my group, but I have nowhere to go. Sam told me his excellent news earlier than he planned (I said I wouldn't mention a word about what it is, and that happens to apply to here as well), so he has somewhere to go (he also wants to leave the group), but, alas, I do not.

Hang on, actually I do. I think I'll just go and base myself in the library of a lunch time and improve my knowledge of good literature. I did have a problem with books to read - DID. Today, for English, we got Shakespeare's King Henry V, which I am quite enjoying, and earlier on I had borrowed out from the library Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell, and a collection of plays by Chekhov. Oh, and I also discovered one book on my shelf that I'm reading, called Soviet Civilisation: A Cultural History, by Andrei Sinyavsky. So I have quite a bit to read now, which pleases me greatly. I'm just peeved that the school library copy of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky has been lost.

In regards to Henry V and Shakespeare, I'm peeved that in previous years I've not even given Shakespeare a chance. Without even trying, I decided the language was too archaic for me, and reasoned his works were crap. So I passed up the chance to read The Merchant Of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Romeo And Juliet. Now, I've decided to get into Henry V, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the language isn't that hard to understand at all - in fact, I quite like it - and that it's rather entertaining so far. Everyone in class is badmouthing it, and some refuse to read it (although if they don't, odds are they'll get a detention or something like that), but I like it and if I can at least get Sam and Aaron to give it a go, I'd be rather pleased.

Some people I heard saying that they have enough trouble reading modern stuff, so they can't cope with Shakespeare, and it makes me wonder what is happening in society in regards to reading. People I know simply do not read and don't appreciate the value of reading. I love reading. I couldn't live without it. I hate to think what a life without reading and without good books is like. Such a thought scares me, to be honest. You can tell my thoughts on reading just by entering my room and noting that my bookshelf is overflowing and I'm desperately in need of more space to put another shelf!

And now I need to go do some other stuff online before I (possibly) tackle my homework, so I'll end this here.
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Amak Axver

A terrible feeling

I have this terrible feeling that in the four hours plus that I've been online tonight, I have forgotten to do quite a few things. Grr. And now it's freaking 11:10pm or so and I have to get offline or else I'll be too tired for school, and I was going to read in bed tonight but now it's too late because I want a good 7 hours sleep and it usually takes me about 40-60 minutes to get to sleep. GRR.

Oh, and I did that Australia-wide maths competition this morning. Bloody hard. I hated it.
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