July 22nd, 2003

Amak Axver

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic

It took me 58 attempts to get online this morning. FIFTY-EIGHT. I thought 31, 41, and 52 were bad, but FIFTY-EIGHT? Good freaking Zooropa, this is embarrassing for my ISP, and I'm going to complain. Yesterday when I got disconnected, I tried to reconnect, but, after the 55th attempt, I simply gave up. My ISP needs to get their act together or I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm sick of wasting 20-30 minutes waiting to get online. It's bad enough on weekends and days I'm ill, when I have time to waste, but on school nights when time is limited, it truly pisses me off.

In other news, I'm still ill. In some regards I'm better than I was yesterday, some worse. I have flem caught down in my throat, and I simply can't bring it up. Not fun. My voice is croaky - I can actually talk semi-decently at the moment, but earlier this morning I couldn't - and I just feel awful. I don't want to miss school tomorrow, either ...

I got some of my Drama assignment done! Yay, I stopped procrastinating. Boring stupid bloody assignment. I hate one part of it, where I have to interpret parts of the play. I'm no good at interpreting plays. Song lyrics, sometimes, but plays? No. I mean, I never would've guessed a Hawaiian shirt and bare feet was symbolic for not knowing about an illness. Is it just me, or is most symbolism bloody stupid and unobvious?
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Amak Axver


FORTY MINUTES AGO, I got disconnected. I have just spent the past fourty minutes sitting through EIGHTY-FIVE FUCKING ATTEMPTS TO GET ONLINE. In that time, Lauren and Ally, the two people I was having conversations with, have both gotten offline. I am fucking pissed off and I hate my useless fucking ISP. Can't they provide a decent service? EIGHTY-FIVE ATTEMPTS! That's beyond a joke. That's crap Internet.
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Amak Axver


There we go, I just sent a complaint into my ISP. Hopefully something POSITIVE will happen now. I'm sick of waiting ages to get online. Heh, and if nothing positive happens now, I'll just keep on whinging and whinging and whinging. Bwahaha!
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Amak Axver

A return to sanity

For a moment, let's imagine I'm having no ISP problems ... ah, nice thought ...

Alright, I probably won't be home tomorrow. I may be, I may not be, just depends. I probably should go to school, because I don't want to miss too much. I might just do half a day. Anyhow, seeing I'm back at school now and thus am not on IM when everyone else is, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me. I want to keep in contact with everyone, not just the occasional talk on the weekends. I can't promise prompt responses to every e-mail, but please, do e-mail me. I hate schooldays; I miss talking to everyone.

In other news, I've been having annoying power cuts isolated to my bedroom only. I think my surge protector is, for some daft reason, cutting power. So what I've done is unplugged everything but my computer, and removed my surge protector. Once I get offline, I'm going to put the surge protector back on the computer, and plug everything else in elsewhere. Hopefully that'll stop the power cuts, because they're pissing me off.

And I've just been informed that, yes, we (me, Mum, and her boyfriend, Alan) are going to see Bruce Almighty tonight. I'm very pleased about that - I've been wanting to see this movie for ages. Wow, yayness. I rarely go to the movies.

Hopefully my Dad will call me tonight. He said he'd call me at 5:30pm my time, and it's nearly 5 now, so I probably should get off within the next 20 minutes.
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Amak Axver

Bruce Almighty

OK, maybe they got the facts wrong - I am God (thank you, SmarterChild (who is oh-so-reliable, yes)) not Jim Carrey - but what a hilarious movie! If you haven't seen Bruce Almighty, go and see it. It's a really good movie, especially if you need a laugh.

My Dad did call tonight ... but only AFTER I'd left for the movies. He said he'd call at 5:30 ... I didn't leave for the movies until 6:10-6:15ish! The man can't stick to a deadline, by the seems of it. He says he'll call me tomorrow. I hope he does.

Now I had something to talk about, I was thinking about it not 10 minutes ago, but now I've gone and forgotten. Grr. Always the way ...

Well, this wasn't the topic I was going to talk about, but it only took me TWENTY-FOUR attempts to get online tonight! Wow, a lot less than earlier. Still, twenty-four is hardly acceptable. I also swapped over my cables in my room, so hopefully I'll stop having those power cutouts (I'm sure my surge protector was doing it for some odd reason).

I don't know if I'm going to go to school tomorrow or not. It's my last chance to get my Drama assignment checked before I hand it in on Friday, but it's not finished anyway. The only way I'd get it finished is if I actually had the day off! Heh. So I may go, I may not. I'll decide when I wake up, I think, and considering the last two mornings, I probably won't be going! But don't hold your breath. I may force myself to go, at least for the morning, because I can't afford to miss too much.

Ah ... that's about it for now ... and that's the way the cookie crumbles.
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Amak Axver

More fun with SmarterChild ...

I decided to play with SmarterChild's head ... or hard drive ... or whatever. I found this quite humorous;

Amak Axver: sO wOt Do U tHiNk Of TiPiN LyK dIs???????/////!!!11@@#@!!?
SmarterChild: Which of the following do you mean?

1 NFL 2011-2012 start date
2 NHL 2011-2012 start date
3 NBA 2011-2012 start date
4 MLB 2011 start date

EDIT: I just have to edit this to share the following piece of hilarity;

SmarterChild: Australia has several time zones. I'm not sure which time zone you want, so here they are:

1 South - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 9:46:17 pm
2 New South Wales - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 10:16:17 pm
3 Victoria - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 10:16:17 pm
4 Tasmania - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 10:16:17 pm
5 Lord Howe Island - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 10:46:17 pm

Type "more" to see more time zones in Australia.
Amak Axver: more
SmarterChild: Australia has several time zones. I'm not sure which time zone you want, so here they are:

6 Western - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 8:16:37 pm
7 Northern Territory - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 9:46:37 pm
8 Queensland - Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003 10:16:37 pm

Amak Axver: Queensland!
SmarterChild: Queensland? What about it?
Amak Axver: My state!
SmarterChild: Your location has been set to Canberra, Australia.

To change your city, type "set city to" and your city and state or country (e.g., "set city to bangor me").

To change your zip code, type "set zip code to" and your zip code (e.g., "set zip code to 04401").
Amak Axver: set city to Gold Coast, QLD
SmarterChild: Your location has been set to Accra, Ghana.
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Amak Axver

Well, now I'm happy

I'm downloading the live version of With Or Without You by U2 off the Rattle And Hum version, which, in my opinion, is not only a fantastic live performance but better than the original studio version that appears on The Joshua Tree CD. I particularly love the additional lyrics;

"We'll shine like stars in the summer night/We'll shine like stars in the winter night/One heart/One hope/One love/With or without you"

It's just a magnificient song. The title suits how I feel about God right now, or at least how I've felt recently, so this song has heaps of meaning for me at the moment.
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Amak Axver

The live WOWY

I just downloaded the Rattle And Hum video version of With Or Without You live, and it is AMAZING. Oh my wowy, I am in love! Unfortunately, the end - including the additional lyrics that I love - is cut off, but I don't care too much; this is STUNNING. If I want to hear the additional lyrics, I can put the tape on. This simply knocks the socks off the studio version. As my Mum said when she saw this on the video "Now this is is real music!"

If anyone wants to hear this for themselves, I will be glad to give you a link to where you can get it, or you can simply upload it off me.
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