July 9th, 2003

Amak Axver

Good spelling

Welcome to Andre's lesson of the day.

One thing that really PISSES ME OFF is people who can't spell and then try to claim that good spelling is unimportant and unnecessary, and think it's perfectly fine that what they say makes no bloody sense whatsoever. They are fricking morons. Good spelling is IMPORTANT. IM-BLOODY-PORTANT. How about I emphasise that a bit? GOOD SPELLING IS IMPORTANT! Get it now? I'm getting pissed off by these people who say it isn't important, because it's kind of a necessity for actually communicating and getting ahead in life. I'm truly pissed off by these people. I wish they'd get it into their fucking ignorant heads (yeah, I am pissed off, aren't I?) that spelling MATTERS and they need to put some bloody effort in.

I don't care if I'm being pedantical about stuff like 'Im'. It needs an apostrophe. Fine, make a typo, or the occasional error, but if you're just not putting it in and being lazy about it all the bloody time, then get your act together matey and learn to punctuate.

I'm not trying to pick on people who are accidentally making mistakes or are just stuffing up or anything, I'm talking about these morons who just won't listen. People who I and others have told time and time again that they need to fix up their spelling. I am SICK of their STUPID BLOODY ATTITUDE. "It's only spelling." they say. They can go shove that up their arse. Spelling is one of the most important and most essential skills required to get by in the world today. Good spelling isn't just something to be left for school assignments or whatnot - it should be used ALL THE TIME and practiced. If you use stupid pathetic spelling at home, how do you bloody well expect it to improve? You have these dickheads who prance about their bad spelling like it's something to be proud of, and then they get upset when they're marked down at school because of their bad spelling. Well it's their own bloody fault. If you don't practice it, you're not going to get any better at it, are you? Simple bloody logic.

And what REALLY irks me is that some morons try to defend these people. "Don't be nitpicky", "Leave them alone", "They can spell how they want" and CRAP like that. Until they get it into their thick heads that they should spell correctly and actually put some effort in, I don't think I'm going to lay off. Sure, they can spell how they want, but all spelling badly does is make them look IGNORANT and STUPID. Don't they see I and others are trying to HELP them? Don't they understand that by improving their spelling, they will get their points across better and will be albe to communicate with more ease and efficiency? Are they truly that THICK and STUPID that they don't get that? I bloody hope not.

There, that's my rant. Feel free to comment. Feel free to spell correctly.
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