July 5th, 2003

Amak Axver

More reason to hate Tyndale

Turns out Focus on the Family - the people who wrote those pathetic U2 reviews I posted - are owned by Tyndale. No wonder the reviews are crap and simply terrible. I should've guessed. No-one else would have music reviewers that stupid.

But it has prompted me to do something: I'm going to do my own reviews of U2's stuff and put it on my website. The basic gist of it all will be "Buy < CD I am reviewing > NOW! It is bloody brilliant and you must have it in your possession within the next 24 seconds."
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Amak Axver

I am very happy

My Mum has just informed me that her boyfriend has purchased a U2 single for me off some guy he knows, and got him to hold every U2 single he gets for me! Wow, I am extremely pleased. I don't care if Alan is trying to buy me off or not - he brought me a U2 CD and I like him for that! Wow, this is marvellous. Shame Mum can't remember what single it is ... but it's not '11 O'clock Tick Tock' or 'A Celebration', she knows that much. Shame about that, because I REALLY want those two. I only have a portion of 'A Celebration' on a video of a show I recorded off TV (That song NEVER appears on ANY U2 CD), and I've never heard the original of '11 O'clock Tick Tock', but I do have two live versions: one from Boston 1981 on the Under A Blood Red Sky CD, and an even better version from Red Rocks 1983 on the Under A Blood Red Sky video.

So, yes, I am VERY happy right now. VERY.
Amak Axver

My thoughts on 4th of July

Sounds a bit strange, in between Promenade and Bad. Not much, really, with no lyrics, and Adam and Edge had no idea Eno was recording them at Windmill Lane -

Wait, I was going to talk about the date in relation to America's Day of Independence, not the U2 song entitled '4th of July'.

Personally, I don't think much about it, but everyone I know in America is talking about fireworks, at fireworks right now, has been to fireworks, set off fireworks, can hear fireworks, or is doing something else fireworks-related and I'm starting to feel a bit jealous and left out all the way over here in Australia. I love fireworks, always have, ever since I was a little kid. I remember Guy Fawkes Night in NZ, on the 4th ... or is it 5th? of November, when we set off fireworks to commemorate the day Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully tried to blow up the English parliament. Guy Fawkes Night is such a great deal of fun ... ahh, memories ... I hate it how fireworks are illegal here without a permit.

Otherwise, I have very little to say in regards to the 4th of July, as in the date of American Independence. Some pubs here use it as a reason to sell beer cheap and thus pub patrons use it as a reason to get totally smashed (although they'd do it even if there was no reason and the beer was full price). I do probably have more to say on the U2 song '4th of July', though, or more precisely the marvellous song following it on The Unforgettable Fire CD, 'Bad'. I need to get the Wide Awake In America CD to hear the live, eight-minute long version of it. I simply NEED to hear that. 'Bad' is amazing live - anyone who's seen the Rattle And Hum video or the Live Aid concert would know that.

So, yes. 4th of July rocks as a song. Otherwise, it makes me remember Guy Fawkes Night and desire to see some fireworks.
Amak Axver

It's a beautiful day!

Woohoo! I am now the proud owner of a copy of the U2 single 'Beautiful Day', and not just any copy, BUT A SPECIAL AUSTRALIAN EDITION! It's got Beautiful Day, Summer Rain, Always, and a live version of Last Night On Earth on it. I LOVE Beautiful Day, Summer Rain is very good (I know it thanks to it being on the B-Sides of Best Of 1990-2000), and Always seems to be a good song. The live version of Last Night On Earth is actually a video, or more precisely, a DVD. I don't have a DVD player *sobs* so I guess I'll have to wait until Mum gets me one (latest that will be is Christmas), or watch it at somebody else's house. I LOVE Last Night On Earth and I don't know if I'll last until Christmas ... maybe it'll work on my computer ... worth a shot, anyhow.

So, yes, I thought I'd share my excitement. Well, now Mum's giving me dinner early (5pm) for some unknown reason so I must be going ...
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Amak Axver

Survey fun

Have I done this one before? Not sure. Anyhow, I must give some credit: I stole this off Patrick's CrazyLife, and he stole it off Sarah's LiveJournal.

Who called you: Not sure. How about I go phone myself now so that I can give you a definite answer? No, wait, my mobile's downstairs (too far), and the home phone line is taken up by me being online, so that doesn't work. Sod.
Slept in your bed: My electric guitar. No, seriously, it's still lying there. What else would it be doing but sleeping? At least it doesn't snore.
Saw you cry: Er ... people? Llamas?
Made you cry: Oh, that would've been Burns when he gave me the punching of a lifetime. Man, that hurt. He didn't even have a good reason to do it.
Spent the night at your house: Me.
You shared a drink with: Jamie gave me the final quarter of his Vanilla Coke about a month ago because I wanted to try it, if that counts. (And what did I think of Vanilla Coke? Not that different from normal Coke, really)
You went to the movies with: Sam, Patrick, Burns, and *shudder* Liam. I loathe Liam. I should send him to live with Jerry Jenkins or Dan Balow.
Sent you an email: Um ... if you exclude those randomly generated things to tell me there's a reply on a thread on some MB, I think Laura, or maybe Lily.
You went to the mall with: Sam, Patrick, Burns, and *shudder* Liam.
Yelled at you: Generally I do the yelling. No, actually, Burns yelled at me. Or at least he told me to "go f*** myself", and that pretty much was yelling.

Left the country: You'd kinda have to do that to move from New Zealand to Australia.
Been so drunk you blacked out: Never even been drunk.
Gone out in public in your pajamas: I think I once walked outside in my pyjamas when I was five ...
Set any body part on fire for amusement: People actually do that?
Kept a secret from everyone: Yes.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.
Do you have a best friend: Sam.
Who do you e-mail the most: Um ... somebody.
Who of your friends have you known the longest: Chris in NZ. (Crap, on my CrazyLife, I just realised I typoed his name ... it read Christ!)
Who's the loudest: Me. Bwahaha.
Who's the shyest: Um ... probably Aaron.
Who do you go to for advice: Sam.

Cried: Nope.
Helped Someone: Yes.
Been Mean: I've said mean things about Tyndale and Tyndale-related things (Tyndale employees are only things in my view, not people).
Gone out for dinner: Nope.
Been Sarcastic: < sarcasm > No, I am never sarcastic. < /sarcasm >
Felt Stupid: Yeah, because of that embarrassing CrazyLife typo.
Said I love you: Nope.
Written a letter: Do entries into LiveJournal count?
Written a paper: Nope.
Watched your favorite movie: My favourite movie is 'The Great Escape', so no, but I watched some of my favourite videos - two U2 ones, 'Rattle And Hum', and a recording of an edited version of the Slane Castle concert that they showed on Christmas Day last year.
Given someone a present: Nope.
Had a Serious Talk: Ah ... no, don't think so.
Missed Someone: Yes.
Hugged Someone: My Mum.
Felt Unwanted: Usually do.
Felt depressed: Often.

Laughed until you cried: I'm honestly not sure.
Spent quality time alone: Today ... if being with U2 videos counts as alone.
Read a book: Today.
Told someone you hated them: I told other people I hated Jerry Jenkins and Tyndale, if that counts. To the actual person's face ... probably a few months ago.
What are you wearing right now: Shirt and shorts.
Specifics? You just want to know about my underwear, don't you, you pervert!
Are you lonely: Often.
Are you happy: I just watched a marathon of U2 videos. How do you think I'd feel? Upset? Ha!
Are you ready for this survey to end: Don't exactly care.
How long did this survey take you: Wouldn't have a clue, mate.

Do you like to talk on the phone: I don't like ringing people, but I don't mind talking on the phone (unless I don't like the person I'm talking to).
Do you have your own line: I'm getting one in November. Woohoo! I'm getting broadband then, too! Well, that's all dependent on my Mum moving in with her boyfriend.
Do you like to dance?: To U2 videos.
Have u ever danced naked?: Hahaha.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: Technically, we all have (unless you shower with your clothes on). And actually I have: my Mum has a very embarrassing (to me) video of me swimming in my paddle pool naked when I was two, so I guess that counts.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: "Hell yeah. My seal. Sammy is his name. He protects me from the evil penguins." - Patrick. What, are you calling my penguins evil? Ha. I have them to save me from that despotic seal of yours. Honestly, I DO have penguins. I keep them to remind me of the childhood I wasted too much of.
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone: I had a suspected hairline fracture once (nothing showed up on the x-ray but my doctor thought it was there).
Do you sing in the shower: Once in a while (and only when no-one's around to hear).
Do you think cheerleading is a sport: People actually think it is? That's funny, it truly is.
What is the hardest thing about growing up: I'm not sure.

Have You Ever?:
KISSED YOUR COUSIN: Ah ... don't know ....
RAN AWAY: No, but I've planned to run away from my Dad's home in New Zealand.
BROKEN SOMEONE'S HEART: Apparently Lily's.
BEEN IN LOVE: I thought I was. In hindsight, no, I wasn't.
BROKEN A BONE: "Coughstoprepeatingquestionscough." I agree with you there, Pat.
DRANK ALCOHOL: Actually, I'm having a glass of Lindemans Cawarra Cabernet Merlot 2002 right now.
LIED: Who hasn't? And, in all honesty, I was once a prolific liar. Oh, bad memories ...
CRIED IN SCHOOL: Yes. That was where Burns gave me the punching of a lifetime that I mentioned earlier.
SPRITE OR 7UP: Sprite.
GIRLS OR GUYS: Depends, really.
FLOWERS OR CANDY: Mmm ... candy ... actually, I don't know. You can't eat flowers (well, I wouldn't, but Homer Simpson does, hehe), but they last longer than the average piece of candy!
QUIET OR LOUD: Depends, really.
BITCHY OR SLUTTY: I hate both.
TALL OR SHORT: Don't care. Although I see one advantage to having short friends: they can't lean on my head like Sam does! I hate him for his height.
PANTS OR SHORTS: Shorts, although it can depend.

With The Opposite Sex:
WHAT DO YOU NOTICE FIRST: I am never really quite sure what to answer for this.
WORST QUESTION TO ASK: Hmmm ... don't know ...

The Last Time You...
SHOWERED: Ah ... think yesterday. I was going to have one tonight, but then I put my U2 videos on.
HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: Er ... does talking to someone online count? If not, I have no idea.

What Is...
YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM: I don't have one.
PERSON YOU HATE MOST: Jerry Jenkins, all Tyndale employees, Matt Marino, Nick Penman, Christian IBO2, many Christians (bloody arrogant holier-than-thou pricks), and a few others. So yes, it's a many-way tie.

Fun ...
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Amak Axver

A rant about all things good and U2

OK, here's your warning: this is my U2 rant. I need to talk about U2, and so I'm going to do it here. Read on at your own risk.

Firstly, I have fallen in love with the song 'Always', found on the 'Beautiful Day' single. This song is marvellous. I particularly love the "If you dream then dream out loud" line. And the ending of 'Summer Rain' sounds very familiar: did Bono write that or steal it from somewhere? Anyone know? It's very familiar and I'm sure not by U2. But if it is originally by Bono, that's very cool.

One thing I seriously cannot wait for is the release of the Slane Castle concert on DVD (and I think video (or is it already on video? Better look into that)). I'll be getting a DVD/video player for Christmas, if not beforehand, and I really want the Slane DVD. They played parts of the concert on TV last year on Christmas Day, and I recorded it. It is seriously amazing. I watched the recording tonight, and 'Out Of Control', U2's very first single, is brilliant live, even over 20 years after it was first recorded. But even better is the version of 'Walk On' at the end (or at least at the end of what they showed on TV). Bono buried his father the day before, and you can just tell he's singing the song to his father. The ending, with the cries of "Hallelujah", simply moved me.

Something else I found very moving is the performance of 'Bad' on the Rattle And Hum video. That is nothing short of spectacular. Very few songs - in fact none - have moved me like 'Bad' has. It's just ... wow. Wow is the only word to describe this song. It's a good song on the CD, but live, it is just mindblowing. I really hope that when I get to go to a U2 concert they'll perform it there, but I don't know if it's a song they perform any more. Shame about that.

Honestly, some of the stuff I feel like ranting about, I just don't have the words to describe, like the amazingly moving performance of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' on the Rattle And Hum video. I wish I could send everyone in the world a copy of Rattle And Hum, or at least the songs 'Exit', 'Bad', 'With Or Without You', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'Bullet The Blue Sky', and 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' off it. I once read a harsh criticism of this version of 'Pride', and I'd love to know where the reviewer got off with that, because I think this version is only slightly worse than the studio version. And the performances of the other songs are better than the studio version, especially 'Exit'. Very dark song that. I've heard all kinds of possible meanings for it: murder, suicide, a man taking religion too far, et cetera. I personally think it's a man taking religion so far that he murders for it.

One reason I love U2's lyrics is that they can have multiple meanings, and can be incredibly meaningful to two completely different people in completely different situations. Bono has to be one of the greatest lyricists, and quite a bit of it he improvises at the microphone. 'Elvis Presley And America' was recorded in one take, and it's a great example of Bono improvising at the mic.

I'm just listening to 'Always' now, and why is this song only a B-Side, not even on a studio CD? This song is brilliant! This song should've been released as a single in its own right! I love it. Practically every U2 song should've been released as a single, really. Especially the entire playlists of 'Boy' (with the possible exclusion of 'The Ocean'), 'Under A Blood Red Sky', 'The Unforgettable Fire' (with the exclusion of the very short, entirely-instrumental '4th of July'), and 'The Joshua Tree'. Those are 4 marvellous CDs. There are so many songs I cannot believe U2 hasn't released as singles, especially 'A Sort Of Homecoming', 'Bad', 'Bullet The Blue Sky', and 'Exit'. If you can't tell, I'm really into '80s U2. '90s U2 is good, but '80s U2 is magnificient. And their latest stuff is great, too. I can't wait for their new CD next year. It should be awesome. And the tour! Oh the tour! I'm so badly going to that. If I can afford it or can get the money off Mum, I'll try to follow them around Australia, maybe, just maybe, hop over to America or somewhere. That would be INCREDIBLE. I want to go to as many concerts as I can, and hopefully get close to the front in one. Odds are I'd have to queue for days for tickets for that, though! But does that phase me? No.

Shame the recent rumours about the release date and title of the new CD turned out to be a hoax. It's not to be called 'Solar' and the release date is not March the 8th. And here I was getting myself all excited. Hopefully it'll be released even sooner than March 8. I'd like that, A LOT!

In other news, I have the house to myself tonight ALL NIGHT, so I can actually play my U2 CDs at 2am (if I'm up then). I may go watch the Under A Blood Red Sky video at midnight just for the sake of doing it. Having the house to myself is heaps of fun. At least I'm responsible when I have it to myself. When Sam had his house to himself one night, he set up a minigolf course and played a (very nearly destructive) round of golf! How he didn't break a lot of things I simply don't know.

Also, I had a SMALL glass of red wine earlier. Very nice it was, but it's gone straight to my head. I'm not drunk or anything, but this is odd. I had a much larger glass of EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF earlier this week and it had NO reaction on me, but this SMALL glass (did I say it was SMALL?) has gone straight to my head. Grr. Just as long as I'm not drunk. I can't be drunk off a single SMALL glass.

A bit of an update: I think it was actually my dinner, not the wine, making me feel funny in the head. Grr. I thought some of that mince tasted a bit off ...
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