June 29th, 2003

Amak Axver

It's going, isn't it?

I just read a post by Pat - Fade To Black on the LBMB - and it moved me, and drove home the fact that YTF really is gone, and the LBMB really is going. I get so sad when I see these 'goodbye' threads, because, even if I'll be talking to these people again elsewhere, it is like they're walking out of my life, and it shows me that YTF is GONE, and we'll never have it back, ever again. The people I love are leaving, the community we had shall never return, it really is over. And it is so SAD! Sad beyond belief.

Goodbye YTF. Lest we forget. You will be remembered with fondness in our hearts forever.
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Amak Axver

A humorous incident on AIM

Or at least I found it humorous. When I got online, I was invited into a chat. Me being the slow person I can be at times, I noted I was the only person in this chat, but I assumed more were coming. Only later did it dawn on me that I'd probably actually been invited in while I was offline.

Now, for your entertainment, the full transcript of the chat with myself;

"You have just entered room "Chat 378045330503653615."
Amak Axver: Wow ... I get online and I'm instantly in a chat. How quickly things happen around here.
Amak Axver: Anyone here?
Amak Axver: Why am I in a chat with NO-ONE? How can I be invited into a chat with NO-ONE?
Amak Axver: Perplexing.
Amak Axver: Goodbye."
Amak Axver

A fun quiz thing I was sent by e-mail

Yes, read this. I'll just copy it here. Enjoy!

The e-mail: "Copy and paste this and change the answers to suit yourself, and then send it off to all of your friends.

1. Full name: Andrzj Niznij Uncinskij Rybodcastok Azerbaijan Bretowskij

2. Age: I lost track at 3,172

3. D.O.B: A loooong time ago. Not long after Noah.

4. Hair colour: What colour hair do you think my hair would be at this age?

5. Eye colour: It still has that sparkle in the blue.

6. What are you listening to right now? Silence. Yes, in my many thousands of years, I have learnt it is possible to hear silence.

7. When was the last time you spoke on the phone? In about 4 BC. I had to call someone to tell them their Saviour had been born.

8. What time did you wake up today? I need no sleep. I did all I needed many moons ago. I do take rests for fun, though.

9. Do you have a secret crush on anyone? Yes, I am secretly about to crush you.

10. Do you know what you will be doing in the next hour? Of course. I know what you'll be doing, too. Bwahaha!

11. Do you prefer summer or winter? Any season that happens to involve YTF.

12. What is your fav colour? One you've never seen before.

13. Do you prefer night or day? Whichever has YTF.

14. What is the time right now? I can't be that precise. By the time I check my watch and type it in, it will be at least one second later, and, even if I modify it, it will not be the time right now when I send this, or when you get this.

15. Are you single or attachted? I am singular. I am not plural. I am the ONLY Andrzj Niznij Uncinskij Rybodcastok Azerbaijan Bretowskij. And I most certainly hope I am not attached to anything. That may be painful. Can you imagine how much it would hurt to be attached to your computer desk all day?

16. Have you ever been drunk? It's one thing I haven't tried in my thousands of years, and don't plan on trying.

17. Do you smoke? See 16.

18. Are your parents together? No. They are not together, but separate entities that exist by themselves.

19. How would you describe yourself? Me.

20. Have you had an arguement in the last 24 hours? I do a lot of things.

21. Have you cried in the last 24 hours? I said I do a lot of things.

22. Do you have something that you want to say to someone, but dont have the courage to say it to their face? Hmmm ... I'll get back to you on that. If I have the courage to. I may say it to your back, though.

23. Do you try and get along with everyone? The 'and' should be a 'to'.

24. Do you make an effort when it comes to school work? At my age, do you seriously think I'd be going to school. A 'no' answer would be incorrect. I've gone back for fun, but, yes, I try. It's a past-time of mine.

25. Do you accept compliments? And why wouldn't I?

26. If someone picked a fight with you, would you go through with it? If they're wrong, I'll tell them as much.

27. If you have a piece of paper and a pen, do you instantly start drawing? No, I start plotting to take over the world, or at least your life.

28. Does music motivate you to do things? Lots of things motivate me.

29. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? Now that you mention it ...

30. Do you have a fav stuffed toy? Oh yes. They are necessary for survival if you live past 2000 years.

31. Have you ever broken/fractured/sprained any bones? Yes. You get that.

32. Is your hair colour natural? No. I dye it this colour because I like it. Seriously, what do you think?

33. If it is, would you like to change it? Depends on what mood I'm in and what I'm doing. World domination speeches usually require jet black hair.

34. If it isn't, what is your natural colour, and how many times have you coloured it before? I'm ignoring this question on the basis of question 33.

35. Do you have any pierceings? That's one thing I never thought of doing.

36. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Andre Brett. It's easier than Andrzj Niznij Ucinskij Rybodcastok Azerbaijan Bretowskij. And, YES, Azerbaijan WAS named after me, not me after it.

37. What do you have on your bedroom walls? Things.

38. What colour are you bedroom walls? A colour.

39. What colour would you like them to be? Something, as long as it's a colour.

40. What is your fav article of clothing? My All Blacks jacket.

41. If you had to part with something that you owned, what would it be? Nothing. I hated having to part with YTF. That was painful.

42. If there was one person in the world that you could have, who would it be? Why do you think I'm stalking you?

43. What is your all time fav song? 'Gloria (Under A Blood Red Sky CD version)' by U2.

44. Do you know how to program your VCR? I have slaves to do that for me.

45. What is on the top of your "To do list"? Get YTF back.

46. How many contacts on your MSN list, do you actually KNOW? Why would I have a contact that I don't even know? It's so blasted illogical. "Hmm ... I'm just randomly going to type in a contact and it may work. It'll be someone I've never even heard of before! Go me!"

47. If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be? Take it over.

48. How many kids do you hope to have and what are their names? I've had a lot already. I forget their names.

49. What is your fav saying? "Goodbye YTF. Lest we forget", "Shut up", and "You shall bow to me"

50. Do you have anything you want to say to the people that you are sending this to? I hope you can tell the sarcasm. I really do. If you can't ... the resulting impression you may get of me could be quite humorous indeed!"
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Amak Axver

Your local friendly Axver is back in business

Well, I'm now moving myself to messageboards other than the LBMB. I'm back in business, posting in other places. It just feels so empty and shallow, though. It's not YTF, and I don't care what other qualities it has, it is not YTF. I just feel like I'm some random visitor who's dropped by just by chance, and that, after making a few posts, I'll go back to my home at YTF. It's like me with friends: I visit them occasionally, but mainly stay home. Now it's like I have no home to go to, and I can't live at my friends because their places are just ... theirs, not mine.

I need YTF. I want it back. That place really was something special, and something I need. It was my home. Other messageboards are nice, and I like visiting them, but they're not my home, and, at the end of the day, I need my home to go, well, home to. But now I can't, and that hurts. It cuts tremendously deeply. I have no home, and, without a home, what am I but a wandering lunatic lost in the wilds of the world?
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Amak Axver

Proof that quizzes can be dreadfully wrong

OK, I hope this HTML stuff works ...

25 forever cool
My Inner Age

brought to you by Quizilla

I am NOT good with new things. That result is WRONG. Just go look at how I've reacted to the latest 'new thing', the loss of YTF. Sheesh. Last night, the time of the movie we were going to was changed from 6:30 to 8:30, and I didn't take that new development well, either. There went all my plans. I like things to stay just the same, just the way I've planned them. It makes my life so much easier. Unless it's a new U2 thing or improving my life in some other way, and I have actually authorised this new thing, you can forget new things. Same old, same old, works just fine with me.
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Amak Axver

Thank you for making me laugh

This is from an e-mail quiz someone sent me (actually the one to which I posted my resposne to earlier on). This was one of the sender's answers;

"9. Do you have a secret crush on anyone?yes but its no secret."

You can't answer YES if it is NOT a secret! Good Zooropa, isn't that bleeding obvious? If it's NOT a secret, then you can NOT answer YES! You can answer "No, because it's not a secret", but you cannot answer YES unless the crush you have is actually SECRET!

Is that just too logical for some people?
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Amak Axver

World Conquest

Just so you know, myself and Lauren (JesusFreak62789) are taking over the world. Because short people always become dictators, and we being short people, we figured we had to dictate, and so she's claimed the USA, I've claimed Australia, and we're merging our nations and will soon dominate the world.

We're already dividing the world between each other.

Lauren: USA, Canada, Great Britain (apart from Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man), Italy, Norway.

Myself: Australia, New Zealand, Nauru, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Ireland, and Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Our announcement to you, the citizens of the world: be ready for conquest. Your lands are about to be taken over. If you provide us with a token of appreciation, you may keep your possessions. The only acceptable token of appreciation is all your possessions.
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Amak Axver

Tyndale can go throw their collective self in a river

I'm so annoyed at Tyndale right now. They've robbed me of my home, my friends, my place of happiness, laughter, debate, and joy, they've left me with nothing but memories, memories that will fade. I don't want to lose these memories, but you do lose them, they fade over time, and that realisation seriously hurts. It hurts beyond belief. My home is gone, my memories will be gone, and soon it'll be like 11 of the best months of my life never happened. YTF kept me sane - or at least sanely insane - and now, I have nothing. I am less than me without it. It made me a better person, it really did.

When I became a Christian, I was very impressionable. I was convinced Harry Potter was evil, I was nearly turned into a Catholic-basher, and, if it wasn't for U2, I would've thought secular music was evil, too. I was being moulded from a vile atheist into a bubble Christian. If it wasn't for YTF and the wonderful people there, I would have become a bubble Christian. But, thanks to the people at YTF, I've come to a true understanding as to what Christianity is. They've really shown me a great many things, and, all of you at YTF, I thank you dearly for it and love you all. You've helped me grow into the person I am.

I just still refuse to believe it's gone. I don't want it to be gone. It can't be gone. It was something fixed in my life, a certainty. I could always go there, and be happy. It was a rock, it was going to be there forever. But now someone's dynamited it, blasted it to pieces, and now they're grinding the pieces down into nothing. Soon it will be all gone, just because some dicksnap at Tyndale figured it would be a smart move, or at least a money-making move. Well I hope that person becomes a bum on the street. I hope Tyndale rots. They can all go throw themselves in a river, for taking away my home, for leaving me with nothing tangible.

All I am left with is files on my computer of YTF threads, screenshots, et cetera. I'm going to go round saving profiles tomorrow. I need something to keep, something. I can't lose it all. It can't all be inside my head. I don't want to lose it, I really don't. I need it, and now that I don't have it, I am ... empty, lost, all those sorts of things.

I wish it would come back. I wish I would wake up. I can't believe I'm still asleep in this nightmare. Someone, please, wake me up, get me out of here.
Amak Axver

Something totally unrelated to Tyndale, the LBMB, YTF, or anything like that

Last night, I went with my friends to see a movie. My friends;

Sam - my best friend, unfortunately a great deal taller than me.
Patrick - a good acquiantance of mine, but he's become a bit of a skater and is going odd.
Tim (aka Burnsy) - a good acquiantance of mine. Would count him as a friend, but he's perverted at times, and I have problems with some stuff he does.
Liam - definitely NOT my friend. I hate the prick.

Anyhow, the movie was going to be at 6:30pm, and we were meeting at 6. Only when I got there, only when I was about to get my ticket, was I informed that it was now starting at 8:30pm, and finishing at 11. I thought, because of the lateness, I wouldn't be able to get a ride home, and so I snapped at my friends. Thankfully, things worked out in the end. I could still get picked up.

Then Liam just ruined the night. This guy is a pervert. He lusts after every girl who walks past. While we were eating dinner, every few minutes, he'd point out some other girl. Me and Sam particularly hated this, but, the more we told him to shut up, the more he did it, the pathetic pervert.

After dinner, we decided to go walk around the shops before the movie. Unfortunately, all the shops were closed, so we were walking around an empty mall. Liam thought it would be cool of him to have a smoke, even though doing so is illegal (he's only 16), and at first he tried to hide it from us. Sam and I cannot stand smoking - personally, cigarette smoke can give me asthma, and Sam, like me, hates the smell - and so we tried to get away from Liam. But the more we tried, the more he tried to stand closer to us. He's such a pathetic prick and I hope someone knocks his lights out.

When we went into the movies, we split into two groups - me, Sam, and Pat down the front, Liam and Burnsy up the back. Burnsy mainly invited Liam because he would bring him booze, and he did - some Bundy rum. So they sat up the back doing whatever they did, and Burns thinks he almost got drunk.

I positively can't stand Liam. He's polluting Burns, he smokes and drinks illegally, he's a pervert, and just an all-round faggot.

But the movie was good. We saw The Hulk, and, although I didn't think I'd like it, I did. The special effects were very good. I'd give it about 8 out of 10. Now, I really want to see The Matrix: Reloaded, and Bruce Almighty. Plus, they showed the shorts to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines before the movie. I HAVE TO SEE THAT! Before the movie, me, Sam, and possibly Pat are planning to get together, watch Terminator 1 and 2, and then go to 3. That would just rock.
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