June 27th, 2003

Amak Axver

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Cool, now I have one of these. Thanks for the code, Sarah, I really appreciate it. I'm basically just doing this as a test, to see what it's like and everything. Will write more later.
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Amak Axver

Some ... stuff (Yes, that should do ...)

I stole this from myself, who stole it from Sketch, who also stole it from himself, who stole it from Tasha, who stole it from Garrett. Marvellous chain of stealing we have going here. Lauren (JesusFreak62789 on YTF) and Alli (Treebeard on YTF) have also stolen this off me, I believe.

Before we begin, you must all remember I love sarcasm. Some answers will be serious, some sarcastic. It'll be pretty obvious which are which.

The Basics

1. Full name: Andrzj Niznij Uncinskij Rybodcastok Azerbaijan Bretowkskij ... it's not my name (which is Andre), but try saying it ten times fast.
2. Birthday: The date on which I was born.
3. Location: Somewhere you're not, in the state of Elsewhere.
4. Where else have you lived: Somewhere you're most likely not at.
5. School/mascot/colors: A school without a mascot but which has official colours.
6. Zodiac sign: Don't care for stuff like that ...
7. Shoe size: Can't remember.
8. Height: About this tall *demonstrates with arms*
9. Weight: Have no idea.
10. Pets: Two budgerigars. Also a headless chicken, a legless dog, and a faceless chocolate fish.
11. Siblings: A curse I am thankfully not plagued with.
12. Eyes: Magnified by glasses.
13. Hair colour: What colour hair do you think an albino would have?
14. Hair length: Shortish right now.
15. Ever died your hair?: No, but I've dyed it.
16. What color?: Blue-black.
17. Grade: 11.
18. Are you good in school?: Academic good: yep! Behaviour good: when I feel so inclined.
19. hobbies: Reading, writing, trains, listening to U2 ... other stuff as well.
20. Nicknames: Andark, Dre, Axver.
21. What languages do you speak?: English, German, just starting to learn New Testament Greek, and I also know a bit of Russian.
22. Do you play sports?: Because of my glasses, I can't play. Or at least not much. I try to play cricket, and I referee rugby union from time to time.
23. Where were you born?: Somewhere in New Zealand.
24. Are you a night or a morning person?: Night. Daytime has too much sun.
25. Are you ticklish?: Yep.
26. Do you believe in God?: Absolutely.
27. Do you have any other screen names?: No.
28. What are they?: Go see question 27.
29. Do you have braces?: No.
30. Do you have glasses/ contacts?: Yep, I have glasses.

Getting Personal

31. What do you want to be when you grow up?: I'm not sure. Maybe a lawyer, or a judge, or a pastor, or something else ... preferably I'd like to be an author, but very few people can make a living out of that.
32. What was the worst day of your life?: My 12th birthday, and the day they murdered YTF.
33. What is your most embarrassing story?: Being a stupid moron on YTF earlier this year.
34. What has been the best day of your life?: When I discovered YTF, tied with the day I discovered U2.
35. What comes first in your life?: God, then a lot of other things that change order regularly.
36. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: Nope.
37. What are you most scared of?: A few things.
38. If you had an extra set of eyes where would you put them?: The back of my head so that I can glare at people and turn my back on them at the same time.
39. What do you usually think about before you go to bed?: All kinds of things. How to take over the world, how to get YTF back, how to take over the world while getting YTF back and buying U2 at the same time ...
40. What do you regret the most?: Not finding YTF earlier, and acting like such a jackass earlier this year on it.
41. If you could be anything without consequences, what would you be?: Huh?


42. Movie: 'The Great Escape'.
43. Song: 'Gloria (Under A Blood Red Sky version)' by U2.
44. Band/group: U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, what did you expect me to say?
45. Store: Somewhere with good stuff.
46. Relative: Don't have a favourite ...
47. Sport: Rugby union, cricket, soccer, car racing.
48. Vacation spot: My home. In fact, my room.
49. Ice cream flavor: Orange choc-chip, and chocolate.
50. Fruit: Peaches! Oh yes, and pineapples.
51. Candy: Sour.
52. Car: I would like one ... and a chauffeur to drive me around.
53. Class: Study. Then I can do what I want. 'Study' is a misnomer, because I do anything BUT THAT!
54. Holiday: None.
55. Day of the week: Saturday.
56. Colour: Yellow.
57. Magazine: Time.
58. Name for a girl: Um ... no idea. I am partial to the names Florentyna, Felka, Lauren, Jasmine, Amber, and Elise.
59. Name for a boy: Um ... Vladimir? Andrzj? OK, I have no idea again. I like Russian and Eastern European names ... they're fun.
60. Sports team: New Zealand All Blacks!
61: month: January.
62. Man athlete: Zinzan Brooke, Sean Fitzpatrick, Jeff Wilson, Tana Umaga, Christian Cullen, Grant Fox, Andrew Mehrtens, and every other great All Black. I also quite like Andre Agassi, and, if he counts, Michael Schumacher.
63. Female athlete: None really.
64. Actress: None.
65. Actor: Alan Alda.
66. TV show: M*A*S*H and Fawlty Towers.
67. Web site: I have quite a few favourites.
68. Animal: Tiger, Kiwi, Elephants, all kinds of fun things. I'd like a Queensland burrowing cockroach as a pet, mainly because they had an article on a guy who had one as a pet in the paper last weekend and it looked seriously cool. I can imagine sending it to burrow into the neighbours house just to freak them out ...
69. E-mail buddy: Don't know.
70. Joke: A lot. I may tell some at some point in time.
71. Saying: Shut up. Seriously, it conveys so much emotion. And another brilliant one is 'SHUT UP YOU STUPID BLOODY MORON AND OPEN YOUR FREAKING EYES!' (I said that to some idiot on the LBMB)
72. Word: Antidisestablishmentarianism. Now say THAT ten times fast.
73. Brand of shoes: I like Nikes and Adidas.
74. Radio station: Anything that plays U2 on a regular basis.
75. Room in your house: My own!
76. Concert you have been to: I want to go to a U2 concert ...
77. CD: My 13 U2 CDs. Out of them, Under A Blood Red Sky.
78. President: We have a Prime Minister here ... and Mr Howard is possibly our best ever.
79. Salad: Burn it! Burn it! That, of course, meaning "I don't really care."
80. Meat: Bacon and pepperoni.
81. Pizza topping: Pepperoni, pineapple, BBQ sauce.
82. State: Queensland.
83. City: Wellington, New Zealand.
84. Lake: Murchison.
85. Ocean: Pacific.
86. Place to be: At home with some friends.
87. Smell: That's what my nose is for ...
88. Sound: My favourite sound? What kind of a question is that?!?
90. Feeling: See 88, but repace 'sound' with 'feeling'. And where'd 89 go?
91. College: Don't care.
92. Number: 17.
93. Book: The Bible.
94. Vacation spot: My room.
95. Grandma: What?!?
96. Grandpa: See 95.
97. Cereal: I generally don't eat cereal.

Now, lets go launch a search party for question 89. I'm getting worried about it. It's been gone for a while. Maybe it got lost. Hope it's OK, the poor little question.

Amak Axver

Some stuff from the LBMB

This is from the thread 'who would actually pay?' by vtran31 on Author's Corner, posts 85-88 and 93-96;

Me to some person defending the boards becoming pay;

"'It is precisely because of the never-ending attacks on the authors and fans of the books launched by you and yours that I am for the switch to a pay board. '

You moron. You are for the boards being murdered. The authors should expect criticism - YOU GET THAT IN THE INDUSTRY! Especially when it's on a topic to do with eschatology, which always generated dispute. If they can't handle it, they shouldn't have written the books. Criticism and attacks come with the territory. They need to grow up and act like mature adults."

Free In Christ in response;

"It is things like calling people "morons' and using bad language and a host of other things that have been a problem on this mb for a long time - and looks like it is finally culminating in a decision by Tyndale that many don't like.

This board was only going to be a Christian as we made it - and too many were more interested in namecalling, swearing, breaking rules, attacking....no wonder Tyndale decided as they did."

Obi-Wan Kenobi replying to Free;

"SHUT UP AND LET US HURT. There is no language bad enough in all the WORLD to explain how I feel right now. GET OFF OF YOUR FREAKING STUPID "CHRISTIAN" SOAPBOX AND SHUT UP. It bloody HURTS LIKE HELL, don't you DARE try and argue anyone's feelings away. NONE of us would be this bad if they HADN'T shut down the boards, anyhow. GO AWAY. Holy crap, you are so freaking heartless."

Me in reply to Free;

"SHUT UP YOU STUPID BLOODY MORON AND OPEN YOUR FREAKING EYES! Get of your holier-than-thou horse and realise what the MacPhisto is happening here. I am never like this. I am never this mad. I've used more bad language today than in this entire bloody year because nothing else can express how bloody pissed off I am. Tyndale should just get lost. They obviously don't have a single bloody brain to think with, the pathetic fools."

Free, in response to me;

"This is why Tyndale is doing what they are doing - people who are behaving like you and Obi. I don't blame them after seeing how you post!"

Free, in response to Obi;

""Shut up"? Nope - you are showing the mb why tyndale sees a problem here.

It IS possible to hurt and not be obnoxious and ugly to other people. Obviously, some maturity is lacking on your part - but now you are justifying the decision that was made. : ("

FadeToBlack in response to Jenkins trying to claim this hurts him as much as us;

"You do not feel the same level of tragedy that we do...if you're going to be a jackass...be honest about it and don't offer us BULLS**T.

When you were crying, did this board comfort you? When you were betrayed, lonely, exhausted, happy, sad, full of rage and ecstatic were the boards and the people here for you?


You were off writing some stupid book to fill a contract. So don't tell us that have the same emotions as us...because you DON'T. PLAIN AND F**KING SIMPLE."

Me in reply to Free;

"YES, go Fade! Right on.

Free - 'This is why Tyndale is doing what they are doing - people who are behaving like you and Obi. I don't blame them after seeing how you post! '

Oh for the love of Zooropa, get your head out of the freaking mud and open your bloody eyes. IF THOSE MORONS WEREN'T DOING WHAT THEY WERE DOING, WE WOULDN'T HAVE A REASON TO BE LIKE THIS!

And what is wrong with how we post? We're expressing emotion, anger, and hurt, and all some morons can do is pick fault with how we express ourselves. What they are doing is stupid and childish, not what we're doing. There are no words to describe quite how angry and upset I am right now, how empty I feel, how crushed I am at the premature loss of YTF, and you idiots picking fault with how we express ourselves just get on my nerves something fierce. I've said words I've never said in a while, and sworn more in the last two days than I have all year, because no other words can possibly express how I feel. People know I'm pissed off when I express myself like this. No word or phrase could quite possibly convey how I feel.

If you don't like the way I express myself, I don't give a rat's blue anus. I'm upset and angry and no words can possibly adequately state how I feel or what I'm thinking.

'Nope - you are showing the mb why tyndale sees a problem here.'

THERE IS NO BLOODY PROBLEM! You people who are finding 'problems' are obviously nit-picky holier-than-thou types with nothing better to do. You remind me of old people who sit at home and have nothing better to do than, and get a trip out of reporting their neighbours for every tiny little problem, like talking 'too loud' at 9pm.


The last 'NOT' should be in massive font.

I think that about says it all.
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Amak Axver

Oh my freaking Zooropa ...

I am SICK and bloody TIRED of that MORON Christian IBO2 over at the LBMB. This dickweed has no understanding of ANYTHING we're going through AT ALL, and he keeps on prancing into town on his high holier-than-thou horse of arrogance. He needs a good smack in the face. I'm SICK of him. SICK OF IT ALL! Why can't people just LET US HURT? They DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WE'VE LOST! I wish they'd just SHUT UP, the stupid MORONS. I just want YTF back. I wish it would come back out of the blue, permanently. Then everything would be alright.

I just want to smack some people in the face with a wooden plank right now. They don't understand AT ALL, and the way they're reacting to our hurt just makes it all the worse. They should go throw themselves into a river.
Amak Axver

Just STOP, please, you HEARTLESS BEAST!

I just wish Christian IBO2 would STOP. Every post of his reeks with arrogance, is decidedly holier-than-thou, and just makes me angrier and hurt more. He is being such a miserable idiot and should SHUT UP. I can't stand him.

I'm going to explode soon. I will. His heartless attitude towards myself and others from YTF who are hurting greatly is more than just sickening, vile, and wretched.
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