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This is the obligatory subject line expressing pleasure that exams are over.


< /obligatory jubilance with U2 reference >

Modern History exam was what we were in for today. I arrived at school two hours beforehand because I knew I wouldn't do study if I stayed at home ... plus, it was more convenient for Nan to take me then. A number of us sat around in the library revising, testing each other, and otherwise panicking that the exam would be a nightmare. Thankfully, for the most part, it wasn't too hard. There are two questions I'm pretty sure I stuffed and a few more I won't get full marks on, but on the whole, I'm pleased with how I did and I'm confident of a B+, which will at least put me close to the top. I'm still striving for top of History, which is hypocritical and egotistical of me, but eh. Managed to get out of the exam early like yesterday, so now I'm sitting here, wondering why Lauren's not on MSN because I have Something To Say, happy at how nice, quiet, and empty the house is for a change (thus allowing me to crank my music), and generally feeling extremely relieved that exams are over.

Eleven exams in five days is NOT good for you. Not in the slightest. It's not really ... relief that I'm feeling right now, just this funny sensation of "it's over, and sometime later I'm going to feel this amazing sense of relief but now I'm just calm and able to relax a bit."

Now, what's happening next week? I'm sure all of you are wondering that, or would be if you knew I finish on the 18th and that with the end of exams, there's no point in having classes next week. Well, this is where I explain the QCS trials and preparation. I'm explaining this ONCE. I'm sick of explaining it, especially because I've had to explain it to a number of people multiple times (why does my Aunt keep forgetting?), so if you miss this, it's your bad luck.

On 31 August and 1 September this year, all Queensland grade twelve students will complete the QCS, the Queensland Core Skills test. It counts towards our exit mark for high school (the OP), you can't study for it, and it tests to see if you have learnt what the Queensland school system was supposed to teach you. I understand it tests for forty-eight attributes. It consists of four papers - extended writing, short response, and two multiple choice (or two short response and one multiple choice, I forget which order it is). While you can't study for it, there is plenty you can do in preparation and practice, so that's what the school's conducting all next week. I'm not totally sure what it will entail, but we'll definitely be doing a practice QCS using old papers, and they're getting the professional QCS markers in to mark it. Some people are ultra-stressed about the QCS, and thus also about next week, but I don't see why. It makes no sense. You can't study for it, so why stress yourself? I love exams you can't study for. I walk in calm, collected, with very few worries at all. It's the ones you can study for that are bad, because then you have the potential to forget and you've got to spend time cramming information. Exams you can't study for rock.

Also, hooray for long weekends! It's Queen's Birthday weekend here in most Australian states (I think the poor sods in West Australia miss out), so I've got next Monday off, which makes me feel really good. So what that it's a pointless, redundant holiday? No-one cares but it's a holiday and that's what matters. It's not even the Queen's proper birthday - NZ had the holiday last Monday, and I'm pretty sure WA has it in September. Basically, I think we just can't stomach the thought of getting rid of a holiday so we're leaving it forever and ever. I bet when - WHEN, not IF - Australia becomes a republic, we'll keep the day anyway, just come up with a dodgy renaming so it doesn't look completely ridiculous. Hooray for nations that love their holidays!

Now to kick back, relax, and do something I haven't wanted to do a long time: write. Then for the rest of the long weekend, I think I'll be working on assignments. Joy of joys ... actually, it won't be that bad. Not much work is required on English and as long as I'm focused and on the ball, History won't take much time either. Maths C will be a pain, but that comes with the territory really.

*kicks back and relaxes* Ahhh ...

--- 1:06pm ---

It's weird not doing anything or having exams to worry about. I feel odd. A good kind of odd. Time seems to have slowed down a little, too. It's pleasant. Hurrah and all.

--- 8:15pm ---

I had a dream in which George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham! told people to throw fruits at Bono so that God would recognize him.
- A poster on Interference

Wow, that made me laugh.
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