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It was the voodoo!

Yes, I have a voodoo doll, I was poking needles into its toes, and so my Mum went and broke her toe!

No, just kidding. Apart from my Mum breaking her toe. Earlier today, she was going up this stone step we have in our house, when she hit her toe on it, and there was this tremendous crack that I heard from my room! So she's trying to be brave and act like it doesn't hurt too much, but I can tell it's just an act. I'm trying to make her lie down - it's really bad, because she can't put shoes on or anything - but she keeps on getting up. It's not going to get better if she keeps on putting pressure on it!

So, anyhow, what this leads to is I'm NOT meeting Lily, or at least not today. Mum can't walk or drive, and no-one else can take me (don't say the train because Mum would have to drive me to the station anyhow). She will be down on the Gold Coast in a few days, though, so hopefully I'll be able to meet her then. Well, I don't want to meet her, but I say 'hopefully' because then I'll be able to find out she's real, and deliver some parcel thing to her that Burns wants me to give her.

Now my day is a lot better with no Lily to worry about, and now I'll only be meeting her for a very short time! w00t!
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