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I really did just enjoy an exam. Truly. I'm not lying.


Pick yourself up off the floor now. I do mean it, but really, you don't have to look all shocked about it. What? Just because I'm the first person in history to absolutely enjoy an exam and find it totally fulfilling does not mean you can glare at me like I'm a demented twit of a nerd from another planet.


Yes, I just found an exam FUN. It was FUN. It was cathartic and fun and enjoyable and generally wheee. What exam am I talking about? The Maths B knowledge exam from Hell? The Maths B problem solving exam, also from Hell? Nay. I speak of none other than the SOR open book essay exam from Heaven. Four topics to choose from. When I first saw it, I nearly keeled over in horror. ALL ON GENETICS AND CLONING. Until I saw the third one. GLOBALISATION! So I spent an hour writing a discursive essay on the ethical problems related to globalisation for under-developed countries and how they can be overcome. It was strangely cathartic and very enjoyable. Essentially, I argued that globalisation, the development of a worldwide economy, is currently based on Stoic and ego consequentialist ethics, this is causing problems, and it can be overcome through a shift to deontologicalism, specifically Divine command ethics. In English, that means that we need to change the attitudes of 'might is right' and 'I do what is best to me' to a system of absolute ethics based upon Jesus' statement of "whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me." I think it was a fantastic piece of work and I really hope I get a good mark. I think I rather shot over the 600-800 word limit, though.

So now I'm feeling all academic and passionate and "SAVE THE WORLD!" Africa is bursting into flames and we have the water buckets. History will judge us on how we deal with this crisis. < insert more paraphrased Bono quotes here >

Maths B knowledge exam was hell, but I know I've passed. Being pessimistic about my marks, I added things up - even only giving myself 2 out of 3 for questions I knew I got right - and I got what was required to scrape through. I think at best I can get a B-. The problem solving exam proved all the rumours false and was significantly easier than the knowledge paper - yeah, I thought 'what the zark?' too - and I feel I didn't do too bad. A B overall, maybe. We'll have to see. Tomorrow is the Modern History knowledge exam on the women's movement, which people are saying will be long and hard, but hopefully they'll be proven false. In any case, I'll be doing a stack of study tonight and then I'm going to school earlier than I have to tomorrow so I can sit in the library and study. Actually, I'm going early because that's when Nan can pick me up, but it's quite convenient really.

This morning, I wanted to rant on two things. The first is and the second is Harry Potter. I'll briefly address the latter now . Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about the poorly written British twit. Yell at me all you want for my U2 obsession; it doesn't change the fact I'm one guy with a LiveJournal and there isn't rabid U2 fanaticism everywhere you look. Harry Potter just doesn't have the decency to GO AWAY and reside on just a few LiveJournals in cyberspace. Grr. Leave me alone. However, I take solace in the fact one day this fad will slide into obscurity and no-one will ever remember the disgrace to literature. That's the cool part about U2 fanaticism: it's not cool. I just had to get that off my chest and quite frankly, I really don't care if my entire friends list is about to murder me in more ways than I could ever begin to imagine.


--- 9:12pm ---

My mother's blissful ignorance of Internet/SMS slang amuses me. I just got a text message from her in Melbourne and she wishes me "lol." For a while I thought she'd smelled the flowers at the botanic garden a bit too much ... then I realised she didn't mean 'laugh out loud' but 'lots of love'. Ahh, parents ...
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