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Random poll and other such content.

People should not dub foreign movies into English. It just totally ruins it. Life Is Beautiful seems totally wrong in English. Oh well, still a good movie.

Study is hell.

For a few days I've been running an idea and both Sam and Jamie have dared me to do it. I've explained it before but I'll explain it again. Considering the fact people have sold nothing and souls on e-Bay before, I figured I'd be onto a winner by selling mystery prizes. You never know what you'll get! A blank envelope, a dog, some chocolate! What I would do is send them a sheet of paper saying 'This piece of paper is your soulmate'. I then hit another winning idea - selling fresh Australian air in envelopes! "Fresh Gold Coast oxygen, straight from the source!" I reckon I should do it, if only for a laugh, and I could just make a bit of money out of it too!

Do you think I should do the e-Bay idea?


I'm so screwed with my Modern History assignment. Bah, I'll write it anyway and somehow get by. Here comes joy ...

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