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If I was sleeping, what's at stake?

This is an arbitrary edit at the beginning of the entry to grab Lauren's attention: Lauren, please reply to this comment of mine because if I can't talk to you at all this weekend, it's going to suck even worse than it should.

Other people who don't have major Internet problems and who I like: when you see me on AIM and not Away, please talk to me. I need intelligent dialogue in between this monotonous and thoroughly awful study.

Back to the entry now.

I like months such as this June, where the weeks begin on dates that are multiples of seven. It just feels ... organised. It's comfortable and I appreciate it.

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Stalking myself is The Fun.

Today - despite the brief unwelcome interlude of Maths C - has been one of those days where the world doesn't seem to hate you after all. It's like the calm before the storm that will be next week, or the arrival of a letter from your family just before you're ordered over the top of the trenches. I feel like I've been very productive today. On a side note, is it just me, or when people say they've been very productive, do you imagine them popping out an exorbitant number of children in a stunningly short timeframe? Hm, anyway. I bought the QCS Test materials pack this morning, and despite the fact I could've put it together for much cheaper, I don't have the time to do that and this takes a load off my mind. I handed my forty hour famine money in (late, I know, but not terribly so) and somehow I raised forty dollars. I don't know how. The sum seems appropriate, though. I then discovered Patrick had been rejected from the army. I'm not exactly dancing for joy because that's too mean, but I'm not really that sorry for him either. We all knew he would fail. Apparently he didn't have "leadership potential," or so I heard. Too bloody right. He's got the leadership abilities and charisma of a tomato.

After this was study, in which I didn't do enough of my own work and corrected a lot more of other people's work, and then there was German, during which I studied and frustratingly didn't get to see my teacher. Thanks heaps Aaron for taking so frigging long. During morning tea, I tracked down Johnno, and again he's proved to me why he's such a brilliant teacher. I doubt any other teacher I know would let me borrow a CD of theirs for the weekend, especially for an assignment for a class they don't teach! But it would seem Johnno's saved my butt here. I plan on copying the CD, and I'm also going to try to copy the Schindler's List DVD before I take it back tomorrow.

Third was Geography, and I ducked out early so I could see my German teacher. Things went well there and this weekend will equate to major German and Geography study. JOY. Indeed, this is my nightmarish weekend of study, the final installment in a three part series. Woohoo. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Shame there's men with guns standing in the way. Anyway. Maths C was last and was aggravating. We won't go there.

Is it just me, or does this entry seem like it's written very boringly and mechanically? I should liven it up. Baaaaah. What? I'm a Kiwi, damnit! Ahem.

After school, Mum drove me out to Hinze Dam and I took a stackload of photos for my Geography assignment. I now need to waste the rest of the film before we get it developed. Expect some form of picture post in the near future.

I quite like it out at Hinze Dam, and the road there is windy enough to remind me of New Zealand, specifically the delightful Rimutaka Hill Road. Though if it was in Australia, it'd be called the Rimutaka Big Bloody Mountain Road. These Aussies wouldn't know what a real mountain is. You can't call what's behind the Gold Coast a mountain range. You just can't. Anyway. It was very quiet, calm, and pleasant out at the dam, I got all the photos I required, and I was most surprised to note that beside your small, country houses, there are some big bloody mansions with more elaborate fences than anyone could possibly need. Why would you build such a huge house out there? I suppose if you have more money than you know what to do with, it doesn't make a difference to you. Still, I thought they would've built in somewhere like Sovereign Island or Sanctuary Cove. Can't go there for big houses, or at least you couldn't when I last went for a drive around the Coast. It's amusing how I go nowhere now and I really wouldn't know how the quality of various areas has improved or declined.

I'm downloading two U2 DVDs right now. This makes me feel warm inside.

This weekend will be a nightmare. Can't be worse than next week's going to be, though. Siiiiigh. I think I'm going to go burn some DVDs, reply to LJ comments, and then do a few solid hours of study and assignment work.

... ...

Snort, like I'll stick to that.

--- 2:19pm ---

Pick a band/artist: U2

Answer the following questions with song lyrics only:

1. Are you male or female? "A blue-eyed boy." [Sweetest Thing]

2. Describe yourself. "I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that." [Acrobat]

3. How do some people feel about you? "Shut the fuck up!" [Bullet The Blue Sky, 5 March 1992]

4. How do you feel about yourself? "I feel numb." [Numb]

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest. "I have ... no other." [cleverly edited quote from The First Time]

6. Where would you rather be? "WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME!" [It's obvious]

7. Describe how you live: "If I ever want to live I've got to die to myself some day." [Surrender]

8. Describe how you love: "It's in the street, getting under my feet, it's in the air, it's everywhere I look for you. It's in the things I do and say ..." [Surrender]

9. Describe your town: "The city's alight with lovers and lies, bright blue eyes. Oh, the city is bright, it's brighter than day tonight." [Surrender]

[Surrender is such a cool song and rather useful, though it helps if I type the lyrics out. Rather embarrassing mistake in number eight: I had 'my love for you' instead of 'I look for you'.]

10. What do you want? "All I want is you." [Also obvious]

11. What do you look like? See #1.

--- 6:10pm ---

I SUCK AT STUDYING. I'm so bad at it. I'm so screwed for the exams. Hilfe. At least I know one word in German.

BUT, on a positive note, BIT TORNADO RULES. Why did I ever use the official Bit Torrent client? Bit Tornado is just so good and nice and lovely. Feel the speed! Forget torrents taking 200+ hours and being unable to regulate speeds - with Bit Tornado, I've got only 39 hours left on Dublin '93, then I'll move onto Stockholm '92, and I can regulate speeds and pause when I need to. Mmmm, nice! I love this!

Must study. SOMEHOW.

--- 8:43pm ---

I've done some study. Not a lot. Burnt two more DVDs though and watched a VCD.

Gloria, 21 November 1984 absolutely rocks my world like nothing else on earth. Video + ultra-loud = stress relief.

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