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I'm wide awake ... pfft, no.

People, I want to know how you define cold because this is becoming too much of a joke. Today's officially the first day of winter. I haven't slept with my windows closed at all this year. I'm sitting here quite warm right now. Today's temperature has ranged from 11 to 23C (I think that's what they said), which, if my conversion is worth anything, is 50-74F. Not all that cold really. So why are people coming to school wearing both a sweatshirt and a blazer? Really, come on. You can't be that cold, not in this weather.

We need to get to the bottom of the Live Aid II rumours. This is getting confusing. The news this morning reported it as fact, Bob Geldof's denied it, some deny his denial, and ... it's all confusing. Wait and see, wait and see ...

Today's one of those days when a huge warning sign should go ahead of me proclaiming just how grumpy I am and that everyone should simply piss off. I cannot explain why I was so tired this morning but wow, it was bad. I had headaches washing all over me and by second period, there was no way known I could stay at school like that. I was disorientated and lost, so at morning tea I made my way to student services and got permission to go home. The scary part is that after getting stuff from my locker and walking back to student services to wait for Mum, I had to stop along the way because I was so nauseous, headache-y, and disorientated that I was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other. Thanks to various reasons, I ended up waiting in student services for an hour, but I barely noticed the time. Normally, I'm totally aware of time if I'm sitting doing nothing, so I can tell I was most certainly out of sorts.

So then I came home, got hit by the allure of the computer, hopped on for half an hour, then figured I should be sleeping ... and that's what I just did. I'm still feeling tired, but not like before, and I no longer have the headache. I don't know why I'm so tired because I shouldn't be, so I'm worrying about two things;
1. I'm getting burnt out from the stress and worry from school. If anything, procrastination is worse than intense study because I worry something fierce that nothing's getting done.
2. There's something wrong with my glasses. I'm specifically starting to worry about my reading glasses. I know I'm due for a new pair, I've had a prescription since last year, but I'm waiting until I get covered by Alan's medical plan so we can get them free. Yes, I know, if someone else was doing this, I'd be calling them frigging stupid and would say they shouldn't toy with their eyesight like this, they could do permanent damage to their vision, BUT my glasses cost so much. Way too much for Mum to pay for, really. I think it's something like six hundred dollars for my two pairs, could be more. But if my glasses are causing me to be headache-y ... I'm going to have to get a new pair.

I was just speaking to Jamie on the phone, and apparently I was in an even worse way than I thought. He says I looked like I was about to faint at any moment and that I was swaying from side to side. No wonder I felt nauseous!

In the two classes I was at today, I got hit by a shock. In fact, I was there for the two right classes - the other three I suppose I could afford to miss, and period four was study so that doesn't count. In German, we got even more words to learn for the exam, and for Geography ... well, I thought I knew all the stuff we needed to know for the exam, and now we've just got hit by TWENTY-FOUR pages we must know. It's crazy. The exam is in six days. I'm bloody good at this so I should be able to do it, but I feel sorry for those who aren't so wonderful at Geography. I bet they're spewing.

Classic U2 bootleg moment. This is why I don't mind being able to hear the crowd. Bono's pretending to be eighteen again during a 2001 concert.
Bono: This is our first single, we hope you like it.
Guy in crowd: I Will Follow!
The band launches into Out Of Control.
(19 October 2001, Baltimore)

I just realised how amazing a vocal effort Bono puts in on the transition from All I Want Is You to Where The Streets Have No Name. The "you!" before what sounds like "I sing this song for him" is just amazing. Mister Vox has not lost it. He may not be able to do the Lemon falsetto but he sure can still belt it out. I'm sure if they did Lemon live today, they could rework it so that Edge sings the falsetto, seeing he can do that - live Stuck In A Moment proves that.

--- 6:19pm ---

Las Vegas, 18 November 2001. Best Walk On. Ever.

Oh, and I finally found a best of for October. 29 June 1985, Dublin. Edge plays something different at the start. Woo!
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