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I'd like to end this month with the entry that is possibly the shortest.

Holy Popmart (or should I say Unforgettable Fire Summer Festivals?). THERE IS TALK OF A LIVE AID II. I'm not trusting this just yet, but WOW. I damn well hope this is happening. I want my tickets and I want them now!

Right, anyway. If you are going to make jokes at Schindler's List, laugh through it, and rewind the shower scene so you can see some nudity, you're a sick fuck. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to put it. Quote from a guy in my grade: "I wish I lived back then so I could be a Nazi and kill people." He wasn't kidding either. What kind of mental problem do you have to have to say something as STUPID and REVOLTING as that? This makes me angry, it really does.

It's sad to watch perfectly good and moral people slip away. Some other people are shocking influences. I'm tired of seeing it time and time again.

Lauren needs her Internet fixed immediately. That is that.
Bono needs to grow the mullet back. That is that.
André needs someone to do exams for him. That is that.
That is that with the 'that is that'-ness.

You know, it really sucks to be the best writer and all-round smartest bloke in the grade. Truly. I'm not kidding here. No-one can help me besides teachers, especially when it comes to writing tasks. Maths I can sometimes get help because I just don't put the effort in, but in all other subjects, it's always me helping other people. I've no problems with helping people and I don't want to be taken the wrong way, but I'd just like it if I could run my assignments past someone and let them correct it like I do to others' assignments all the time. I feel I'm handing in inferior work and it doesn't help much when someone reads a paragraph and tells me it's perfect. It's not, I know it's not, but compared to some of this other work ... really, it baffles me how some people churn out such garbage. Eh, oh well.

Grr, why did the Bologna 1985 bit torrent die at 82% complete? That's aggravating, especially because it's such a good gig and I wanted WAV to replace my stupid MP3s.

Where has May gone? I said a similar thing at the end of April. I still feel stuck in March. I know just what you're singing, too.

This is my shortest entry in ages. Gasp in shock.
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