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Firstly, random thing going around LiveJournal: Go to my userpics and tell me which one you like best and why. Then post this in your journal to find out which of your pictures is my favourite.

Secondly, I would like to show off what I created when I should've been studying German last night. I know I haven't got around to the Popmart lemon icon because I need to actually play some VCDs to find good shots for that, but this stuff I just had on my computer or could easily do on Paint. Thus, I give you my 'Serious Larry' LJ user icon. For the non-U2 fans, Larry is known for his serious demeanour, and so when I came across the video of Street Mission live on Irish TV in 1978, I just burst out laughing - Larry's sitting there, playing drums, grinning stupidly into the camera! He's sixteen in the video, but he looks more like he's twelve, and it's just wonderful! I had to make an icon out of it. I may modify it at a later date to feature an even more serious Larry picture.

Thirdly, Bono quote about the new album;

"The record is so good that it won’t even matter that people are sick of us."

I can't bloody wait!

Fourthly, I finished downloading the 23 June 1993 ZooTV Strasbourg audienceshot DVD. This is definitely only one for the collectors. If you want a good, well-shot, high-quality bootleg U2 DVD, go for 20 August 1983 or 16 August 1992 or something like that. A really good audienceshot DVD is 21 July 2001 and I understand one from multiple sources is coming out soon (Italian tapers rock!). The Strasbourg DVD is shot from up in the stadium on Adam's side, when Bono walks right over to the far right of the stage (looking from the audience in front), the camera has a wonderful view of him, and when they play the b-stage they're basically staring right into the camera. This concert features When Love Comes To Town when it neared the end of its days (I hope it'll reappear in the acoustic set next tour). It's strange it went away so soon after this performance because the band seem to really enjoy it - Bono puts the mic to Adam to get him to sing "But I did what I did before love came to town" during one chorus, and he gets Edge to sing the "I was there when they crucified my Lord" verse. Sadly the transition from UTEOTW to NYD is cut. Interestingly, the long slogans that flash during The Fly are mainly in French.

Cool quote from Bono while he's channel-surfing before EBTTRT;

"That's kinda the way rock and roll has turned out, hasn't it? All shiny pants and fancy moves. That's the way rock and roll has turned out - kickboxing."

I've never seen a MacPhisto appearance during Desire, so this was a great one for me to watch. I really enjoyed it, and what's more, I screenshoted it.

MacPhisto singing, Edge nearby.

MacPhisto and Adam.

MacPhisto singing right into the camera.

MacPhisto in a storm of Zoo Dollars.

Yes, it's The Goodness.

Now, completely off the U2 topic, I did a good deal of Geography study yesterday, which pleases me, though I'm not prepared to remove anything from my list yet. I'm pretty sure I know my mountain glaciation stuff (besides forgetting what moraine is and not having notes on it in my book), though my wind erosion and dunes knowledge could use a bit of work. I'm just thinking that there's not enough stuff here to fill up an entire exam. We'll have to wait and see. The amount of words we have to learn for German is insane. I bloody hate it. I haven't practiced maths yet, which is bad, but I need to draft my History assignment first, especially seeing I said I'd do that draft this weekend. I still can't decide if I should revise my SOR assignment or not. Bah. I hate schoolwork, mainly because I'm just too lazy and procrastinatory for my own good.

Now maybe I should go do work. Or not. Because Mum just got home with Schindler's List on DVD and Life Is Beautiful on video. This will help me majorly with my English assignment. What's more, Melissa's boyfriend is in university studying film so he's going to do some notes on the movies and she'll pass it on to me. I'm hoping to do well on this assignment now. Before I was rather despondent because it feels more like a Film or Drama assignment than an English one.

History assignment. MUST START. NOW.
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